Mark was frantic. He wanted to scream, but he couldn't. He could not make any noise at all. The man in front of him grinned and cackled at Mark's squirming nature.

"Three times today, yet I still fail to be amused with your reaction. You humans are all the same. Always struggling, but for no reason. You know you'll never escape. I know you'll never escape, so why bother wasting energy?" The old man said in a wispy voice. He had waited a long time for this and finally, he had achieved his mission.

All of the sudden, something flew towards Mark. He could move again. The old man cursed and threw a silvery substance into Mark's eyes. He was blinded. Instantly Mark's eyes flew to his eyes; he rubbed and rubbed, but the powder would not come out. His eyes stung like mad. Mark stumbled forward.

The old man hissed. This could not happen, not now. Not when he was so close. Darned faeries! Why did they have to appear now, of all times?! He turned around and there they were a whole pack of them. His life was in danger. The old man cursed and within a moment, he was gone.

Mark found his voice and screamed. His eyes turned red and watered uncontrollably. He felt someone grasp his arm and pull him away from his home. He tried to protest, but it was no use. The pain was overwhelming. Mark called out in misery.

"Hush now, it's going to be alright. Stop rubbing. Open your eyes and look up. Come on now. Cooperate with me. There's a good boy," a soothing voice said.

Mark opened his eyes. He still could not see. Something cold and watery was poured into his eyes. At first, he resisted and closed his eyes, but he realized the pain had lessened. Slowly, his vision cleared. He saw the dark, moonlit sky. It was all too beautiful.

"Well, did it work? Can you see?"

Mark looked up and to his horror he saw the most disgusting creature standing before him. It had pale and sickly green skin and red eyes. It reminded Mark of the ogres from the many myths he had heard.

"Now, be nice. It's rude to stare."

Mark blushed as he realized how wide his eyes had been. He lowered his head in shame.

"Finally, that's finished. Come now. Let's go."

Mark opened his mouth to ask what was happening, but the ogre-creatures took no notice. Mark felt his feet lifting off of the ground. He was flying! AN: Yes, I know I haven't updated in a LONG time. I also know that this chapter is short not very appealing. I will work hard so that the next chapter is longer; however, I cannot promise to finish it my anytime because I have a ton work to do (finals aaaah). I think some doubts might be cleared in the next one. Kkk. Thanks for reviewing! I love you guys!

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