Ev still jumpy from his encounter with the slim man walked into a dark room .with no windows? Something seemed out of place. His eyes attempted to adjust to the near black darkness. Suddenly he heard a voice from some place behind him, "Hello Ev." Ev made a move to spin on his heel in an attempt not leave his back exposed, but a firm hand fell on his shoulder preventing him from moving. Ev found it odd. He had never felt the need to defend his back except in training sessions and even then it was all in play but this feeling was something different. The voice began speaking again, "Ev relax there is no need to defend your back from family." It was even stranger but that voice rang in his head. A voice smooth and velvety like the darkness of the room. It seemed to resound somewhere in his skull. "Relax." He felt his muscles unclench and his shoulders relax.
The sense of wrongness in the room seemed to thicken in the air. He stood still and limp a strong hand gently squeezed his shoulder. "Ev. it has been a while since we have seen each other. Thank you for coming." Ev turned trying to shake off the daze he was in but he couldn't seem to move. He felt so relaxed so at ease. The hand lifted off of his shoulder and he saw movement in the corner of his eye and yet didn't bother to react.
The man, father, walked in front of his and the room seemed to brighten slightly. Enough so that he could make out dark hair slicked back and pulled into a tight tail, broad shoulders, a man in his late twenties, early thirties, the man sighed. "Ev, how long have you been with us?" Ev blinked in surprise. His mind reeled. How long had he been here? He couldn't remember. Father was looking at him now. Brilliant blue eyes glowing, piercing into him as he waited calmly to be answered. Father smiled and shrugged breaking eye contact. "It doesn't matter." Ev felt his throat constrict briefly. Ev waited. He felt odd. It seemed as though everything was fading gradually and falling away leaving only him and Father. Everything felt far away. He was startled when Father's voice broke the silence. "Do you know how much this place means to me. how much you. how much all of my Children mean to me?" The man turned and looked at him bright blue eyes seeming to glow.
Ev felt his mind clear slightly. Father was waiting for him to answer. "Uh. no sir." Father smiled, his warm laughter washing over Ev. Making him feel like he and Father were in on some joke that no one but the two of them could understand. Ev smiled shyly. Father's expression turned serious and Ev found himself growing concerned. When Father spoke, he again felt a haze seem to grow inside his mind. Father spoke voice rich throbbing with emotion, "You all mean so much to me. you are my family." Ev felt warmth flood him. A family. he hadn't had one. not in a long time. not since his birth parents had died. Images of Trav and his smile flashed in his mind. Trav and Terra talking, laughing. Ev said something and Trav flushed and threw a roll at him. Ev remember when he first arrived the nightmares he had had of the crash of the ship he had been traveling on. He remembered Trav coming in a talking to him. Telling him everything would be fine. Images of others, his friends. Thoughtful Eli with his brilliant red-hair and daydreaming. Cynical Cal and his sarcastic comments. His family.. Father spoke his voice deep and harmonic. He rose turning his back on Ev. He spoke, "I never had a family. No one could ever accept me. I was different than the others. Never accepted. I had no place in the world." Ev found himself remembering pain, fear, going from foster home to foster home. Too afraid to ever get close to anyone. too afraid of being discovered. Father continued, "I had no place. So I made my own." Father turned and walked back to Ev looking into his eyes. "I dreamed of a place where I could belong but I knew that it wasn't out there. So I came here and made a place where others like me could live in peace. Could . truly be accepted. "You know what it was like being different. special. and no one could see it." Father reached and took him by the shoulders. "We are blessed Ev." Ev blinked. He had never thought of himself as special. Just different. sometimes he thought of himself as cursed but blessed. special. wow. Ev's wide eyes turned to Father. Father released him. Eyes shining with pride. Father spun hitting a button on his desk and a large steel plate slid open illuminating the dimly lit room further. A window. The brilliant sky, which melted from dark gray to a brilliant violet, was arched with brilliant flashes of hot white lightning. The mountains were illuminated, huge massive, his home, his place. the beauty and incredible power of it took his breath away. It was like seeing it for the first time all over again. He heard Father's voice, "this is my dream .you are my dream." Ev turned dazed, eyes brimming with tears that he wouldn't let fall. Father continued, "I would do anything to protect this. to protect you." Father turned to him and all at once he drowning in intense blue eyes. "But this doesn't fall on my shoulders. This time it falls to you." Ev nodded. Father nodded indicating for him to sit. "You are aware of why you are here." Ev nodded. "You are aware that I have a mission for you?" Ev nodded again, his stomach beginning to churn. Father suddenly looked tired. older but at the same time his voice and eyes seemed more hypnotic and Ev couldn't look away. This man was willing to die to protect all of them. A plain manila folder landed in front of him. Ev picked it up hesitantly and then opened it and blinked in confusion. This was information on a man. Someone. some Professor Haley. who was this guy? He blinked, no one from around here that was for sure. He lifted the folder and spoke, "Why. what is thi-" Father cut him off. "Some people threaten our home. They feel threatened by us and because of this reason. they feel that we should be destroyed." Ev was startled. "Destroy. us. why we haven't done anything?" He hesitated before continuing, "Have we?" Father seemed genuinely startled by the question and looked away for a minute, "No of course not." Ev blushed and scowled confused. what? He frowned for a brief moment, what had been happening. He felt odd. A hand came up and he took his head into his hands. His mind began to race going from dazed to super-speed. He looked up lost, "What does that have to do with me?" Father looked at him and when the intense blue eyes locked on his he felt a rush of embarrassment and shame, "Uh. I-I-I meant that . well . what does that have to do with my mission?" Father smiled and nodded with pride. "I need you. we need you to help handle the situation.."