Antares fell to the floor in fear, as she watched this monster spill the blood of her sisters. He was horrifying, almost eight feet with blazing white hair and a red eye, an eye like a daemon. He wasn't a cyclops but his other eye was covered by a cloth.

She watched as this horrifying man reveled in his bloody massacre and licked the remaining blood from his sword. With one swift move he turned to Antares who sat petrified on her floor hoping in all her wildest thoughts that this could be a nightmare, that her sisters were not dead, that she was not alone and emotionally shattered.

But that hope was inevitable, it was real, as real as the warm liquid that was streaming down her cheeks as the monster walked over with a smirk. "Well it seems we're alone now, Antares." He remarked. She wondered how he could know her name was it she he was after?

He walked right up to her and knelt down to become eye level with her, "and now I can give you a death that is suitable for you." Her trembling just turned him on, Antares could tell that in a sick sort of way he was getting off to all this death around him. "You bastard . . . " she muttered but he had good hearing and he slapped her. The absolute horrifying nature of this monster set her off, he killed her sisters he destroyed her life and he wasn't getting away with it. She got up and turned to run and that was when she felt the stinging pain of an agony shoot through her body. He had cut of her wings, and there was nothing left but two bloody stumps where they used to lie.

This time when she fell to the floor she felt defeated, the embodiment of herself was just cut to bits by the man who killed her sisters. Maybe letting him kill her would bring her peace her sisters were dead what was there left to live for . . . nothing. She leaned back against the wall, tears streaming down her face as she smiled. His sword swung back and flew forward fast as it came straight for her neck, she closed her tear soaked eyes and waited. But nothing happened she opened her eyes and to her surprise there was another man blocking the daemon's sword. He was an elderly man dressed head to toe in white. What was left of his non graying hair was a deep brown and his face covered by a graying beard.

"Archer what brings you to fight me once again?" The daemon asked him. They knew each other and it brought a sort of warming sense to Antares, because at least the man knew what he was getting himself into. The old man pushed the daemon back and smirked "you know I can't rest until I have spilled your blood.". He then turned his head slightly and Antares saw that his eye had been sliced out, nothing was left but a huge scar down his cheek and the other eye he had was a captivating blue. The scar was on the same eye that the demon covered, the right. She wondered if they have the same scar, the same mark. Were they each others demons.

The captivating brilliance of their synchronized sword dance left Antares in tears. Her eyes could not be dragged away, every clang of their swords rung deeper and deeper into her soul and she knew then that an eternal bond was formed among the three of them and things would only go downhill from this moment.

The two looked as if they could read each others minds and were doing so with every swing. "This can't go on forever Archer you will eventually get tired . . . " the demon sneered, Archer knew he was old but he would not give up the chance to slay his demon. "I can say the same for you cant I Jonah..."

Antares couldn't believe that a demon could have a name. She had been blinded by the teachings of her clan, they didn't like to talk about demons they liked to go on as if they did not exist but Antares knew they did she believed the tales that the other children told when they were kids, they were kind of like ghost stories. No one was sure if they were true but it was fun to scare the other kids with them. Antares always did believe they were and she believed she would meet one, one day but she never imagined it would be this way.

It continued on, their sword dance and Antares thought it was going to go on forever. Then for Archers sake their came a break. He picked up on Jonah having his guard down on his left and sliced right down his chest. The demon stared at his blood spilling and growled. Archer pulled his sword back and continued to finish his death pursuit on Jonah but he just suddenly disappeared. "Did you think I was that easy to beat..." he laughed from the doorway. Archer growled and ran over but he was gone.

There was blood every where and Antares was not sure if it was hers or her sisters. Her sisters, she had almost forgot and she ran over and clutched Sheraton's dead body. "Antares..." Sheraton spoke through blood soaked words. Antares could not believe it her sister was not dead.

"Sheraton..." She smiled down at her sister. "This can't be the way it happens, you are not supposed to die" Sheraton whispered. Antares looked at her sympathetically "but I am not going to... I promise, the demon is gone. And I promise to change this" she cried into her sisters chest.

