Through the dark of shadowed brush. And through the bright of sun-warmed glen. The winds are chill and whisper "Hush! Beyond this point you'll need no friend. You'll have only the wind as your guide, You'll have only graves by your side."

"Why is this?" You ask the winds. The wind replies, "A viper's kiss, And gloating minds. They've set this path, With all its wrath.

"A time not long ago, There were but ten, Who feared no foe. And among these valiant men, Was a man, unlike his kin'. There was a man who had but one sin.

"That sin was arrogance, If you must know. He had no conscience, Just a haughty glow. Yet, he reason to feel this way. He won every battle, every challenge, in his way.

"And so there came a day, He traveled through a village struck with poverty, When he heard a citizen say, 'Freedom for the maiden and food for the hungry. In a tower tall and strong, Trapped is a maiden who has done no wrong.'

"Away went our hero On his horse. To save a damsel from whatever foe. Yes, such a noble course. Not if he had listened more, Perhaps he'd have known what was in store.

" 'And so she shall stay' Continued the citizen, 'For if she should get away It would surely be the end'. Hungry after harvest time Is common for those who die no time.

"So off our foolish hero goes. To save a maiden from a welcomed fate. Calmly she sits, and stitches, and sews, Watching the forbidden gate. She sits there, humbly waiting, For the moment she is anticipating.

"And as the man draws near In me he begins to hear, 'Don't release this cursed power! Don't go closer to this tower!' Although the voice he surely does hear, A stronger force draws him near.

"So he opens, with no difficulty, the forbidden gate, And there the maiden sits in wait. With beauty all around. But why does her feet not touch the ground? From her waist is a serpent's tail. From his lips escapes a baby's wail.

"As his sword falls from his hand. She escapes and cackles loud. And now only a statue there does stand. Once a man so strong and proud, Killed by the fates of this one true sin. And so followed all his kin'.

"The statues mark each one's grave. One for each man who thought himself so very brave. But now there are no gloating words. Now there are no sparring swords. Only she, who despised them all, Because of one 'to proud to fall'.

"She travels on to find a victim One with arrogant blood within him. So if you speak so much of yourself; I suggest you retrace your step. For there are no fruits from too much pride, But plenty for those who have dreams inside."

And so the winds calm slowly down And trails of snakes complete the ground. She hisses softly in the view. But will she, or will she not, go after you?

Will she, or will she not, go after you?


AN: Are you a cocky person about to be devoured by a snake lady? Maybe now's a good time to reconsider your arrogance . . . Or you may just wanna run for your life. It's your choice.