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Chapter one: The truth is hard. ============================================================================ ===========================~*~*~*~

In a quiet little park in a small town a fifteen year old and an eleven year old are talking quietly. The sun falls behind the mountains letting the sky turn a brilliant pinky-orange color. The clock tower strikes five o'clock. They stand near a giant water fountain made of marble. The mineral fountain allows the diamond resembling water slide over the radiant curves.

The girl has very long auburn hair tied back into a long French braid. Her eyes are brilliant sapphires that glow in the impending dimness. Her slender loving face stares up at the young man in front of her. He has long black hair tied back into a ponytail. His eyes are a strange shining silver with a tiny hint of blue.

"Jennifer. I want you to have this ok?" He says softly as he removes a ring from his finger. He hands it to her but she doesn't put it on.

"Fervor, Nick I can't keep Fervor!" (Fervor is the name of the ring. They named it when they were little.) Jennifer goes to hand the ring back.

"Please. I need you to keep it." He takes the ring and puts it on her finger.

"Nick. I." She stutters. Nick silences her by caressing his lips against hers. She blushing thoroughly as she receives the kiss. Nick turns and walks away. He leaves the girl standing by the fountain. She stares after him and sighs. She turns to the fountain and stares into the clear clean water. She jumps slightly as a young man's face appears next to hers. He has the same auburn hair and the same deep blue eyes. Jennifer turns but finds no one. She looks back to the fountain but the face has disappeared.

"Mitsuko." A voice whispers. Jennifer flips around not at all sure what is going on. She sees the young man in the fountain sitting on a bench. She blinks but then he is gone. She turns and sprints home.

Five years pass within the blink of an eye. Jennifer is now an athletic sixteen year old. She never bothers to wonder how she became so strong or so fast without any work. She never thought to wonder but others did, like her friends.

"Did you all hear about the disappearances?" A tall black haired girl asks. Jennifer looks over at her and shakes her head.


"Tell us about it Myra." Julie asks. Julie is Jennifer's best friend.

"Well, apparently, girls all over the world have been kidnapped and killed this week. In fact there was a killing just one town over. It was a girl matching your description Jen."

"Really, that's not good." Jennifer replies looking slightly worried. "How come I didn't hear about these kidnappings?"

"They're trying to keep it really quiet. My father works in the police department so he told me to be especially careful. He doesn't want me staying out after dark until they catch these bad guys."

"What about the dance tonight?"

"He said he was going to chaperone so I could go but that's it. I had to beg him to let me out. So on a lighter note who are you guys going with?"

"Me?" Julie starts, "I'm going with Kyle." She says softly. Jennifer turns and looks at her. She has a 'I can't believe you' look on her face.

"I wanted to ask Kyle."

"Well, I'm sorry but I asked him. Don't be mad at me but I have liked him since forever. You only started liking him a few weeks ago!"

"You're right." Jennifer pouts.

"I'm sure Nick-" Myra starts.

"What? That arrogant scum! I wouldn't go with him if he was the last man on the face of the planet."

"I know that you two haven't been on the best of terms since he blew you off five years ago but don't you think it's about time you forgive him?" Julie asks faintly. Jennifer turns to her and shoots her a look.

"You know I tried for two years to find out why he did that to me and he just insulted me and drove me off. I shouldn't have to go to him! He's a rude ass who needs to fall into a cold lake to clear his head!" She huffs. Both girls look at her and sigh.

"So you're going by yourself?" Myra asks.

"No. I'll go with Wil." She comments lightly and turns to walk away. Julie and Myra both faceplant. Julie is quickly on her tail. They leave Myra standing in the middle of the park stunned.

"Jen, honestly, Wil? He's not exactly the best guy for you to go out with. Isn't he the one who wears all those punk clothes and has his hair died green?"

"Yes. So what?" She says shuddering at the very thought. "He's better than Nick." Jennifer huffs again and starts to run.

"I'm sure there is someone else. Just go by yourself."


