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*Jared's POV*

Chapter 3:

I stood there, baffled. Completely and utterly baffled. I asked myself over and over, 'Did Sean Cowan just give me his number?' And then it hit me. 'Maybe he just sees me as a way to pass physics. I am pretty good in it, after all.'

I was brought out of my thoughts by a slap on my shoulder and a pat on the ass. "Hello, Stephanie." I said. Stephanie was a tall thin brunette, with green eyes and a beautiful smile. Intelligent, too. Stephanie, or Steph to her friends, wore form-fitting clothes, showing off her voluptuous curves. She wore a t-shirt that read "Doesn't play well with others," a pair of flared jeans, and a pair of black dress boots.

"Hey Jared. How are things?" she asked. Steph and I have always been best friends, ever since I was born. Her family lived right next to mine, but they moved into a development when we were in fifth grade.

"Not much. Anything new with you?" I asked, not really expecting to get a response out of the norm.

"Eh, not much. Hey, why were you standing in the hallway all by yourself? And why was your mouth hanging open?" She inquired. "Ooh, did you see a girl that you fancy?" She started laughing, knowing fully well that I didn't like girls.

I rolled my eyes. "You could say that."

That really got her thinking. "What? But Jared, I thought-"

Realizing what she was going to say, I shut her up real quick, placing my hand over her big mouth. "Shhhh!" I whispered. "Bigmouth! Are you trying to out me?"

She got the point, and pulled my hand off of her mouth. "Oops. Sorry Jared. I didn't know you were this sensitive over the subject. Here, let's go to the library. We can talk there without worrying about other people."

I looked at her in a very weird way. "How do you figure?" I inquired.

She laughed. "C'mon Jared. You and I both know that no one goes to the library."

I laughed. "Good point."

We walked to the library and found that it was completely empty, not even a librarian. "Hmm, that's odd. Why isn't the librarian in?" I asked.

"Didn't you hear?" Stephanie said. "The librarian went on strike. She got very pissed off at the kids because they wouldn't put books back in the right spots. And I'm not talking books in circulation. I'm talking reference books. They'd put the history reference books in the section with the dictionaries. She just got so tired of it she went on strike."

I started laughing, "Isn't a strike supposed to be with a lot of teachers? I mean, one teacher can't demand something on her own."

"Haha I suppose not. Maybe that's why they fired her." Steph replied.

We found a secluded corner, just incase anyone did decide to come into the library. We also grabbed a couple of reference books, so that if a teacher came in, we could say we were studying for a test.

"So, tell me about him. And don't try to weasel your way out of it. I know you met someone. Now spill it!" Stephanie demanded.

Laughing, I said "Ok, ok. Don't be such a dominatrix! You know of him, but you'll never believe me. Never in a million years."

"Stop with the torture! Hey! Wait a minute, I resent that!" She stated.

"C'mon, you know I'm only kidding." Mumbling under my breath, "Even if it is the truth."

"Hey, I heard that! I'll let it slide, just tell me already!" She pleaded.

"Fine, fine. I hate to see you in pain. Sean Cowan. You know him, but you'll never believe it. He gave me his number and he's gonna pick me up one day, so that I can help him study for the physics test."

Stephanie sat there with a look of utter shock. She didn't speak for a couple minutes, probably trying to process what I just told her.

Finally, she spoke. "You're kidding me?! Then, are the rumors true? Is he gay? C'mon, don't leave me hanging! TELL ME DAMNIT!"

I laughed. "Honestly, I don't know. All I know are the rumors, and even then, you can't trust those. There's a new one flying around everyday. Maybe not about him, but about someone else. You know that."

She sighed, relaxing in her chair. "I just wish I knew. I wonder. if I did some investigation, I could probably find out. You know as well as I do that no one in this school can keep their mouths shut. Well, other than yours truly."

"Ha! You, keep a secret? You've never kept a secret in your entire life. Sure, maybe for a month or two, but no longer than that." I replied.

"Oh really? What about your little secret? I've kept that for over a year now, haven't I?"

I couldn't think of a comeback, and honestly, I didn't want to. Stephanie was right; she kept my secret, when most couldn't. I sighed. "You're right, you're right. You've kept it. why do you think you're my best friend? Chance of luck?" I started laughing and got up, placing the books back on the shelves. "C'mon, we're gonna be late for lunch."

Stephanie nodded, placing her books back on the shelves. She ran up behind me, and placed her arm inside mine. "So, what are you going to say to him when you call him tonight? How about something like, 'Hey baby, what's shaking?' or how about, 'Am I in Heaven, or did God just send me an angel?'"

I rolled my eyes, "Pick-up lines, over the phone? Real intelligent, Steph, real intelligent. I'm just gonna say something like, 'Hey, you told me to call you, so, uh, here's my call.' Something to that effect."

She stood back, giving me this 'What, are you kidding?' kind of look. "You've got to be joking. That is so lame! Can't you think of something a bit more, intellectual to say? After all, you will be helping this kid study for physics, right? You might actually want to sound intelligent, if you catch my drift."

I nodded, understanding her point. Laughing, I said, "Hmm, that's true. What about, 'Hey Sean what's up?' Is that better?"

Stephanie nodded. "Much, much better. Now let's go. All this chit- chat has caused me to become very hungry. If we don't hurry, all the food'll be gone by the time we get there!"

I laughed, thinking to myself, 'Geeze, how am I gonna pull this off? I'll be studying with a teenage God. I hope I'll be able to concentrate."

