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"Tyler," she called out uselessly. Erin knew he couldn't hear her, she had tried many times without prevail earlier.

Chapter 2:

"Hi Mom I'm home!" Tyler called out as the screen door of the kitchen banged shut behind him.
"Tyler honey, where did you go at this time of night?" His Mom asked her worried voice trailing into the kitchen.
"No where Mom." Tyler lied.
"Well honey, you really should stop going out so late at night. There are a lot of bad people in the world and just because you're not an actual baby, it doesn't stop you from still being my baby." She said sounding like a mother hen.
"Yes, I know." Tyler sighed heavy with embarrassment. " I'm going to bed Mom good-night." He said shortly, kissing her cheek and climbing up the stairs to his room.
Erin sat on the veranda staring at the stars. They were beautiful. She sighed and walked through the door and up to her room, it still lay untouched since that night.
Tyler sighed, as he lay stretched out on his bed, he hated having to lie to his mom. Especially since she didn't know about Erin yet.
"Tyler dear, before you go to sleep, have you seen Erin yet?" His mom called up the stairs.
Erin screeched to a halt, as it all seemed to come into perspective, as he said nothing in return. She had known what had happened she guessed as she continued up the stairs; she just didn't want to believe it. ' I'm dead ' she thought to herself as she sat on her bed in silence, not that they could hear her if she wasn't. Then a rush of memories came flooding into her head.

As Tyler ran towards Erin, two big men ran on either side of her and grabbed her as they continued running away from Tyler.
"TYLER!" she screamed as she kicked and screamed trying to make them drop her.

Tyler jumped as he dreamed, the events of that night replaying in his mind still. Erin was gone and that night would stay with him forever. Erin stared at the ceiling with her eyes wide with horror. Those memories weren't over they were still coming and at tremendous speed; seeping into her mind like a fast moving current.

"Tyler, where are you?" she called out into the darkness. Something was covering her eyes, she couldn't tell where she was. "Tyler- " she started to call out but a big mammoth hand covered her mouth.

Tyler was now awake, he got up as he thought he heard something. Entering Erin's room he was very cautious. ' I must be going insane now ' he thought as he remembered running down to this room in his youth when Erin had had a nightmare. Erin looked up at her brother's arrival. He had heard something and thought it was her, he must still be half asleep. Though her curiosity was eager to follow him, she wanted to leave him alone knowing he had something to do with her death.

Tyler's eyes widened with horror as he saw his sister disappear before his eyes. "What did you do to her?!" he exclaimed as he turned on the man in the suit beside him. "Nothing that can't be reversed, keep your head on" He said smugly to the young man.

Tyler sighed and left the room, only to return to a room full of nightmares, regrets and sleepless night.

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