Lonely like a single star,
Lingering in the night sky,
I could laugh out here for hours,
Of cry for days at a time,
And no one would hear me,
Unless I wanted them to,
Unless I chose to have another,
Drifting within my atmosphere,
But it would be my choice, mine alone,
I could spontaneously combust,
Or shine in all of my glory,
Maybe even allow for a tiny sparkle,
Of happiness to extend past my ozone,
But I would be in control,
No one to tell me who to be,
Never told what to do,
I'd just be all-alone,
Fading slowly into the dawn,
Just my lonesome, and me,
And the imaginary love,
That I hold so tightly to,
No one to tell me it's not real,
I'm not childish for believing,
Why can't I live on my own star?
I want to be in control...
Then I could believe as I choose.