AN: This is the first song I've posted on FP. I wrote it just after I
finally got over my ex. It was inspired to me by MurderDolls (God, I love
them!) I hope you like it. Be for warned that there is cussing in this, so
if you're under 13, stop reading it. You curious lil under-age buggers.
Anyways, read it, love it, review. Thx! -BluhdRayne
The I Hate You Song
July 2003

I'm finally over you
All I can say is, yippee, who-hoo!
It may have taken very long
Oh well, now you know I'm strong
I went through hell every now and then
Now you know where I have been

Shut your mouth, shut your face
To me you're nothing but a big disgrace
I can't believe it was you I was with
Man that whole time was a
Mother Fucking Bitch!

You tried to talk to me the other day
But all I did was push you away
Every time you speak I cough
Why don't you get the hint-
Piss off!

Everyone says not to hate
But for that hook you are the bait
With my anger being the fish
Insults to you are all I dish


Why don't you get the hint-
Piss Off!

Pretty much I hate you
Is that so hard for you tell?
I hate you, have a nice day!
I wish you well
I hate you!

Why don't you get the hint-
Piss off!
I hate you!

(Additional Ending by Andy Padgent I Luv ya D.P!)

Fuck you, and have a nice day.
Bye now!