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The boat was beautiful. It was covered with flowers to the point that it looked fluorescent pink. From the airplane they could see the many huge, deep swimming pools.

"So that's what this boat is famous for," Zack said, "the twenty foot deep diving pool."

"Greetings passengers. We have reached our destination. Your room numbers will be dropped down from the ceiling."

Instantly, shouts of, "I got this! What did you get?" were heard throughout the plane.

Zack, being a normal kid asked, "Sarah, what room did you get?"

"717, and you?" she answered.

"That's cool, right across from each other." Zack said.

"Attention passengers, we are now landing. Please buckle your seatbelts."

This time there was no click.

Zack's POV

After waiting in a long line and just sitting around in a hot building with no air conditioning for no apparent reason we finally got on the boat. It seems the atrium had a tropical theme. There were paintings, carpets, bars, and stores, all looking like they came out of a beach area in Cancun. I went up the coconut shaped elevator to the seventh floor. From there I walked to the fourteenth room. I unpacked my stuff and went on my balcony. I watched the people on the land. I watched the buildings. I watched the children who probably had sad looks on their faces because they didn't make it to exactly where I am standing. I waited for the boat to start moving. It was astonishing! The water just flew by. It was crystal clear so I could see the dolphins and schools of fish swimming around together away from the boat. After a long while, I got bored of looking off of the balcony. The water was deep, and not half as clear once you get onto the open sea. Therefore it is also more boring. I flopped onto my bed and watched "Miracle Makers*" Then I got into my swim trunks. I was a bit intimidated by going up there alone so I looked up Nick and Sarah's numbers in the boat directory. Pretty soon we were on our way to our first party! I took the coconut elevator to the ninth floor, which had twenty hot tubs that fit ten people each and ten pools that fit fifty. The boat was huge! Every pool was named after a different beach. I was to meet Sarah and Nick at pool Puerto Vallarta. I walked past many pools until I got to where I was supposed to be going. Sarah was wearing an itsy bitsy teeny-weeny orange tiger stripe bikini. Nick had swim trunks that looked like jeans on. We all jumped into the pool and played Marco Polo and raced each other. When it was about 8:30 and the sun had set, the Jennies came slowly up to the group with some kind of waterproof notebook.

"Nice thong!" said Nick.

"Thank you," said Jenny.

"No, not you, Jenny!" he said.

"I am Jenny," she said.

"Fuggedaboutit" Nick said, giving up.

"Well like totally BTW, are you two like, and item?" Jenny said. "Well, err. um. you see. ah. ," I said, blushing.

"Yes. We are," Sarah said.

I just looked like this o_O.

"What are you gonna do about it Jenny?" she asked.

"Take notes," Jenny retorted scornfully.

"Look! It's Ashton Kutcher!" I said.

"Nice try." Jenny said, rolling her eyes.

"Oh my god! He's butt naked!" Sarah said.

The Jennies and some other girls instantly turned. And Zack and Sarah ran to Zack's room. Nick just sat there enjoying the view. Zack ran back grabbed Nick and ran.

In Zack's room.

"Whew, that was close" I said. I sat on my bed, Sarah sat on the chair, and Nick sat down on the toilet seat.

"Well guys," I said, "Let's go to the club."

"I'll go with." Sarah said.

"Meet ya down there." Nick grunted, "by the way, Zack?"


"Can I use your toilet?"

"(-_-") "


Zacks POV over

We went down the pineapple shaped elevator and went to one of the four nightclubs, aqua, fire, leaf, and wind. We're going to aqua. The walls were hollow glass filled with light blue lava lamp fluid, there are tropical fish swimming beneath the glass floor. In the middle of the club, there was a huge column with a great white shark inside. The seats were all clear. In fact, the whole room was made of glass!

"DAMMIT!" Sarah said.

"What?" Zack asked.

"I told Jennies that we were a couple and that means that I have to stay with you!"


"Well, there are like, a million hot guys here!"

"Me being one of them!"

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. Whaddarewegonnado!?"

"Go with the flow," Zack said, "Do you consider yourself an extreme person?"


"I don't consider myself one either, but at school everyone thinks I'm a quiet goth kid whose only friends are on the MessengerWORKS. I don't like that image. I want to be popular, and here I can change that. I want to make these seven days count. So Sarah do YOU want to be popular?" Zack said again.

"Sure." She replied.

"Well since you're in on this, you have to shake my hand on not getting emotionally (or somehow, some strange freaky way physically) attached to me."

"No problem!" she said.

"I'll do anything to achieve my goal ok? So I'm going to go to the center by the shark, where everyone isn't already there."


"Teens tend to be self conscious. There's a camera that will zoom in on there in thirty seconds and show it on that huge TV in the middle, now quick, run!"

The two ran up to the tank in the center and leaned against it.

"Five. Four. Three. Two. One." Zack counted, while saying every swear word he knew under his breath.

At the count of one Zack pinned Sarah on the wall and kissed her like he had never kissed before. The entire club went silent.

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