But it was too late Sheraton died.

Antares sat clutching the body of her dead sister and cried. She was alone, but she would change this, she will not let her sisters death be in vain. The blood was everywhere and there was no way she could stay in this house. She began dragging Sheratons body.

"Where are you going with her?" Archer asked, she looked up at him "I am burying my sisters." He sighed and picked up Spicas body "let me help you." "No!" she ran over and grabbed her, "no no no!" She broke down in tears. Archer looked away. "Fine, if that will make you feel better." Antares looked at him as he walked away.

Antares drug both her sisters outside and dug two graves for each of them. When she was finished burying both of their bodies she sat at the end of the graves and stared. She began to feel a numb sensation come over her, she only wanted to see that demon die. She wanted nothing else, she would kill him. Archer was standing against the wall smoking a cigarette when she walked by. "Now where are you going?" he asked her. She glared at him "I am going to kill that monster." He smirked "I know a way to kill him and bring your sisters back"

They walked to the mother sun, because Archer had mentioned the thought of going back in time. He knew that the mother sun could make this happen and if that could then she could bring her sisters back. "So what if I go back in time how will that bring my sisters back to this time?" Antares snapped him from his train of thought, he looked to her face "you want to kill Jonah, well if you go back in time and kill him he will cease to exist in this time and your sisters will be fine."

When they arrived the mother sun was waiting, she had known of the attack on Spica and Sheraton and knew Antares was coming. "So what brings you to me Antares?" The mother sun hid in the shadow. "Send me back in time, I want to erase what that bastard did..." She was in tears again. The mother sun walked forward and Archer gasped, she was just a child, with pupil less eyes. "Why can you not accept that you sisters are gone and you remain." Antares knelt before her mother, "please I ask nothing of you except this...I will not rest until that monster is dead and my sisters are safe," the mother sun put her hands on Antares's black hair "but your sisters where meant for this fate, what happens, happens..." "NO!" Antares shot up "he was coming for me! They did not deserve to die, it was my fault..." She broke once again into a fit of tears. The mother sun put her hands to her face, "very well." She took Antares to a cot and laid her down "I will heal your wounds and you will rest. When you wake, I will send you to the past."

Antares watched as her mother put her hands to her back and a white light surrounded her. Within no time her pain was eased and the wounds were healed leaving huge scars on her back where her wings once were. There was a slight silence in the room as Antares laid back to sleep. "Archer..." She whispered, he knelt down next to her and smiled "what is it?" She stared up into his captivating blue eye. "Thank you... for protecting me and helping me, I don't know why you did it but I am indebted to you." Her warming appreciation made him feel something he never had before, compassion. "Take this with you, learn how to use it and kill him with it" he laid his bow and bundle of arrows next to her. "I will stay, and kill my demon here, you kill your demon there." She smiled again and closed her eyes, as sleep took her.

Antares woke the next morning in her own room, in her own bed and everything was ok. "Was it a dream?" She asked herself. It was it was a dream, the birds were singing the sun shining, and the smell of Spica's cooking from downstairs. She stretched her arms and got up, as she tried to walk she realized her balance was off. "My wings..." she whispered, they were gone like she remembered. Then... she looked behind her Archers bow was sitting next to her bed.

"Spica! Sheraton!" she rushed down the steps and into the kitchen, Spica was at the stove cooking. "Antares..." she gasped "but...your bigger..." Antares stopped, it was true the mother sun had sent her back into time. "It's true its me Spica, but I came here to change what was done in the future." Spica couldn't speak, it was too much to understand, how Antares had come back in time and why? It didn't matter it was still her little Antares, she leaned in and hugged her. "What ever it is your back here for, me and Sheraton will be here for you." Antares smiled as she felt how wonderful it was to hug her sister.

"Antares?" Sheraton asked from the doorway, Antares looked up and smiled, tears running down her cheeks, "Sheraton..." Antares ran over and hugged her sister, "I am so happy to see you."

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