A/N: Ah, when boredom strikes and you've been typing on your novel too long. (( Yes, NOVEL. As in 100+ pages.. didn't expect THAT from a 13-year-old, now didja?)) It int really SUPPOSED to make sense, and it is my main character talking.

b Dream Hunter /b

i I left my heart so long ago

And here I now stand against winter's chill.

Yet still I must fight,

Keep going strong;

And shine light on the darkness that has shrouded this world.

The darkness surrounds me.

The darkness that feeds on evil and hate.

Here I am alone,

Wandering the deep forest,

The dark forever lurking just a step behind.

Famine and poverty, created by the darkness,

Spurs hatred and hurt,

And makes the darkness grow even more.

Yet one, me, stands against.

Fighting for the dreams and souls that will overcome.

The one you would least expect...

Courage follows hope,

And victory follows courage.

So protect me now as I stand alone

The shadows all around.

I shant give up;


Not until this battle is won.