~ * ~ * ~

I have been waiting for you for so long. It hurts, but I don't want to wait anymore, even though I know you don't love her. Please, darling, don't cry. Just listen to me.

It was your decision to leave me. I cried then - oh, how I cried. The pain was unbearable, like a thousand poison-tipped daggers stabbing at my heart. And it still hurts. I don't know when it will stop, but I have to move on.

I know you still love me, but you have no claim to me. You belong to her now, and I...I belong to the night.

No, please, Sabin, stop crying. Let me finish.

You made your choice, and, since it was the wrong one, you're suffering the consequences. You're losing me. Yes, I do believe that you are my intended, but that does not make me yours. I might have been at one point, and might still be...but, I don't feel it anymore. You...really pierced me through the heart when you chose her.

Please, don't look at me like that, Sabin. You know it's true. You may not love her now, but you might in time. That's why you chose her, isn't it? I think that she may be your intended, even though you are mine. It's a cruel game fate plays with us, huh?

Yes, Sabin, I know I'm crying mascara is probably smeared, right? Ah! See? You smiled.

But, Sabin, you still don't understand what I'm trying to say. Yes, I believe we are soulmates...but that doesn't mean we have to be together. I'm leaving you now so I won't get hurt further in the future. If you shatter my heart one more time, I don't think I'll be able to glue the pieces back together. Yes, I know you didn't mean to, but you did. And I don't think I could forgive you if it happened again.

Oh, oh, Sabin, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you cry again! Here, let me...Sabin, don't shift away from me. It's okay to cry, alright? Don't be ashamed.'re crying because I don't love you anymore. Sabin, my heart...I never said that. I love you more than life itself. But...we just cannot be together. We'll hurt each other deeply, and leave lasting scars on both of our souls. We may not mean to, but we will.

How could soulmates hurt each other so much? Please, don't ask me, Sabin, I don't know. We just will. So, let's just leave it at that.

You belong to her, and I to the night. And, don't you think that's better than living in pain?

~ Fin ~

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