Soul's Reflection

Read into my life and see what I have to say, Agree to disagree without so much as a second thought, Turn these tattered and torn pages, Offering the thoughts and dreams of ages past.

Can you see the meaning behind the words? Look deeper, Search my soul, Do you see what lies inside?

You see only what you want to, My life is what you make of it, Focus, Can you truly see what lies inside the hearts of men?

The tunnels are closing in now, You are losing your perspective, Your perception is being distorted by ignorance, How will you remember me when I'm gone?

Do you even care to delve to the next level? A world beyond the surface has yet to be discovered, Am I too shallow or are you too fickle? Can you determine my self-worth?

Your trust and faith are flawed, What is it that I have to offer you? I can give you what you need? What you so rightly deserve.

Don't place in me your hopes or dreams, Save them for a better day, Don't place in me your trust or innermost feelings, Save them for something that won't let you down.