by Crazy Retasu

She's gone again, gone
Away without a word.
The same as always.

No, I didn't.
Not this time.
I grow weary of games.

Was it too much to ask
For a little respect,
A hint of concern,
A bit of effort,
A tiny moment together?
I thought I was worth
That much, at least.

I know, I know,
Change comes to all.
But I didn't expect
This to stagnate,
Not after all that.

We survived the war.
We came out alive.
We won our freedom,
Betraying our masters
And our selves, but
Never, never each other.

But we bore our scars
With a knife-like pride!

She was a comrade,
A confidante, a sister.
I thought we shared a soul.

Yeah, I never told you.

But it's not like I
Wasn't expecting this.
I just didn't think
It could still hurt.
I had the impression
That all the strings inside
Had been rolled up neatly,
That all the loose ends
Had been tied together,
That I wasn't still
Attached to another.
Yet now there are knots
Twisting up my guts
And cutting off my air.

As if she would.
As if I care.


A/N: This is my second try at using a style that I got from my friend Bri's poem, "The Answers", in his Xanga journal. So once again, it shows just one side of a conversation. This one got oddly personal as I wrote it... 0_o Go read my poem "One Side" if you like this kinda thing...