Ch. 2 The truth be told

"What power? Well, I guess I'll just have to keep going. Better grab this stuff first though," he said grabbing all of the monkeys' gear.

Walking forward he eventually came upon what seemed to be a small village. With all the craziness of Ninja Monkeys he was surprised to see humans. As he walked into the village, a woman garbed in a white cloak approached.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"I am Vegas. Where am I?" He replied.

"You are in Bryinder Village. Where do you come from?" She asked.

"From a portal in the forest. What is up with the Ninja Monkeys?" He countered.

"The beasts are dark and mischievous. They are under a dark and powerful wizard ape that persecutes our daily lives. If you have done anything to the monkeys you must go now stranger," she said, looking fearfully.

"The I must go. Thank you for your time," he replied, as he turned around.

"Wait.I did not say you must go alone. I will come with you," she said, following him.

"Why is it that you feel that I am incapable of going alone? Oh, what's your name?" He asked as he entered the forest.

"I am Mistenshi, the mystic of flames. Why are you here?" She answered.

"Oh, some stupid monkey stole my necklace. It has some "power," I guess," he said.

"Then my instincts were correct, you are the prophesized one," she muttered.

"What do you mean?" He asked, confused.

"The prophecy goes as I will now speak," she said. "When the monkey shall slip and fall man will be above them ! Wait! Wrong the portal opens the path for the necklace of power to be stolen, the owner will choose the path to destroy the one of darkness. The tribulations he will go through will sicken his young life, but the dark tribunal evil will be destroyed by others that are free. This union of two dimensions will bring peace to one and give the peaceful dimension a new hero."

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