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End of chapter two: " I think we have to get to our movie now, before it starts without us." Kirsty said, standing up, grabbing his hand, which felt warm and tingly, and dragging him up with her.

Chapter Three

'The movie was better this time,' Kirsty thought, 'just because Davie was with me this time. Last time I was with my sisters, but this time it just seemed special.

'When I was giving Davie a lift back to Glenuig, I had a 30 mile round trip for me, which I didn't really need at half ten at night. I thought this as an exception as I had the morning off the next day to do to a check-up at the doctors, which meant I could sleep in a while.

'I played our conversation before the movie again in my head. I realised he didn't catch my hints about Ireland. It was a very long time ago after all, but not for me. I can remember most names from primary school while the boys couldn't remember my name by the time we got to 3rd year, either that or they were just pretending.

'I slept well that night. Davie had given me a quick peck on the cheek before I dropped him off. I think Davie's not telling me something. I don't think it's to do with Ireland though. I just get this feeling sometimes and I don't know where it comes from, it's just there.

'I didn't really expect to come home and work in town after university. But I guess things change. The population of town has doubled since the new flats were built on the golden mile (A/N: the mile before Fort William on the road from Glasgow, which has all the large houses, B&B's and Hotels along it). And there are a lot more popular shops like Topshop, GAP, and H&M. There was a job so I took it. I don't regret my decision, yet. Although I do miss a lot of my friends that found jobs in Glasgow.'

Davie POV

'There's a catch to Kirsty I just don't see. It's as if she's trying to tell me something and I'm just to dumb to decipher it. Our first date was nice because there were no uneasy silences and we got on really well. I was really surprised to find out she used to stay in Wicklow. My hometown. It must have been for a very short time because she has no hint of an Irish accent. My friend Lucien always had the English accent he had from when he lived in London. I'm not sure if she went to my school, because I would have remembered her, as it's so small. There was only one classroom between two years, so anyone who was there I would have remembered as she's the same age as me. She must have gone to another primary school, there were four others after all. The Republic is a very religious place, you're either Catholic or Protestant, and if so, you're very religious like the town at that.

I just I wish I knew what it was. She wasn't in work this morning so in the afternoon I asked her how long she'd stayed in Fort William, just to check.'

" Practically my whole life actually. I was in Glasgow for Uni, but other than that I've hardly been living out of this place. I've only lived perhaps a year in two different places but that's it. I know I'm so sad for sticking here but it's nice to be around family as my mum lives in Glenfinnan and my dad in Kinlochleven. Why?"

" I was just wondering," I had answered.

'Later on I was asking her a lot of questions about whether she was Catholic or Protestant, but she was neither. She was agnostic but was interested slightly in Buddhism.'

Kirsty POV

'Davie was asking me weird questions today.' She remembered. 'Maybe he was also thinking about the way I had mentioned Ireland, but I don't know. I think he's just curious but it was a bit weird to be asking me this after our first date. But I think he's just trying to get to know me better before we get involved too seriously. I really don't want my love life to collapse and destroy my working life, especially if an ex was someone I worked with. That's why I usually go along with the no dating co-workers policy but this job maybe just forgot to mention it.'

Two months later.

'I think there's an obvious attraction between Davie, and me but I don't think we're the only ones. Our design team consists of an equal number of genders so maybe we could all pair up. I've got a suspicion that Jamie -the Boss' personal assistant- is gay. Good thing our boss is female. Yeah that's right, one up for the girls.

'No one really believes that I work for someone famous. No one believes why she came to Fort William to stay as she could have gone anywhere with her aunt, Stella MacArtney, who was quite a success after her progress in fashion, became very popular and every brand wanted her designs. It's actually a really good job. Stella has shops all over Britain and she gave one to our boss, Lara, as a birthday present. I think Fashion is in their genes, the female side. Lara's brother, Sam, who's really very handsome yet arrogant, came in last week to see Lara dressed in a full denim suit. I almost wretched, that was fashionable, what? Ten years ago? I usually hate to criticise someone's clothes but he really didn't suit it. It was really rather ironic. Lara made him change into something she'd designed and he was her model for the day. Most of the girls were eyeing him up in the office upstairs but I only had my eye on Davie. We had been going out since our first date but today he hadn't spoken a word to me and kept glaring my way.

'I had to leave early as I had to pick up my friend, Jaala, from the airport, three hours away, as we were going out for a two-nighter weekend in Glasgow to see all our friends. My friend, Greg, who stayed across town and who I was to pick up on my way, was a real sweetie; it was just a pity he couldn't find a girl to go out with him. We had gone out last night on the town with a few others from school, and my head was really killing me today.'

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