Stars glimmer in the late summer sky. Patient trainers await the opening of the gates to the golden kingdom. A corrupt uprising, and a destructive battle begins the end of the world.

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The Elements:

Ardenta: An Ardenta Type Spirit Guardian has strong physical attacking power. You'll find that putting them in (PM) Physical Mode will be most useful because of their powerful physical attacks by biting. However, don't let this fool you. If you can find a way to increase your magic power then you'll understand the greatness of fire magic in (MM) Magical Mode. Can withstand heat, lava, and fire without hesistation. A battle between two Ardenta Type Spirit Guardians in (MM) Magic Mode would result in a draw. In warm temperatures, an Ardenta Type Spirit Guardian can defend itself very well.

Ocea: An Ocea Type Spirit Guardian also has strong physical attacks. Though your first reaction with be to put them in (PM) Physical Mode to attack their victim with powerful arms (or fins) then you're thinking quite right. However, just as Ardenta, Ocea Type Guardians have strong water magic that can damage enemies greatly in (MM) Magical Mode (if they have high magic stats). Ocea Type have the ability to swim very well, and can resist most magical attacks when in water.

Electrus: An Electrus Type Spirit Guardian has powerful defense against physical attacks. In (PM) Physical Mode, an Electrus Type will have physical abilities causing damage or defense by their spikes or horns (one particular physical ability of an Electrus Type Spirit Guardian is Spike Shield; it defends and causes damage). In (MM) Magical Mode, an Electrus Type will be able to call forth the astounding powers of thunder and lightning. Hitting an Electrus Type Spirit Guardian with Thunder Magic would result in healing rather than damage. good or bad?

Saphraesu: A Saphraesu Type Spirit Guardian has world-renowned defense against physical attacks. In (PM) Physical Mode, they can execute strong clawed attacks, and shielding abilities. In (MM) Magical Mode, Saphraesu Type spirit Guardians can cause dangerous earth quakes, or summon dangerous vines to strangle their foes. A Saphraesu Type Spirit Guardian can increase all of its stats for the rest of the battle if it is attacked by Earth Magic.

Elthewyn: An Elthewyn Type Spirit Guardian has tremendous speed. In (PM) Physical Mode, an Elthewyn Type Spirit Guardian will be able to perform quick wing attacks that have a high accuracy rate. In (MM) Magical Mode, an Elthewyn Type has powerful air magic that closely resembles that of wind magic. However, an Elthewyn's Air Magic may be less damaging than Wind Magic, but it surely has higher accuracy and knows how to even block other magic attacks. Elthewyn Type Spirit Guardians can also sustained life underwater for hours on end because of the oxygen, which resides within. Also, Elthewyn Types can send most Air Magic aimed at them back towards the opponents.

Polaru: This amazing type is also quite fast, and has strong and has impressive magic. In (PM) Physical Mode, a Polaru Type Spirit Guardian can use powerful kicking techniques to damages the enemy. Also because of their powerful legs, they can jump quite high. In (MM) Magical Mode, a Polaru Type has the abiltiy to make an enemy extremely weighed down, or extremely light (possibly throwing off their balance). Polaru Types are unaffected by other Gravity Magic attacks, and therefore are pointless to fight if you have a Polaru Type in (MM) Magical Mode.

Halus: A Halus Type Spirit Guardian may have less accuracy than its sister element, Elthewyn, it does however have powerful damaging magic and can boost their poower when angry or in danger. In (PM) Physical Mode, a Halus Type's tail proves as a powerful asset to its physical abilities. In (MM) Magical Mode, a Halus Type has the power to manipulate air flow, creating tornadoes, whirlwinds of devastating proportions. When attacked by Wind Magic, a Halus Type can use the Wind Magic's power to magnify its own power greatly.

Borealan: Borealan Type Spirit Guardians can drastically change the outcome of a battle when its in danger because of its highly esteemed anger stats. In (PM) Physical Mode, Borealan Type Guardians will use their skulls to cause great damage on enemies, however some attacks do leave it stunned momentarily. However, its physical attacks range, each can give an opponent dealy status ailments (confusion, ko, ect.) In (MM) Magical Mode, the Borealan Type wields the crystalline beauty of ice magic. Without thought, a Borealan Type can freeze damp surfaces, or cast layers of sleet upon its opponent possibly causing the freeze ailment. Borealan Typre Spirit Guardians can keep foods and drinks cool, and can create bridges of ice to cross valleys, or pits. Ice Magic will only restore health and magic energy to a Borealan Type Guardian.

Chronun: A Chronun Type Spirit Guardian has high magic attacking stats and is most likely to be used in (MM) Magical Mode. Don't let this stat bonus fool you. In (PM) Physical Mode, Chronun Type Guardians can battle with the strength of steal. Blade techniques are a Chronun's specialty and can master blade abilities. In (MM) Magical Mode, it has time altering powers that are remarkably powerful. When at higher levels, a Chronun can have the power to travel into the near past. Also, it can freeze time for short periods, and with great strength it can move forward. Time magic relies heavily on energy and cannot be used if the Chronun Guardian's magic energy runs out. Because it is a VERY powerful type, Chronun may run out of magic energy. so they must use their attacks sparingly. But do not fear, the deprival of magic energy is not likely to occur. When attacked by Time Magic, Chronun Type Spirit Guardians can absorb the magic energy being used by the opponent. This would result in the opponent having to use twice the amount of energy to perform Time Magic.

