Lightning shot across the sky, illuminating the dark velvet skies. It was amazing how someone could adjust in a few short months. He had a home now. A young blond boy once called Evan now called Ev sat by the large window seat in his quarters looking out the large glass window, he had a small hangar for his room. The lightning illuminated whitewashed wall covered with artwork on of his Brothers had made. He sat on a silver padded window seat gazing at the rough land that had once seemed harsh and unforgiving and the sky that had appeared a surrealist's nightmare with a respectful and semi-fond gaze. The lightning was as beautiful as it was deadly like many of the things a man called Father had taught him.

The lights in the room were turned on and a door swung open, "Ev. Ev." Ev turned blinking large green eyes in suprise as he snapped out of his dream world, "huh?" The man at the door shook his head and leaned against the doorframe, a smile on his lips as he flipped his longish brown hair out of his eyes. He spoke his voice amused, "what will we do with you Ev?" Ev sat up smiling a wide innocent smile filled with warmth and amusement at the man who was now like his brother. Who would have ever imagined his captor could be like a brother, the closest thing to family he had ever known in his life. He had constantly been going from foster home to foster home withdrawn and afraid that someone would find out his secret and now he had finally found a home and peace. "Hey Trav." He eyed his brother his grin turning mischievous, as he walked over and flopped on his bed his hands propping up his head as he looked up at his Brother, "You going out?" Trav raised an eyebrow his arms dropping from where they had been crossed across his chest and he moved to sit on the bed beside his brother. "No I'm on guard tonight… why?" Ev grinned and spoke, "the clothes." He waved and to indicate the leather pants and tight red shirt and polished boots. Ev continued his grin widening a glint of wicked understanding in his eyes, "Is Terra going to have patrol with you tonight. Trav flushed and stiffened. And then quickly rose and headed to the door his posture stiff. Ev smirked and said laughter in his voice, "I'll take that as a yes." And then began to crack up rolling around on his bed. Trav turned face flushed and glared and then grinned and hit Ev on the head with a pillow, "shut up Loser." Ev laughed harder. Trav sighed and then began walking to the door and then froze a wicked grin coming across his face and he called over his shoulder, "oh yeah… did I forget to tell you that as your Senior Brother in this block I'm in charge of assigning duties." Laughter stopped abruptly, Ev lay on his bed frozen, his arms wrapped around his sides. "Oh… and Jay needs help with cleaning the latrines." Ev's eyes widened comically and he slowly rolled over his eyes wide still wide and looked at Trav in horror, "uh… did I tell you red looks really nice on you…." Trav smirked and began to turn to exit and suddenly stopped and frowned, a thoughtful look coming across his face. Trav seemed hesitant and leaned against the door way again. Ev sat up on his bed, "Trav… what's wrong?" Trav didn't hear. Ev grew more nervous. If anything were to go wrong, Trav would be on one of the first to know it "Trav?" Trav looked up and shook his head. "Sorry a headache." He lifted a hand to his head and smiled weakly. Ev winced in sudden empathy. Trav had the worst headaches sometimes. Trav saw the pained empathetic expression on Ev's face and walked over and lightly smacked him upside the head, "stop it." Trav grinned, "I'm fine really… you worry wart." He sat down on the bed, "actually the reason I came was because Father sent for you." Ev blinked rapidly not believing he had heard right, "Father?" Trav grinned rolling his eyes, "of course stupid. There is only one person like Father around here." Trav suddenly frowned, his voice dropping down to the point where Ev had to lean forward to hear, his Brother's softly spoken words, "and he sent for you… a mission I think…." Trav seemed to be almost talking to himself the far off look he often got entering his eyes. Ev poked him in the side making Trav jump, "a mission?!" Trav nodded meeting Ev's green fear filled eyes with his dark brown concerned ones, "Yes… it is odd for one so young but not unheard of…." Ev sat back on his heels stunned and then managed a grin despite the fact he was afraid. His voice weak and uncertain, his face pale, "Yeah… well… I guess it's an honor right. An honor to be called on to defend our Home. I mean… most of the guys would kill to be in my place right now…. Right?" Trav nodded thoughtfully and then looked up forcing a smile as he nodded empathetically as thought o convince himself as he tried to reassure Ev, "right." He rose, "I guess I'll let you go meet father." Ev sat up suddenly. Trav looked at him eyebrows raising. "Uh Trav…." "Yes?" Ev sat there his mouth opening and closing and then ducked his head shaking his head slowly before looking up a clearly fake smile on his lips, "Uh… nothing never mind." He felt stupid asking Trav to walk him to Father's meeting room because he was afraid especially because it seemed he was going to receive a dangerous mission to protect their home. A mission that might decide their fates. Trav how ever must have sensed this and sensed this because when he got to the door he turned, "uh… Ev. How about I walk you over… I'm heading that way anyway. I need to go meet Terra on that side of the complex anyway…." Trav knew Ev was afraid when he merely nodded, not mentioning Terra and Trav meeting. Ev rose silently and grabbed his jacket off of the hook and turned putting on his jacket to look into the dark room as though looking for the last time. He felt that after he did this something would be different… and that he might not be the same if he ever came back. He turned and closed the door on the now dark room…. He didn't know how right he was.

Next chapter you find out what happened to Ev and what changed as well as what Mission Ev has, who Father is, and a bit more about Ev himself.