Here I lie again,
Bloodied and defeated,
Broken and lost,
For I have fallen beyond grace.
I'm catching brief glimpses of familiar faces,
They flash before sightless eyes,
These eyes,
They do not see.
My wings are torn and sundered,
My eyes have dilated beyond all acuity,
What is it that has been lost to me?
Give me a chance to live again.
A mass of shattered bones,
And a tangle of mangled limbs,
Who was it that broke me again?
I can't remember anymore.
Throw me down upon the crags,
Dash my head open upon the spires below,
Try to justify,
Your justification has no meaning to me.
Congealed blood mars my wings,
My wings that were once the purest white,
Now stained a metallic crimson,
They are bent upon unnatural angles.
My skin is blackened from grotesque anomalies,
How was it that I died again?
I don't remember the events that led to such a tragedy,
I'm ruined beyond all restoration.
I can still feel it,
The blood is flowing freely from open wounds,
And with it,
I can feel my life slowly ebb away.
Never again will I laugh,
Never again will I feel the sun of my cheek,
Never again will you hear me laugh,
Or see me smile.
This is for those who have given up all hope,
For those who've abandoned all calls for sanity,
I will never answer the calls again.