Hi Everyone. This is like, my attempt at making a story about teenagers having fun (and lots of other things) I wanna send a shout out to May8 for her story Black Crystal War and Raven Scorne for her story Eternal Deep. I hope you enjoy reading this everyone!

"Zack, are you sure you want to go? I mean, there are no adults on the boat."

"I'll handle it." Said the 5"5, dirty blonde, 14 year old boy.

Zack was a quiet kid; he could also be very sarcastic because he was smart. He had heard about a 7-day cruise in the Caribbean. The only adults on the boat would be the chefs, bartenders, and room service people. You entered your name in sweepstakes and your name is announced on television. About 800 names would be announced on TV. Zack had tennis practice that day so he couldn't watch the listing. Lucky for him (kinda) it started raining and tennis ended about an hour early. Zack ran home as fast as he had ever run before. As soon as he comes home it's kind of like a ritual for him to sit down at his computer and log on to NETworks, his internet service provider. He saw on the teens section of NETworks "Stupid Kid Loses Chance of a Lifetime." Zack rushed to the tube and flipped to channel 7. "Zack Lovestrong this is your last warning. You have fifteen minutes to call 1- 800-Kidcruz." Zack fumbled with the phone and dropped it a few times because of the shock. He dialed the number. Busy. He dialed again. Busy.

"Come on Zack! This is your chance!" he thought. He dialed a couple more times for ten minutes until one last call.

"Hello? This is Zack Lovestrong. I accept!" Zack said hastily.

"YOOOOOUUUUUURE IN!" said the voice on the TV as well as the phone.

Zack was overjoyed, he rolled on the ground kicking his legs up in the air, "YES YES YES WOOOOHOOOOO!"

Then his parents walked in.

"Zack honey, are you alright?" his mother asked.

"Hell yeah, I mean of course I am!" he said.

"That's nice," said his dad as he turned on the news.

Only one emoticon can describe Zack's expression now, and the winner is... -_-".

Can you guys wait to see what happens? Oh. You can? Damn.