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Chapter One

Connie and I have been friends since we met because our mums were friends, about 16 years ago, I think. We are both seventeen now. Sometimes I even think Connie and I were meant to be mates, we get along so well, so its' cool. We like the same things, the same clothes. I used to be really self- conscious about myself. I used to be really shy and Connie has opened me up. Is a bit wacky, but she's a great party animal. She has lovely, short, light, brown hair and big, bright blue eyes. She's five foot seven and is really thin.

So what about me? Well I'm five foot eight and I'm not as thin as Connie is anymore like I used to be. I also have dark, brown hair but mine is only shoulder length, would you believe that it was actually blonde? I have dark, green eyes and long eye lashes that Connie is jealous of .Not, she has longer lashes than I do.

I have had this crush on this guy for so long. Ever since I saw him, well since he's been here (a couple of months or so), I feel so dizzy, and my heart starts beating really fast as if I'd just been running. I've never felt that was about a guy before. Not that there aren't really that many guys that I've felt that way about before. He's absolutely gorgeous, but I don't think he'll ever notice me. He has dark, brown hair like mine, blue eyes, also like mine and he had a really fit body. I saw him in the swimming pool once, he was looking at me, so I looked back and smiled. Mmmm.

He turned up late afternoon. He actually noticed me. Maybe it was because I was new, I don't know. I had just come out to get a mannequin, which was quite a big job for me alone. He said, '' Do you want a hand with that? '', I just said,' no thank-you ' but carried it past him, with difficulty. He opened the staff door for me so I said ' Thanks ', quietly. He followed me up the corridor, and I said, '' sorry, you're not allowed up here.''

But he just said, '' Oh, yes I am. ''

'' Really? How? ''

'' I work here.''

'' Oh, sorry, I didn't know that. ''

'' That's all right. Is it your first day? ''

'' Yes.''

'' Are you the new designer, because you look quite older than they said.''

'' Yes, and what did they tell you? ''

'' That you were 19. ''

'' Well you're right about the older part, I'm 22.''

'' Same age as me then.''

'' Cool.''

'' Isn't it. My desk should be right next to yours. ''

'' Good. ''

As I put the mannequin down, he asked, '' Can I see your most recent design? ''

'' Yeah, sure, it's on my desk." He wanted to see my work!

'' It's really good.''

'' You're just saying that. ''

'' No, I'm not, really.''

'' Thanks, but I'd better be getting on with my work now or the boss'll kill me personally, probably.''

'' Hey, you can't get away from me that easily, when can I see you again? ''

'' We sit beside each other. ''

'' I mean outside work.''

'' Are you serious? We've only just met '' I said.

'' Why shouldn't I be? ''

I hesitated, then replied:

'' OK, OK, when are you free? ''

'' Tonight, tomorrow, but I don't even know your name. ''

'' Kirsty McLaren. ''

'' Cool. ''

'' So what's your name? ''

'' Davie Rowan. ''

Hey, I thought, that rings a bell, never mind, I can write it on my desk at home and boast to Connie that I know him now!

'' So Davie, you're free tonight? '' I asked.

He smiled, '' You know I am.''

" Do I?"

'' Well if you didn't, you know now."

I smiled back, "Outside the Cinema at 7:30 tonight?"

'' 7:30 will be fine.''

'' See you there, I think we'd better get on with our work. ''

'' Ok.''

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