Star light, star bright,
I only have one wish tonight,
Tonight I simply long for a chance,
To prove how worthy I really am,
So one day my smile may illuminate,
His dreary, dull life,
My kisses may linger sweetly,
Upon his tender lips,
And my heart will no longer feel,
So empty and void of love,
I have firm ground beneath my feet,
Yet my heart continues to beat so unsteadily,
To the lonesome rhythm of pure chaos,
Searching for love in all the wrong places,
Longing for love from all the wrong faces,
Yet, tonight as I stare longingly into the darkness,
It seems to have a new luminescence,
A small tinge of white light rests calmly,
In the vast universe of uncertainty,
That star is labeled with only one name,
That star is My Only Hope.