Chapter 40—

The news of the engagement immediately brought over the entire Nancy Boy family. Matty and Enrique were the first ones to show up; they came bearing alcohol… which only made Brandon squeal and clap his hands in delight.

"He's supremely bouncy tonight, isn't he?" Enrique said to Belle as he gestured to Brandon, who was currently making Lemmy the garden gnome dance around to the enjoyment of Matty.

"He's happy," she smiled.

"As are you, I see."

"Yeah, thanks Enrique for the little talk you gave me earlier.

"Don't mention it," he patted her shoulder. "Glad to help."

"Help? What did Enrique help with?" Brandon bounced over.

"Nothing," she mysteriously replied.

"Well, fine—if you don't want to tell me, it isn't going to ruin my mood," he decided before rushing off to throw on some music.

To the horror of all three people in the room, said music turned out to be horrible 70's disco hits. You had it all—from ABBA to Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor. Even the Bee-Gees. Who even knew Brandon liked disco music?

"Hey, do I look like John Travolta?" Brandon did the Saturday Night Fever pose, with the one hand in the air.

"Yeah, not quite, Tams," Andy said as he walked inside.

"Andy-Candy!" Brandon declared, dropping his pose. "Now you're not gonna be the only old married guy in the band."

"Should I be offended?" the drummer quirked an eyebrow.

"I think I should be offended," Belle replied, feeling a little put out by the suggestion that he'd be an old man just because he was married to her.

I mean, what a nice thing to say.

"What'd you bring us?" Brandon peered at the bags Andy and Liz were carrying.

"Desert," Elizabeth replied.

"Ooooooooohhhh! Is there chocolate?"

"Plenty of chocolate—even by your standards," Andy replied.

He then took the bags out of Elizabeth hands and headed into the kitchen. Brandon followed like a puppy—obviously just wanting to get into the chocolate. Belle's attention was soon diverted by Elizabeth, who was in the middle of grabbing her hand.

"Let's get a look at the ring, eh?" she laughed. "It's nice. That fella's got pretty good taste, huh?"

"I like it," she nodded her head. "But then again, at this point I'm just happy that we're together again."

"I'm really happy for you guys," she hugged the other girl. "I was really surprised when Andy said—not only had you two gotten back together—but that you were engaged. It's been a long time coming."

"Yeah, I suppose it has," she agreed.

Andy re-entered the room with a disgruntled Brandon on his heels.

"But why can't I have any cake now?" he was busy whining.

"Because," Andy simply replied.

"That isn't an answer," Brandon plopped down onto the couch.

"Can I ask you a question?" Andy sat down next to him.


"Why exactly are we listening to disco?"

"Cause I like it."

"Any reason why?"

"Any reason why you still think the Macarena is the dance to end all dances?" Brandon countered—giving a triumphant victory sign when he saw that Andy was pretty damn embarrassed.

"Keep it up and I'll take all those nice, lovely sweets home," Andy threatened.

"You wouldn't dare?"

"You don't think so?"

Brandon thought about it for a moment. "Okay, I'm sorry."

"That's better, Tams."

The next few minutes were spent by Brandon trying to get everyone to dance along to 'I Will Survive'. Needless to say, he ended up being the only one dancing around like a chicken without its head. Of course, it should be taken into account that he was providing everyone else with a memory that they'd never forget, while thoroughly entertaining them in the process.

Only when Anna and the children—Alyssa and Gavin—arrived, did Brandon get some dance partners. The two kids were all too happy to jump around like their uncle. Anna tried to congratulate her brother, but all she got was him swinging her three year old around in circles.

"Who's gonna be the bride?" she asked Belle.

"Hopefully me," she replied.

"Don't count on it," Matty laughed.

"Hey, are you doubting my ability to handle Bran?" Belle looked at them all.

"She's got a point," Andy said.

"Well, I had a hell of a time trying to convince Brandon to not wear a dress to my wedding," Anna said as she cut a slice of cake for herself and the kids. "I'm sure you'll be able to accomplish it, Belle… but it'll take a lot of work."

"Well, now, something isn't worth doing if it doesn't take a lot of work." Belle laughed as she realized that she was echoing Brandon's sentiments.

"Is that how all stubborn people think?" Andy quizzically asked.

"Probably," Belle nodded her head as she cut a large slice of chocolate cake for Brandon. Large as it was, he'd still probably finish it off in record time.

As the song finished up, Brandon, Alyssa and Gavin realized that they were missing out on cake. Brandon herded the two kids towards the table and grabbed the slice of cake that Belle was holding out for him. He managed to utter a thank-you before diving right into the lovely desert.

At least it was something, she thought to herself.

"This is a nice ickle family gathering," Brandon said in between bites of cake.

"Oh yeah, doesn't it just give you the warm and fuzzies?" Andy sarcastically quipped.

"Sure does, Andy-Candy! We should do family gatherings more often."

"Right, because I don't spend enough time with you on tour as it is."

"You absolutely adore me and you wouldn't know what do you with yourself were it not for me and they way I…"

"Alright, alright, that's enough," Andy interrupted.

"You know I'm right," Brandon insisted. "And you love Belle and you love it when Belle and I are together. Yes you do, Andy. Don't even pretend like you aren't the world's biggest romantic."

"You know what I like about you and Belle?"

"Well, besides the fact that we're both physically gorgeous?" Brandon gave a wicked smile.

"Oh, yes… besides that," he rolled his eyes. "No, I like the fact that she keeps you quiet at least some of the time."

"Oh puh-leeze, she doesn't keep me quiet. You're just making stuff up now. Admit it, Andy—you're a sickly romantic guy who's been hoping and praying that I'd get married and spawn a couple of kids. Admit it."

"Uncle Bran?" Alyssa spoke up.

"Yuh-huh?" he took another bite of cake, while he turned his attention towards his niece.

"When exactly do you think me and Gav will get a baby cousin?"

He almost choked on his cake.

He looked to Belle for some kind of save.

Instead she only had this to offer, "I'd be interested in hearing the answer to that, myself—Bran."

"Erm… well…" he stuttered a little.

"You are planning on having kids, aren't you?" Andy saw an opportunity to stick it to Brandon.

"Uh… well, I… Belle?"

"I'm waiting?" she crossed her arms over her chest and tried not to look too amused.

"Uncle Bran?" Alyssa urged him to answer.

He again looked around nervously. He didn't know how to answer that question. He hadn't really thought about with any level of seriousness. And it certainly wasn't helped any by the fact that Andy, Anna, Belle… they all looked amused at his lack of speech.

Well… that was rather unusual.

But still.

Belle finally took pity on him.

"We'll get started very soon, Alyssa," she told the little girl.

"Ooooh," Brandon's eyes sparkled. "How soon?"

"Not now." She shooed him away when he tried to attach himself to her neck. "You could at least wait until your guests have left."

"Pft—I bet Andy wouldn't mind sticking around," Brandon threw the drummer a look.

"Okay, listen to me once and for all, Bran… I am NOT a voyeur."

"Whatever, Andy-Candy. I don't believe you for one second. You're so totally a voyeur… you kinky drummer, you."

Elizabeth laughed so hard her stomach hurt.


"Yes, Alyssa?"

"What's a voyeur?"

Anna scowled at her brother.

Too bad they weren't estranged any longer.

The End!

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