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Nasake stands quietly in the large ballroom. Her auburn hair is curled and spiraled and looks lovely. She is wearing a long flowing black crushed velvet dress with a sash. She stares at all the people dancing around her. Not far away Himitsu, his hair is tied back in a French braid that falls down just below his shoulder blades he looks gorgeous in his tux, is making conversation with an old man and Ikari, doesn't look different except that he is in a tux, is dancing with some young woman. It had to be the president's daughter. She turns and heads out into the hall.

As she stands in the hall the meeting that had taken place just yesterday was running through her mind. She, Himitsu, and Ikari sat next to one another and listened as the dean spoke about a mission for the elite of the Special Forces. Nasake had been caught off-guard by the remark that she almost fell out of her chair. She argued with the superiors at the school for hours trying to make them see that Yutaka had intended to shoot her, not anyone else. They refused to acknowledge her complaint and sent the teens on their way. She huffs at the thought of how inconsiderate and pigheaded those officials are.

She slinks quietly into an empty room and searches desperately for a switch, a trapdoor, something. The door opens and Yutaka is standing there. She stares up into his quiet dark blue eyes. They demanded an answer as to why she was here. He quickly shuts the door behind him and steps over to her. She backs away from him and he can see the terror in her eyes.

"Nasake, you have to understand why I-"

"Why you shot me? I know why! If you couldn't have me then no one would!" She spat. Tears are forming in her eyes and her heart is breaking as she confronts her brother.

"Nasake. I knew that if you didn't make it up to the Special Forces that they were going to get rid of you. I had to do something."

"So you shot me!" She yelled. Yutaka quickly wraps her up in his arms. He puts his lips next to her ear.

"Hush now Nasake." He lets his lips lightly caress her skin. "I knew you would be fine. You, not unlike me, are too stubborn to die."

"What if you were wrong? What if I had died?"

"You didn't, so what does it matter?" Nasake tries to push herself away but Yutaka's grip on her is too strong.

"This isn't right Yutaka. You are my brother and, I, your sister. It can't be like this. It's wrong." She pleads desperately as her brother's hand moves slowly down the back of her dress.

"How can something so right be wrong? How can this love so pure and clean be wrong? This love I feel is-"

"It is dirty and tainted." Nasake says finally mustering up the strength to remove Yutaka's hands from her body. "Now what are you doing here?" She asks poking him in the chest.

"I have been hired by the Kalhan President to ensure that someone like you doesn't break in here and steal top secret information from his databases. You're on a mission too. You have been sent here to steal information." Nasake gasps quietly and tries to run out the door but Yutaka grabs her arm.

"Let go of me." She growls as she tries to tear her arm away. Yutaka seems unfazed with her reaction. He only pulls her close to him again.

"They sent others with you huh?" Yutaka smiles. "You will do exactly as I say or I will most assuredly turn you and your friends over to the guards. Don't think I won't." He says as he stares into her rebellious glare.


"Ikari, Nasake's left. Shouldn't one of us have gone with her?" Himitsu asks as he steps over to the blonde haired man.

"She's fine." Ikari looks past Himitsu and stares at something. "Then again." He trails off letting Himitsu turn and look for himself. Nasake is on Yutaka's arm and she has on a fake plastered smile.

"What is Yutaka doing here?" Himitsu asks aloud. Secretly he is cursing himself for not following and helping Nasake out of the situation.

"He must be a mercenary. He has Nasake and I bet you money that he is holding her hostage." Ikari looks slightly confused. "Nasake wouldn't just allow herself to be taken hostage there has to be more-" Ikari starts but Himitsu quickly interrupts.

"He's threatening her with us."


"He knows that she has partners here and he'll turn us over to the guards if she doesn't cooperate."

"What can we do now?"

"Ikari you get the information and I'll get Nasake."

"How are you going to do that?" Ikari fears more for Nasake's fate than Himitsu's. He is hesitant to leave this job to the, in his eyes, untrustworthy man. Their eyes connect and Himitsu can read the doubt and unease in the gaze.

