As the door flew open Vegas whipped out his nunchucks and pelted the haird abomination that was before him with repeated blows. "HUMAN UNDERLING!" The ape shouted, flinging Vegas against the wall. Whipping out his shuriken he impaled the ape many times but the ape continued coming forward so Vegas whipped out the dagger, stabbing and jumping out of the way. Putting the buckler on he tried to defend with his new sai but it was whipped aside. The ape knocked him to the ground as it pulled out a sword, but Vegas managed to roll, avoiding the weapons stroke, and drew his own. They fought long and hard in silence until they were dripping in sweat, Vegas made a desperate move and ran the great ape through, grabbing his necklace from the ape's neck as it fell. Rushing over to Mistenshi he untied her. "Are you ok?" He asked "LOOK OUT!" She shouted in horror as the wounded( WAIT HE'S NOT wounded!) ape bowled Vegas over. "YOU WILL DIE HUMAN!" The ape shoutas he grabbed Vegas' sword and went to slash him. "No! I have the necklace now!" Vegas shouted as a beam emitted from the end of the necklace's charm, blowing both the ape and Vegas backwards though the ape took the most force, killing him. Mistenshi rushed over to see if he was ok.

A/N: This is not all wait for the thrilling climax I don't have time to type it right now but I do have it written. The monkeys' power!