At 9.30 the dinner in the hotel was over. The food was rather good, but Julie had had too many new impressions to notice it. The girl was happy her Mom had taken her on this vacation. Their first day in Turkey surely was very busy. The 4 hour flight, the ride to the hotel, exploring the town's numerous attractions, pools, bars and beaches suddenly made Julie feel exhausted at the end of the day. Therefore, her mom's next question, "Will you go dancing tonight?" made her hesitate for a minute. On the one hand, after all the excitement of the first day, Julie's body was craving relaxation. On the other hand, the prospective of spending the entire vacation by mother's side, going nowhere and meeting nobody on her own - which was how she had led her life up to that day - scared her and motivated her in her quest for new experiences.

"I'll see what all they have over there," said Julie with no definite expression on her face.

Frankly, she was scared to go by herself. She knew nobody and starting a random conversation with a stranger appeared to be something she'd never be able to do.

As Julie approached the hotel lobby, she saw a group of girls. They had fancy club outfits on. Julie immediately felt bad about her humble wardrobe. One of the girls looked somewhat familiar. That's right, that was the one Julie had helped that morning - the girl couldn't find her room.

"Alina!" she said, unsure if she got the name right. The girl glanced up and smiled. Julie's memory didn't fool her. Now the entire group was looking at her with obvious curiosity. Julie wasn't going to miss this chance.

"Guys, are you going dancing?"

Giving the group no time to respond, Julie added "Can I go with you?" It took the girls what seemed like eternity to Julie to comprehend her words.

"Sure", they said carelessly.

Fifteen minutes later the girls were on the dancefloor. Their effervescent cheerful conversation jumped from the dancers' hometowns to the hotel service to the latest Turkish hits. In this delightful holiday atmosphere, Julie forgot her insecurities and started giggling with her peers. The MC would stop by their little circle and clown around. The DJ would put a record of their country's music on. The girls left the party already best friends.

A/N: I actually planned to finish the entire story before posting it, but... You know, things never go as you plan. Julie kinda took over me and made me create a completely different character from that cheerful outgoing girl hiding some problems deep inside that I imagined her to be in the very beginning. I don't know how it's gonna affect the story.

In addition, I figured out that stories updated chapter by chapter tend to get more reviews. So, I'll just post what I have so far and you tell me what you think.