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Chapter 1:
Tyler was a not so normal kid. He hadn't been since he had a large loss. His sister died at age twenty, he was her big brother.
He lay back on the soft, dewy grass of the hill on the outskirts of the busy city. The stars blazed above him, but their beauty was lost on him. With his eyes out of focus and deep in thought, the wind rustled his short dark hair. His deep brown eyes started to well up with tears as thoughts of his sister entered the mind.
'Why did they take her away?' he thought to himself as the only tears he ever shed rolled down his cheek.
It wasn't that long ago, it was only a couple of days. It all came back to him as he closed his eyes to close out the world.

"Tyler what's going on?" Erin exclaimed as two big men in dark suits picked her up. "Erin!" Tyler yelled running after them.

As the events of that fateful night flushed through his mind, two more tears rolled down his cheek, 'the last ones I will allow' Tyler thought to himself as he stood up one the grassy hill.

"Where are you Tyler?" Erin called out, in search of her brother.
Tyler looked up to see his little sister walking around the edge of the lake. In a few minutes she would spot him and be in danger.
"Erin! Don't come any closer!" He yelled out.
Erin looked for where his voice came from and saw no one.
'Where is he? What's going on?' she thought as she ignored his warning and ran around the last bend of the lake...

Erin stared as her brother stood in front of her on the hill. She had been following him since something happened to her, something she didn't understand. She just lost a big part of that night when she passed out. When she woke up it seemed that no one could see her and her big brother was included in that. The wind blew gently and rustled her hair, it seemed the wind was the only thing that could touch her now. She had even walked through some people.
"Tyler," she called out uselessly. Erin knew he couldn't hear her; she had tried many times without prevail earlier.

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