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Spica looked down at the small child she fed every morning. The most beautiful of all the faerey's she has seen, but she was biased. The chubby little baby was so cute asleep in her arms as she cuddled her and smiled.

Spica was the eldest of the three sisters living in the small house. She was a faerey of the zodiac, a celestial being who was under the Devine guidance of her god. The mother sun. The mother of all celestial faereys.

Sheraton was the middle of the sisters to live in the small house. She was a tough woman, a warrior of the faerey race. She was the protector of her two sisters. Her back length brown hair and green eyes, she was beautiful. She was of the zodiac Aries. And will fight like the ram to protect her sisters. Currently Sheraton was the only of the two elder sisters to be courted. A male of a different clan has chosen her as his life mate. Once faerey's become life mates they are bound together forever and the female is to become a member of his clan for the rest of her existence. Luckily for Sheraton's sake the man who she is bound to is a man she loves, some faerey's are not so lucky.

Spica was not as lucky, she hasn't found a man to love her yet and even if she does that does not mean she will love him back. The summoner was still alone. Spica was a summoning faerey. She can summon a member of each one of the zodiac but, her strongest was the priestess of Virgo. She was a Virgo herself and is the calming keeper of the house. She always is organized and plans in time ahead. She was the brain of the three sisters, but she had great beauty as well, with her short blonde hair and blue eyes she was said to resemble the priestess.

The mother sun was especially fond of Antares, the faerey of the zodiac symbol Scorpio. This child had a feeling about her that confused the mother sun, and the child was the most abnormal of her children, most abnormal of any of the faereys in any of the other clans. She has hair of ebony, beautiful pale skin and golden eyes, which was the most unique point in her beauty. But the mother sun had no idea what it was Antares was to be, what kind of power would she possess.

Faerey's were the most unique of the races on this earth. They did not age like other beings do. Faerey's were beings who aged so slowly. A faerey born the same time as a human, could only age one year in body as a human ages nine years. As opposed to daemons, in which most never aged at all or those that aged, aged so slowly they were said to be immortal, which is where the conclusion of daemons being immortal originated, there was not a being that was said to be truly immortal. Faereys aged faster than daemons but slower than humans. They were stuck in the middle as they were in class.

Daemons were the highest class race inhabiting this world, they were the strongest, smartest and held most of the population. Humans were the weakest of the races in this world, they were not as intelligent as daemons, did not hold a power even close too as strong as any others and were the smallest in population. Faereys were in the middle, they were as strong as they were intelligent and held more of a population than humans but less than daemons. Though they did not hold as much power as the daemons the mother sun believed that this race was superior and would some day dominate this world.

As far as humans, no one cared to worry about them at all. They were a stupid race, weak, with too many emotional attachments. They would someday be extinct and it would concern no other race.

It was when Antares was first born that she caused such a commotion. Faereys from all over came to see the small child. It was one male faerey from the elemental clan though, that chose Antares as his wife for the future. He just couldn't shake how beautiful she was as a child, and he could only imagine her beauty when she grew up. He was named Blaze by his mother and could control the element of fire as his special ability. He knew Antares was special and wanted to protect her.

Spica and Sheraton, did not like him. He did not seem like the kind of man they wanted their Antares to grow up and marry. He had an air about him that came off as a weasel. But none the less he did seem to care for Antares, and was a nice boy. So they approved.

As time passed and Antares grew, so did her personality. She was a very strong headed child and never let anyone push her around. She didn't like anyone except her sisters, because everyone treated her different because of her eyes. She especially did not like Blaze as well. Not only could she sense the dislike of him from her sisters but she didn't like the way Blaze touched her, and looked at her. And she definitely did not like the way he smiled.

Antares grew up with the skills of a warrior that Sheraton passed onto her, and the wisdom and calming personality of Spica. She was as unique as her appearance and never did what the other faereys her age did. She was a loner and liked doing what everyone else hated. She liked being a rebel, but a rebel to some extent. She would never do anything to upset the mother sun.

Antares was coming up on her fifty-seventh birthday. She was still a child by most standards, and she looked liked a teenage human. Lacking the long pointy faerey ears and her wings. There was a benefit to never hanging around kids her own age, she was more mature for her age and could relate more to her older sisters and what they talked about, and she felt better that way.

Blaze was a daily visitor to her house and she still did not like him. He was not the man she wanted to become life mates with. She was one of the unlucky faereys to have a man whom she does not want to choose her. She could not stand him. He was arrogant, and lacked extreme intelligence, and he used brute strength to solve all him problems among his brethren faereys.

Antares was one to believe in true love. She never wanted to settle for less, if she never had the opportunity to find her true love she would die lonely. But she hoped so dearly that she would. She refused to spend the rest of her life with that bastard Blaze.

Antares awoke one morning to a beautiful day. Everything seemed great. She wrapped herself in her blanket and headed down her small wooden steps to the kitchen where Spica would make her, her breakfast.

When she came in Spica was humming a happy little song as she boiled the eggs for Antares. "Good morning, cutie" she told her little sister as Antares sat at the small wooden table. Spica brought her over her bowl of eggs and porridge, and smiled. "I made you your favorite." Antares smirked and took the bowl, "thank you." As Antares finished up her breakfast, Sheraton came in from outside "it's a really beautiful day" she smiled in her usual cheerful manner. Antares smiled, she loved the way both her sisters were so full of life in the morning.

Antares finished up her breakfast and went back up to her bedroom to change into her clothing. She unwrapped her blanket and exposed her nude body to the room. She was a very voluptuous woman, but a little chubby. It didn't matter anyway to her because she liked the way she looked, it is the body that she grew into and didn't feel it needed to be changed. She pulled her wool skirt Spica made up around her hips and backside, and then pulled her arms and wings into the matching knit skirt. Finally she pulled on her boots and sat down to brush her long hair.

A knock came to the front door. Spica walked to answer it, when she opened it no one was there. She looked out in confusion and then closed the door. Just as she turned to walk away, a loud bang ran through her ears, she stomped over assuming it was child playing a joke and opened it. All she could do was stare up at the large man in her doorway who held a sword.

Antares heard a blood curtailing scream as she was coming back down the steps. She ran to her sisters horrifying screams to find Spica lying in a puddle of blood and a huge man with a sword through Sheratons stomach. Horror struck through her as she watched the man let her sister slide off of his sword, like she was simply a knife coming out of a loaf of bread. Antares fell on her knees and sat there as blood spilled on the floor and turned the wood a deep crimson color.

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