The shrieks of the unseen dying fill the air, the pleading of the maimed for release echo of the trees, what light penetrating the leaves bathes a lonely human in blood red light. The blood curdling howl of hell- beasts is ever present, a terrifying harmony to the song of death being played. As the human walks along he feels the presence of feral creatures following him, stalking him, hunting him. To run would be a foolish waste of time and energy; should the shadowy death dealers decide to attack, no one could save him, were there anyone left alive. Out of the corner of his eye the monsters dart between the blood soaked trees, their glowing eyes never leaving the last of their prey. The human trudges on, not knowing why he continues, why should he? There is no one left for him to save, and he would stop and let the creatures devour him but for the inexplicable force pushing him forward; ever forward.
He has forgotten how long he has been alone, when he last saw his lover Cody. Last held him, whispered loving words into his ears, last made love to him. How long had it been since he had seen anything, any living thing besides the relentless hunters?
As he continues on the path before him, a lone killer looms into view. Rising from all fours it brings one of its wicked looking claws to point directly at the poor unfortunate. Snarling, and salivating, it speaks: "We come. we come, for YOU!"
With a scream of pure terror Xain Ryan awakes, his dream rapidly fading into the haze of repressed dreams-and visions.
"What the HELL was THAT?!"
From the hall Xain hears a knock at his door, "Xain honey, are you alright?"
"Yeah Mom, just had a nightmare. What time is it?" In his sleep he has slung his alarm clock across the room. "It's time for you to get up for school."
With that Xain jumps out of bed pulls on a pair of shorts, he picks out some clothes for the day then dashes out of the door trying to reach the bathroom before his sister. Barely making the door as he spots the Jessica down the hall he rushes in and strips and jumps in the shower.
/What was that dream all about? All I remember is something was hunting me./ Finishing his shower, Xain begins to pull his jean shorts on before he takes a moment to give himself a look in the mirror. Finding everything to his liking, except for a bit more of a fuzzy tummy, Xain rushes to finish his morning toiletries.
Jetting out of the bathroom narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with Jessica he darts into the kitchen for the breakfast of champions: Sprite on the rocks. Guzzling said soda and running to the door he hears his mother say something about breakfast, "I'll get something later, love ya bye!" and opens the door just as his best friend starts knocking on the door.
"Hurry yer slow ass up Gaybee!" That would be Claire.
"I'm hurryin' I'm hurryin'." Finally able to slow down he realizes he forgot to snag a pen. Patting his pocket to be sure Claire stabs him with the extra she brought. "I know all about you, you'd forget yer head if it weren't attached!" Grabbing the pen in feigned indignation he replies "One day I'll surprise you and actually remember to bring one!"
"Yeah, and one day you and I will have monkey sex."
"You're just jealous I get more dick than you do."
"That's only 'cause yer a 25 cent whore!"
Giving her a squinty-eyed stare and growling they walk in relative silence but for the occasional dead baby jokes, Xain still feels troubled but unable to understand why.
"Hey Xain," Claire suddenly asks, "Have you had any weird dreams lately?" This brings him up short with a flash of bloody trees and unearthly howling. Claire has never asked anything like this before and seems a little tense, so Xain tries to get her relaxed enough to talk and jokes with her. "Well. last night I dreamed we were walking into physics and I am butt nekid. I don't notice at first but then all the guys in the class start staring at me and get out of their seats and walk over to us. Then they start taking their clothes off and kissing and rubbing all over me! Then we have a big ole orgy in front of the whole class, me in the middle of course, you know, same ole same ole. Why have you had any weird dreams Claire-Bear?" Still smiling from Xain's attempt at humor, she shifts on her feet and begins to walk and talk. "Well, last night in my dream I'm walking in a dark forest. I hear people screaming and crying but I can't see any of 'em. I feel somethin' is right behind me, chasin' me but I can't see it either. All of a sudden the path that I'm walking on joins this other path. and. I know this sounds weird but I sense you're walking with me. As I walk on I hear a deep rumbling, like somethin' is talkin' but I just can't understand what's goin' on. Then I wake up, screamin' my head off."
This jars something deep inside Xain and he is unable to console his freaked out friend. Feeling hurt there is no more conversation the rest of the trip. As they come to the front of the school, Claire turns a sheepish grin on her buddy. "Ya don't think I'm crazy do ya?" But Xain can only shake his head, too lost in thought to be able to answer her fully.
Making their way into the physics lab, Xain stops; heart racing, palms sweaty, mouth drooling, and just stares. At. Him. Cody Grub.
Tall and sexy as ever, Xain's heart speeds up a few more beats, as he stumbles to his desk checking his obsession out. Starting at his perfect feet housed in leather sandals, Xain takes in his well sculpted legs covered in a golden cloud, past his legs and up his ripped khaki shorts, focusing on the promised treasure, hidden from him by a barrier of simple cloth. After seemingly hours of dreaming he tears his gaze upwards to the black wife-beater covering the Adonis' flat stomach. This tight cloth slightly reveals a six-pack going in and out with the rhythm of his breathing. Up a little more, Xain stares at his chest where Cody's heart pounds a rhythm of longing for Xain's ears alone. To either side his golden brown arms are exposed, smooth with a faint dusting of gold. Neither huge guns nor flimsy twigs, Xain has spent many nights dreaming of being held by those arms.
With a smooth angular jaw and full lips, a small slightly upturned nose, beautiful lake blue eyes, short spiky hair, it's enough to make the girls and guys swoon with just one look. But for all his looks, it is his eyes that dominate his entire being. Cold and hard as ice when angry, soft and soothing as a summer lake, this is what draws Xain's attention.
"Hey Xain? Can I talk to you for a second?"
/Did he just say my name?/ " man, sure!"
"That new werewolf movie is coming out this weekend, and ummm. well, I was wondering, would you like to go and watch it with me?"
How many times had Xain dreamed of this moment, but he had to be sure it wasn't to be just as friends. "As in. a date?" He asked hopefully. Blushing up to his hairline Cody nods replying "Well yeah. Just you and me, that is if you want to."
"Of course I want to!" Unable to contain his excitement he shouts his affirmation to the whole world, then as he notices everyone's eyes have been drawn to their exchange he quietly repeats "of course i want to."
At this Cody lowers his head with a smile playing across his face and raises it to gaze into Xain's eyes, with a warm gentle blue.