"One Side"
by Crazy Retasu

You were shy-
I remember that.
When we first met,
You told me so.

But things are different.
Changed, not better,
Not worse-but
Not the same, not now.

Yeah. I know.

No name, no soul,
Only wanting-
Wanting a body
To use, to own,
All for the want of
A heart, a pulse.

A real conversation, not
A string of pick-up lines.

No, it's not a problem.

I always forget-forget
How beautiful the sky is
Just before dawn, right
Before the light defiles
The world with its brightness.

I'm glad-I don't want to
Apologize for what I do.
But forgive me.

As endearing as a sunset
That floods the sky with
Fool's gold until it bleeds.

Even roses wither.

It was comforting to hear
That song again, to feel
Those arms again, to live
In the social sphere again.
But it was better to leave.

Call it what you will-
There's nothing else
That you can say now.

A/N: The poems is just one side of a conversation. The other side is up to your imagination. I got this style of poem from my friend Bri's poem, "The Answers", in his Xanga journal. I just had to try out that style for myself. This means it's all his fault. ^_~