The rest of the day went as it normally did. After lunch, I had English four. I've always been good in English class, so why should today be any different? Following English was Trig/Pre Calc. How I hate that class! Walked in, pulled out my notebook just to learn that we had a 'pop quiz,' as Ms. D'Alterio loved to call them.

"She needs help," I said to Stephanie. Ms. D, as we affectionately called her, loved Trigonometry. The entire class agreed that she needed to be placed in a straightjacket and have the love for math beaten out of her.

"Yeah, you're right. She's absolutely bonkers for math. That's just not natural!" Stephanie said, laughing along with me. We always sat next to each other in Trig. She helped me, I helped her. It was a very mutual math relationship.

After our little pop quiz, which I failed miserably, we took a lot of notes, none of which I understood. That's how it always went; take five or more pages of notes, not understand a bit of it. And yet I'm passing. How, I have no clue.

Finally, the bell rang, signaling the end of the day. Packing up, I winked at Stephanie. "Wish me luck, babe."

"Good luck! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" She replied.

I laughed, "That's a short list, then, isn't it?"

"Hey! Take that back! Jared, get back here!"

I threw the books and binders I didn't need in my locker, grabbed the ones I needed for homework, and was out of the school in a flash. I walked home, threw my stuff in my room, and walked back to school. The football team was practicing on the field, so I decided to go watch Sean play.

Walking up into the bleachers, I didn't see Sean on the field. 'Oh, they must be doing defensive plays right now,' I thought. Sure enough, five minutes later, the coach blew the whistle, signaling the switch of defense and offense. I saw Sean grab his helmet and run out onto the field.

'Football has got to be a gay man's sport. Only in football are you encouraged to hold hands with other guys and slap their asses at random intervals. And then, you go into the locker room, where you undress, and take a shower, with other guys. Yep, that's a gay sport if I ever knew one.'

About a half hour later, the football team was packing up. I wasn't sure whether or not I should say hi to Sean. Being the coward I am, I walked away without acknowledging him. I got pretty far, when I heard someone say, "Hey, Jared!" I turned around, and saw Sean, standing there with a smile on his face.

"Hey!" I replied, not knowing what else to say.

He nodded, smiling. "I saw you watching practice. What do you think of the team?"

I nodded my head gently and smiling, I said, "The team's good. Homecoming's comin' up, so if you guys play like you did today at practice, we're gonna win for sure."

"Yeah, that's what I'm hoping. Listen, I gotta go get changed and clean up. If you can wait around for about fifteen minutes or so, we could hang out for a bit. What do you think?" He asked.

'What do I think? I think I'd love to hang out with you, that's what. Do you have any idea how sexy you look right now, beads of sweat dripping down your forehead, in those tight football pants?' I nodded my head, "Yeah, I-I can hang around for a bit. Go get changed and such. Meet me in the school, maybe we can go into town and get something to eat."

He smiled, his green eyes as beautiful as ever. "Yeah, food would be great. So, uh, I'll meet you in the foyer of the school. Cya then!" He turned his back, walking into the locker room.

" .soon." My heart was beating so fast that I heard it in my ears. I turned around, and walked back toward the school. 'It's just food, no big deal. It's not like a date or anything like that. yeah, just food. I'm so dead.' I thought, walking into the school.

I leaned against the wall, waiting for Sean. It had only been a minute or so when he came striding around the corner, wearing a pair of mesh shorts and a t-shirt. I thought to myself, 'Is he purposely trying to make me weak in the knees, or is it just a coincidence?'

He looked at me, dazzling green eyes shimmering in the reflection of the light. He smiled, eyes soft with what seemed like caring and affection. "You ready?"

I nodded, and stepped in stride. We walked down the street to the local pizzeria, where we found a table for two. The waitress came over and took our orders. Sean and I decided just to get a large cheese pizza, and we'd split the cost. The waitress came back with our drinks, and told us that it'd be about ten minutes or so before our pizza was ready.

Sean started the conversation. "So, do you watch the team practice a lot? Or just every once in a while?"

I shook my head. "Today was the first time I've gone to watch practice. I'm there every game, though. Friday nights, Saturday afternoons; I'm a very devoted fan." I laughed, wondering if my reply sounded a bit. cheesy.

Sean laughed, "Wow, I guess you are. So then, if you're a devoted fan, what's our record for this season?"

I was completely caught off guard. I've been to the games, yeah, but I can never remember the outcomes. I had to make up something. "Well, that's simple. The team's, uh. 4-2." I prayed that was the right record.

Sean looked astonished. "Wow, I'm really surprised. Not many people know our record. I guess you are a devoted fan." He took a sip of his coke, and smiled at me.

I shrugged, "See? I told you I was." I smiled, looking into Sean's deep green eyes with my own brilliant brown eyes.

Before I knew it, our pizza had arrived. Sean and I both dug in, being extremely hungry. I ate three slices, while Sean ate four. I called the waitress over, and asked for the check. She placed it on the table, the total coming to about sixteen dollars.

"Hmm, not bad, two sodas and a pizza for about sixteen dollars. I say we leave twenty. let the waitress get the four for a tip. So then that makes it ten a piece." I said. I fished through my wallet, looking for a $10. When I found one, I almost put it on the table, when Sean grabbed my hand, and placed it over my wallet.

"Let me get it this time. You can pay next time." He smiled at me, his eyes gazing deep into mine. I nodded my head, hypnotized by his stare, unable to speak. "Great! C'mon, let's go see a movie or something."


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