Cocaine Blues

I can feel it somewhere in the air this chilly night.
That euphoria is fading and fraying at the edges.
The colours have all drained away from the sky.
And I'm left breathlessly longing once again.
Like when you're going down on me.

Its in the eyes of the people who pass me by.
The way the rain falls so soaking through me,
And how the clothes never dry in time to wear.
The way the sun won't tan me he just burns on.
Like when you're getting down on me.

The one snow flake settling to tumble avalanches.
Finding cold cups of coffee I was too tired to drink.
Lipstick prints smearing my rough cut glass self.
Momentary sunsets dying behind perpetual clouds.
Like when I'm getting down on me.

Rushes to the brain lifting me above white clouds.
A heart beat that funks around with the dj's rhythm.
Energy bursting through in razor blade sparklings.
Smiling and running up ladders and down snakes.
Like when it's all coming crashing, crumbling,
Slippery sliding down on me.