The Release

After ten months of hiding in the bleak human compound, it was safe for us to return. The newcomers were becoming ill with the common cold, and it knocked their forces to nearly half.

The humans had driven them out for now, but they would soon return, no doubt. They needed only enough time to find a vaccine, and they would come back in full force.

When we left the compound many of the humans returned to their old homes. Shawn and I decided to stay with Jared Branaugh for the time being, until we could find a place of our own. Things were going quite nicely for all, and then something strange occurred.

I was out walking with Shawn in one of the many parks in the area. We frequently had these outings, as we were never sure that we would be able to take as much advantage of the parks later. After being shut up inside for more than ten months, one tends to enjoy nature a great deal more.

As we rounded one of the corners I glimpsed a familiar shape. I knew I had seen that body before, but I could only see it from the back. The figure was cloaked from head to toe in dark clothing.

I had myself had fairly well given up clothing, as my body was much like clothing itself. The skin was warm, and thick like rubber. It was almost like a perfect fitting body suit. Fortunately, the newcomer's genitalia were different from the humans.

As for sex organs and even the breasts, they were covered nicely by flaps of skin, that could easily be removed when they were needed. It was strange for me to have such a resourceful body.

I assumed that this creature was a human, for the mere fact that it wore clothing. Then it dawned on me; I knew that gait. It was Andrew's style of walking. He always bounced slightly on the up step.