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Last Chapter: It Ends

She traced it all the way up to the middle of Mike's back. The edge of a large machete was protruding out, a trail of blood rolling off it, and down his shirt.
Screaming, Lydia turned around almost in slow motion, as the machete was slung upwards with such force it tore out of Mike's right shoulder. You could hear the bones and flesh being cut by the extraordinarily sharp blade. Lydia headed towards the back door, closing her eyes as she heard the sickening thud of Mike's body limply hitting the ground, a crack as his head connected with the concrete walk-way. She could have sworn he must have still been alive for she heard a grunt once he landed. But the sound was low and shallow. He was more than likely close to death, if not already gone. Once Lydia got to the back door, she reached for the handle when the machete slammed into it inches from cutting her hand, let alone taking her head with it. Turning on her heals, she headed for the stairs.
Taking two at a time, she raced up them like an Olympic athlete, or a gazelle bounding from a lion. A lion with a machete. Something grabbed her leg as she was about to reach the top, and made her come crashing down. Lydia turned to her attacker, eyes wide as she realized who it was. She couldn't believe it! Feeling a searing pain coming from her stomach across her chest, she realized she had been cut with a knife. Even though she knew it was probably futile she tried to scream, but her cries were short. The glimmer of a blade, crimson hue of blood and it was over with.

Down in the study, the computer screen flashed a message and the little robotic voice announced, "You've got mail!"