Hussein wasn't really certain about the way the stranger girl made him feel. She was definitely a tricky one to figure out. This girl could just storm into his dull dazy nightshift without any sensible reason. It would surely be "inappropriate" in any other situation.

Hussein had had lots of opportunities to watch tourist affairs and even have a couple. The guy's sultry looks made him irresistible in the eyes of the pale European girls. Yet this unreasonable girl appeared somehow different from all the foreign thrill-seekers. Julie had managed to stir up the guard's soul and he had to admit he hoped to hear from her after she'd be gone.

6 AM was the time Hussein's shift usually ended. That day however, his partner Ahmed came fifteen minutes earlier than he was supposed to. He explained to Hussein the security boss wanted to see him before the end of the shift.

"I'll leave my stuff here, Ahmed. Keep an eye on it, OK?"

"No problem, bud. Come back soon!"

The phlegmatic security chief spent what seemed like an hour explaining the new hotel policy, which Hussein had already heard from him 3 times at the very least.

"Gosh, that greasepatty has to write down what he tells us. The dude just lectured me on the policy our hotel accepted a month ago!" sighed Hussein as he approached Ahmed. "Hey, how come you're smoking? Don't you know we're not allowed to smoke on the hotel property?"

"You're not gonna tell anybody, are you?" Ahmed responded with a sly grin on his face.

"No, actually, I'm gonna have you teach me to sneak cigarettes in," laughed the tired officer.

"Well, I really didn't," his partner shrugged, "I just wrapped some of the stuff I had in my pocket into a piece of scrap paper you dropped on your way out".

"Nice try, Ahmed. I don't carry any scrap paper".

"And you insist on it?.. There were numbers scribbled in your handwriting all over this one".

"You know what I'll tell you, sweetie?" Julie's Mom said after her daughter got done telling her about Hussein, "I don't think he'll ever call you again". Julie turned away trying to catch some sleep before the landing.