The beautiful darkness surrounding me
The chilled wind from the south sea
A perfect night for the devil to walk
Yet your soul to be safe in your peaceful grave
And the angels' comforting wings saving you

There the sound of the nightingale can be heard
Yet, an eerie feeling all around the graveyard
Your death seeming so unreal, untrue
Like a bad dream from which I haven't woken up
Ah, but no, your tombstone quite solid stone

Me all alone, remembering you, your past
My tears repenting for each drop of blood you lost
Here in the chilly night in the surreal graveyard
Your memories making it so hard for me to believe
To believe in the reality of losing you to the heavens

The spirits do walk and wander lost in the dark
Not making a sound, though their presence felt
Making me fall into a trance seeing the pearly white shapes
Telling me of the beauty of death and beyond
Them removing my paranoia and putting peace in its place

The rain falling down, as if even the Gods are sorrowful
The stench of wet dirt filling my nostrils, reminding me of you
Your grave's mud feeling so soft and slimy, yet heavenly
This all making me wonder if you are at peace
But of course, you are beyond the materialistic world