Urana: Urana Type have powerful magic stats, and can pull off some perturbing stunts. "disappearing", and sending magic in a dangerous towards an opponent are just a few. In (PM) Physical Mode, Urana Type Guardians can ude their shields to perform dazzling tricks to confuse, damage, and defend against the enemy. In (MM) Magical Mode, Urana Type Guardians have Mirror Magic. Though this magic is not well-known, it is truly one that should. The ability to disguise itself is one trick that fools an opponent every time. Mirror Magic gives Urana Types the ability to even freeze time and see ahead in time in a vision, thus giving it powerful evasion by predicting attacks. Urana Types also have the power to reflect absorb and then reflect magic attacks in the form of the opponent's "opposing element". Mirror Magic can also allow Urana Type Spirit Guardians to create illusionary copies of itself. Urana Types can also absorb opponent's magic energy if they are using Mirror Magic.

Imperia: A Spirit Guardian under the family of Imperia Type has powerful magic resistance and a very POWERFUL inward power. In (PM) Physical Mode, Imperia Type Spirit Gaurdians can use their staves to fight with strong physical attacks. Though short ranged, their attacks are very accurate. In (MM) Magical Mode, Imperia Type uses the power of Light Magic to confuse enemies by sending bright flashes of light towards them. Also, Imperia Type's Light Magic allows them to call upon the power of the sun and other stars to give them great power, damaging and healing. Though effective during the night, Imperia Types are very powerful during the day. Imperia types are healed if attacked by other Light Magic, and are an aid when friends are weakened.

Maliceth: This Guardian under the family of Maliceth Type can call upon the very presence of night upon a selected area. Also, it has a strong resistance to magic. In (PM) Physical Mode, a Maliceth Type Spirit Guardian can use its mace to fire spiny balls at their enemy. These physical abilities have a long range, but are not always accurate. In (MM) Magical Mode, a Maliceth Type uses its power over the lurking shadows to ensure its victory. Dark Magic can be used to blind enemies, and damage them with a death-like grip. A Maliceth Guardian will use the fears of other opponents to increase its inward power by feeding off of their fears. Darkness only increases a Maliceth Type Guardian's health. it is advised not to use Dark Magic against them.

Opposing Elements: (PM = Physical Mode MM = Magical Mode) * Each element is named after a Great Spirit of Farinia. *

Ardenta (fang [PM]/fire [MM]) opposes Ocea (arm/fin [PM]/water [MM])

Electrus (horns/spikes [PM]/thunder [MM]) opposes Saphraesu (claws [PM]/earth [MM])

Elthewyn (wings [PM]/air [MM]) opposes Polaru (legs [PM]/gravity [MM])

Halus (tail [PM]/wind [MM]) opposes Borealan (skull [PM]/ice [MM])

Chronun (blades [PM]/time [MM]) opposes Urana (shield [PM]/mirror [MM])

Imperia (staves [PM]/light [MM]) opposes Maliceth (mace [PM]/dark [MM])

Character Guide:

Belle the Shadow-Cat's Catherine Tigara (Human/Female/Archer) and Stella Luna (Felinite/Female/Imperia)

Reed Bane (Kojani/Male/Fighter) and Ganreeno (Flurrolf/Male/Ardenta)

Luke Sears (Kojani/Male/Warrior) and ? (?/?/?)

Sincere Serenity's Kiyara Mel (Human/Female/Hunter) and Bayyano (White Hawk/Male/Borealan)

Galea's Katrina Andrews (Human/Female/Cleric) and Kitoki (please give me the new species name/Male/Ardenta)

LT Adamson/Saturn's Mistress Cassiopeia Gaia (Human/Female/Thief) and Epic (Water Fairy/Female/Urana)

Noble Punk's Pimpetto Anhat (Sprite/Male/Shepherd) and Junlbock (Humanoid Bear/Male/Saphraesu)

Jason's Jason Hale (Human/Male/Theif) and Emerald (Peacock/Female/Urana)

Draliane's Embra Snowsar (Human/Female/Magician) and Ruikumora (Katisuna/Female/Halus)

TigerHawk102's Kris Monta (Human/Male/Thief) and Avivon (Rabbit/Male/Saphraesu)

Black-Shadow-Spider's Samantha Corino (Sprite/Female/Magician) and Archno (Giant Widow/Male/Electrus)

Teresina Dragonwagon's Resharel-Kereth (Enta-Kashma/Female/Archer) and Akazhatta (Dardaenasel/Male/Ardenta)

Ecca's Keeleigh Draconis (Elf/Female/Dark Elf) and Shadow (Dark Angel/Male/Chronun)

Oz Shadowskin's Sevet (Enta-Kashma/Male/Magician) and Bracid (Kiersha/?/Maliceth)

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