Mark whistled on his way out of the coffee shop. There was no need to hurry. The shift was over for the day. He was tired and was hoping to catch some shuteye before the 9:00 shift at the drug store. What a way to spend a summer. He chuckled grimly. All his friends were doing internships and taking summer courses. Mark wanted more than anything to go to LA so he could research the Sumura virus. Too bad. He couldn't. He had to work triple hours because Mom was sick now. Little Jake needed to be supported.

Mark's thoughts began to drift to anger. If his good for nothing father had never left, none of this would have happened. He was probably re-married now, living in a mansion in Beverly Hills. The jerk. Leaving his family when they needed him the most. What kind of person would do that? What bothered Mark even more was that Mom got mad when Mark complained about his father.

He sighed. There was no need to bother himself with this now. He just needed to focus on going home to sleep. Something crunched under his left foot. Mark bent down to see what it was.

It was a locket. Mark smiled. It was beautiful; maybe a little bit worn, but beautiful never the less. He picked it up in his hand and saw that the locket was in the form of an angel. He opened it, expecting to see a photograph, but instead he saw strange script engraved around the border of the frame. He couldn't read it, but he got the feeling that the words were very powerful. He glanced around, to see if anyone had lost it. The parking lot was deserted. Seeing as there was no one to return it to, Mark gently placed it in his right pocket; the one without the holes. He planned on fixing it up and giving it to his Mom for her birthday. No one seemed to be missing it and if they knew where the locket was going, they would know it was for a better cause anyway.

Mark unlocked his tattered blue pick up and started the engine. Time to go home.

As the truck sped out of the parking lot, a man, dressed in strange white clothing stepped out from behind the trashcan. He watched with hawk-like eyes as Mark drove away. It was time that the truth was hidden no longer. The man snapped his fingers and in an instant, he disappeared. Leaving no trace, except for a small amount of glittery substance that dissolved as soon as it touched the ground. It had begun.