Ch 1 The eerie portal.

It was a dark day in the school and Vegas was wearing his Ninja Monkeys tee- shirt when suddenly a locker opened up to his right. The locker glowed with an eerie light, so naturally Vegas was interested. Walking up to it he poked his finger into the light. The change was immediate and it was freezing cold. He pulled his hand out of the light and was about to walk away when a hand emerged from the light and grabbed his necklace. The hand retreated and Vegas jumped into the portal after it, in his surprise. He was doused in coldness and was being sucked through a plaid tunnel. Within seconds though he was spit from the tunnel and onto solid ground of another world.

"Where the hell am I," he said looking at a forest.

Walking forward he saw a monkey clad in gray ninja garb running away holding his necklace.

"Holy shit! The shirt tells all! Ninja Monkeys!" He shouted rushing forward only to be met with a small group of ninja monkeys.

"Who the hell are you?" Asked the first of the ninja monkeys.

". SHIT! You can talk!" He exclaimed.

"Die large one!" Said the monkey, pulling out a short ninja dagger.

"Oh shit, better use my Secret (Winks) Weapon," he said stomping his heel on the ground. "What the fuck! It didn't come out."

Pulling his trusty pen out of his back pocket he stabbed the ninja monkey and took his knife.

"Anyone else want to try?" Vegas asked.

In response the monkeys charged straight at him. He responded by repeating his heel action and this time it worked. A knife boot popped out.

"Yeah! Now you die!" He said kicking one of them in the chest.

He continued to attack with his boot and sliced the ankles out from under another monkey. To kill the last unharmed monkey he jump kicked it right in forehead, splattering monkey brains in the general vicinity.

"Gross, that is really nasty," he said walking to the de-ankled monkey. "What is the purpose of taking my necklace?

"Po...we.r." the monkey said as he died.

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