"Leave that up to me. You get the information and head back to the school don't go back to the hotel, go straight back to the school." Ikari nods and walks over to the president's daughter and asks if she will please wait for his return. She nods and Ikari is out the door and into the hall.

Himitsu stares at Nasake and steps ever closer trying to listen to what Yutaka might be saying. Nasake notices Himitsu out of the corner of her eye but pretends he isn't there. Her eyes are screaming for him to help but the rest of her body is composed.

"This is my girlfriend, Nasake." Yutaka says to the president. The president smiles and kisses Nasake's hand. She smiles and nods at him.

"Well, young lady I can tell you that your boyfriend is a very capable young man. He has already made my home more secure in the short week that he has worked for me. Now that I can see he has a girlfriend I have absolutely no worries about him falling for my daughter." Nasake fakes a laugh as everyone around her laughs. She can see Himitsu killing Yutaka with his now cold silver eyes.


Ikari quickly moves unseen into the room containing the database. He quietly starts to fiddle with the computers in the room. He swears silently as he punches in the codes. He can hear people getting closer and he knows that if he doesn't hurry up that he will be in serious trouble.

He finally breaks through and copies all the information to a disk. He darts out of the room when a suddenly devious thought strikes him. He rushes back in and stares at all the machines.

He quickly inputs a virus that will be known in about ten minutes. It will set off alarms and put out all lights and other things that will aid in the rescue of Nasake. Unfortunately he will be unable to warn Himitsu of the computer errors. He shrugs and quickly leaves.


Exactly Nine minutes later. Himitsu has managed to get within arms length of Nasake. He watches and glares at Yutaka as he kisses Nasake. Himitsu can tell she wants to run but she is unwilling to sacrifice her partner. Yutaka leans close to her and whispers to her.

"You are so beautiful tonight. I imagine you'll look even more beautiful without that dress."

"I hate you with my whole heart Yutaka. You are not my brother you are a monster. Your heart is filled with darkness." As soon as she says this all the lights shut off. She feels someone grab her hand and she is pulled from Yutaka's grasp. Alarms blare as they sprint out into the hall. It is dark as well but she can hear the muffled shouts of guards as they run for the door.

"Ikari I could kiss you." Nasake shouts thinking that the man holding her hand is Ikari. Himitsu smiles as he continues to hold her hand.

"Your other partner is much more charismatic, more attractive, and much better at saving don't you think?" Himitsu asks.

"Himitsu?" Nasake asks. "I didn't think you would turn off all the lights like that. Did you set off all the alarms?"

"That was Ikari but I did rescue you from Romeo back there." With that Himitsu sprints out the front door with Nasake at his side. He jumps on a silver and blue motorcycle and pulls Nasake up on it behind him. As they speed away Nasake wraps her arms around Himitsu waist and buries her face in his back.


At the hotel Himitsu collapses onto the single bed and stares at the ceiling. Nasake shuts the door behind her and sighs. She steps over to the bed and lies on it as well. The bed is tiny and there is hardly any room for them to try and lay apart.

"You're right you know."

"About what?" Himitsu asks genuinely puzzled. Nasake yawns.

"You are much better looking." She pulls at the tiny rubber band that holds Himitsu hair in the French braid. "But you are so full of yourself." Himitsu laughs as Nasake cuddles closer. "Will you wear your hair like this more often?"


"I think it's cute. Thanks for rescuing me." She kisses him on the cheek, which sends a furious blush to Himitsu's face.

Nasake rests her head on one of Himitsu's arms. Himitsu smiles. Her warm body seems to melt up his cold one. She sighs again and he can feel her starting to relax. Her breathing slows and her hand slides onto his chest aimlessly. Himitsu smiles again and thinks.

'I guess she really trusts me now. To let your guard slip enough to sleep next to someone is a leap of faith and trust in said person. She shows me so much of this trust. I hate to say it but I fear I could never give her quite so much trust. Strange thing is I feel almost safe like this. I don't want to move and I don't want her to move. I want this but I know I can't have it.' He thinks to himself just as his eyelids grow heavy. He drifts into an uneasy sleep.

- - -

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