"Perfect Beauty"
by Crazy Retasu

In the chilled silence of the night
When we walked together, talking
Of nothing but muffled thoughts,
Your hands suddenly broke through
The haziness of my drunken mind
And grabbed my shoulders tightly,
Spinning the world around in a blur
Until the weight of the crescent moon
Fell upon my unsuspecting eyes.

Your hands gripped my upper arms,
As though such force and warmth alone
Could keep that moment from passing,
Could keep us anchored there in the dark
With the moon dangling low before us.

And in that instant, I knew perfection
And my heart stopped completely blissfully
Overwhelmed by your selflessness-
But such beauty the world cannot contain.
You had let go, we had to turn away, and
Now my soul yearns forever to return,
To delve into the dizzy glory of the night.