I don't want to think about it,
I can't stand the thought of it,
Life without you just seems so meaningless,
And it is, it really truly is,
I'm numb to the frigid pain,
And the porcelain tears,
Because now you'll never know,
How my tender heart longed,
And my piercing eyes bled,
And how numb I've suddenly become,
As I take the frosted metal to my burning skin,
Just to see if still I bleed the same blood,
The blood I shed each time I'm left alone-

I'm going through the motions and yet,
They hold no true importance anymore,
I've fallen so far behind the other runners,
It would be impossible to win this race,
But maybe I could grow a pair of cotton wings,
And soar gracefully through this games final frame,
Or at least have courage enough to smile,
As I triumphantly cross the checkered end,
But what purpose would it serve?
For life is so useless without you now,
And ironically you'll never know,
How my tender heart longed,
And my piercing eyes bled-

Now many miles separate us,
And all I have too look forward to,
Are the monthly calls and plain words,
On the dry, impersonal computer screen,
You'll never see the tears I constantly shed for you,
As I pray for all my friends each lonely night,
And you'll never see the love that was built,
During the many years you held me close,
Even when I pushed and shoved you away,
Still your warm arms wrapped snuggly around me,
Now I'm freezing as I stand here in the cruel rain,
Knowing your arms will never be found around me again,
And I will die so cold with my hands across my chest,
You were my foundation and now I've been demolished,
And when they ask, you can tell them,
I died of a broken heart that you never knew existed.