A/N: This song I wrote after a break up when I thought it was going to be
over. It wasn't as I was soon too find out. Oh well, what a waste of good
talent on a breakup that lasted barely a week. **Sigh** Anyways, this is
for anyone who was truly in love and thought they lost that person forever.
Read it, love it, review. Thx. -BluhdRayne

March 2003

Depressed is how I've been
Illusions always win
A love of long ago is lost
To pain and hurt
Of the present tossed

What changed in me I might never know
Has your love for me cease to grow?

I lived for you
You lived for me
Now you're gone and I can't see
Why'd you leave?
Will you come back?
Or will I lack the strength breath

I'm dying inside
I'm ceasing to be
Did you ever care for me?

You are near
And Yet you're gone
I need you here
I've needed you all along...


I can't hear
Nor can I see
It's getting harder
And harder to breath
My scars are here
And they will last
Painful memories of the past

(lyric pause, Joey's guitar solo)


Haunted by you name
Everyday it brings me pain
I was yours
And you were mine
All that's left if lonesome time

I lived for you!
You lived for me!
It's so hard now for
Me to breath!
All I want is to take back time
To be yours!
And you be mine!

But it's over...