Teaching the Humans

We had been locked in the compound now for three weeks. My human companions soon got used to my new skin, and eventually stopped staring. It was hard at first because none of them believed it was me.

I told them about my change, and how I never wanted it to be that way. I told them I yearned to avenge Andrew, and so they allowed me to join the cause.

The main movement of humans wanted to break free from the chains of their captors, and re-establish themselves. Smaller more radical movements wanted more to kill and disembody the newcomers.

My own motivation was to find Andrew's killers, bring them to justice, and send the rest of my people home. They didn't need to die; they needed to leave.

Not many of my human counterparts agreed with me, but for Jared and some of the younger rebels. They would only acknowledge that I was in part a newcomer, so of course I didn't want them to die.

The truth of the matter was, I didn't want anyone to die. Something inside my soul told me that all this fighting was wrong. We just needed to settle our differences and deal with each other civilly.

I befriended one of the younger rebels immediately. Everyone called him Bingo, for one reason or another, but I called him Shawn.

He had a beautiful rounded face. His eyes were pale green, and they seemed to twinkle and dance in the light.

He was short, for a boy, only 5'2". He made up for his small stature with a large, booming voice. It was deep, like the growl of a lion. He spiked his blonde hair just a little, as many said, "to add height."

His smile was what caught my attention most. His lips were a deep shade of red, and his lips were full. When he smiled all his teeth showed in row of pristine white. He rarely smiled, for he was a serious little fellow, but when he did the whole room took notice.

Shawn would soon fill many of my days with questions and stories, for he loved to hear my tales, and I his. We shared everything with each other, which was amazing. I had never shared as much with Andrew.

He seemed to draw the truth out of me, and I could never lie around him. He would laugh at me whenever I tried, and tell me to come out with it. Of course, he himself never even attempted to lie.

It was he whom I finally asked to tell me the true color of my eyes. They had been a hazel color before the change, and I wasn't sure how they would look now. I was too scared to look into a mirror. I didn't ask anyone else because it was very difficult for the humans to gaze directly into the newcomer's bright eyes. I trusted Shawn enough to let him see.

He smiled lightly. "They're violet. A beautiful deep violet, almost the color of your hair."

He was the most honest and loving creature I had ever met. And I found myself beginning to love him. With each new day the feeling became stronger and stronger until I could bear it no more.

I had to tell him, but first to teach the humans.

It was not an easy task at all. I took it upon myself to teach as many as were willing the act of telepathy and whatever I could about the newcomers' history.

There were about two thousand residing in this particular compound. It was well hidden in the woods, and hadn't yet been spotted by the newcomers. These humans were quite clever.

When one of their rebels became quite prominent they would send him and the others of his branch to one of these hidden compounds. In this way the movement grew stronger and more powerful, without the newcomers ever catching on. It was a brilliant tactic.

The humans were quick learners, and they soon knew the histories of my people better than I did. They asked why I had known so much about the newcomers, when the change had occurred just before I entered the compound.

I couldn't answer that question; I just knew all the answers. It was the same with the telepathy; I just started doing it and knew it was there for my use. I was curious as to why this was myself, but I assumed the newcomers had pre-programmed the children they sent to Earth.

Shawn was the only one curious as to my life before the change. He always asked to hear stories of my childhood, which fascinated him.

"Lucia, tell me your story." He said one day.

"What of it?" I asked.

"How did you come to live among humans?"

"I don't know really. I don't remember much of my childhood to tell you the truth. I think the newcomers kind of erased that. I do remember however being in the orphanage. I guess I was maybe five then.

"I'm assuming that the newcomers dropped me off, and were planning to use me as a sort of information beacon. They could tap into my thoughts, while I unknowingly learned the ways of the humans. I have a feeling there are a lot out there like me."

"My childhood is much like yours." He said absentmindedly. "Do you think I could be one of you?"

" I don't know. I'm not sure what prompted my change, if only we could do the same for you. Then we'd know."

"All I remember is being put in an orphanage when I was really young. Mind you, I could still be human."

"Of course. I won't tell anyone, until we're absolutely sure though."

He smiled at me. "You're eyes are so beautiful."

"Shawn." I said bashfully. "How can you stand to stare at them so. None of the other humans can stand it for very long."

"That's another thing that leads me to believe I'm one of you." He laughed. He turned to me serious again; "do you remember anything else? When did you meet Andrew and Jared?"

"Well, I was adopted about a year after being in the orphanage. My family was so sweet. They had two other children, Gregory and Nora. We were very close, and I loved them dearly." Here I paused, for I could almost see their images flashing before my eyes.

"Greg was 9 at the time and Nora 7. Mr. and Mrs. Hope wanted another child, but not another pregnancy, so they adopted me and called me Lucia. Nora and I were best friends instantly and Greg was the very protective big brother.

"We moved around a lot because dad constantly changed jobs. The Hopes were a great family. When I was about 13 we went on a trip to Niagara Falls. We had so much fun, but it ended quite sadly.

"Mrs. Hope died unexpectedly for us children, she had cancer, and dad never told us. This was to be her last trip, but no one expected she would die during it. Dad became very bereaved. He sent Greg, who was then 16 to boarding school. Nora and I went to live with an aunt, and two weeks later we learned that he had committed suicide.

"Lucia." Shawn said with condolence.

"No, that was so long ago. It was a tough blow on us kids though. And then the newcomers came. Nora was taken by them, and so was Greg. I haven't seen them since the all out takeover. I can only hope that they are OK. My aunt hid me in her house for as long as she could, and then sent me to her friend, Jared Branaugh."

"Ah," he said. "I see, and so you met Andrew?"

"Yes. We became great friends, and then we started to date. After 7 years in hiding Andrew was found and killed. Jared and I wasted no time in finding the compound and hiding. That brings us to here."

"How long after he died did you find us here?"

"About six months. It seems long, but we had to go about it with trickery so that we wouldn't be caught."

Shawn looked down then. "I bet you still love him?" He sounded sad.

My heart almost stopped. "I miss him."

"I know you were going to be married and all, but…"

"Yes?" I asked breathlessly.

"I think I'm falling in love with you."

"Shawn!" I yelled happily.

He looked up with a little laugh and a curious smile.

"I love you!" I yelled.