"Come with me to the Arcade. Maybe Kyle will let us play some free games." She says cheerily. Jennifer rolls her eyes. They both walk to the arcade and disappear into the shop of beeping lights and humming machines.

"Hey if it isn't my two favorite girls!" The tall blonde man says. His deep green eyes are filled with laughter and happiness. He rushes over and hugs Julie and Jennifer. He kisses Julie on the cheek. "I'm excited about the dance tonight aren't you?" Julie nods but Jennifer just sighs.

"Hrm." She mumbles.

"What's wrong Jen?"

"She doesn't have a date." Julie says before she can stop herself.

"That's ok. Neither does Nick but he's still going." The blonde twenty year old says as he laughs. A tall black haired man steps into the room from the back room. His hair is tied back in a ponytail and his silver eyes flash dangerously as they meet Jennifer's blue eyes.

"Who doesn't have a date?" He asks almost mockingly. Jennifer huffs angrily.

"I know you don't Nikki." She snarls. Nick turns a slight red and lets a low growl escape his throat. He notices the ring on her finger.

"I see you still have on that ring I gave you."

"That's only because I couldn't find anyone that wanted this piece of shit." She barks. Nick starts toward her but Kyle intercepts him.

"Wow! This is certainly going better than it did last time. I haven't had to pin Nick to the ground yet. How about this? Nick and Jennifer go together? Not as a couple but as two friends looking out for one another?"

"Sounds great!" Julie chirps as she grabs Jennifer's hand and drags her out the door. Kyle punches Nick as soon as the two girls leave.

"Why do you have to be such a jerk to her? In case you didn't read your contract, you are supposed to protect her not harm her!"

"I have not laid a finger on that girl!"

"You are verbally attacking her. You didn't do this to any of the other girls!"

"I didn't have to." He grumbles. "I didn't get attached to the others." He says inaudibly. Kyle looks at him.

"What was that last bit?"


"Never mind."

Later that night many couples gather in the park. Julie and Jennifer stand together waiting for Kyle and Nick. Jennifer looks very angry.

"How could you do that to me?" She growls.

"You needed a date and so did Nick. So why not?"

"Because he hates me!" She barks.

"So you don't-" Julie starts.

"Of course I hate him."

"Hi." Jennifer flips around to see a handsome young man with short red hair and dark brown eyes. "Care to dance?" He asks. Jennifer stares at the handsome eighteen years old. Her stomach fills with butterflies.

"Sure." She says quickly. She is whisked out into the ocean of dancing couples. Just as she is out of sight Nick and Kyle arrive. Kyle looks for Jennifer.

"Where is she, Kasumi?" Kyle asks. Julie looks up at him. She nods to the dancing couples. Nick looks out there and sees her in the arms of the redheaded man. He growls but no one is paying any attention to him.

Out on the dance floor the young man is sweeping Jennifer off of her feet. She smiles and laughs as he twirls her around. The young man smiles and moves to the fast music. After a few moments of dancing his eyes meet hers and he starts to chant something. Jennifer's eyes grow clouded, her once twinkling eyes are now gray and out of focus. The man laughs deviously and pulls out a sword. He is about to swing the sword horizontally to remove her head but Nick is on top of him.

"Jen! Run!" He shouts but Jennifer can't hear him. She has been carried off to some distant memory that she can't pull herself from. Julie runs over to Jennifer and pulls her away from the struggling me. By now many of the people have dispersed because of the sword waving. Jennifer and Julie are sitting on a bench. Julie is trying desperately to wake Jennifer from the trance. Finally Julie looses her temper and slaps the girl. Jennifer wakes up.

Nick and Kyle are trying to keep the man pinned to the ground but find that he is not a normal human. The man throws them both from his body. Nick lands like a rag doll right in front o Jennifer. The beast man managed to cut Nick with his blade. Jennifer stares at Nick's body not sure if she can trust her eyes. She falls to the ground and puts his head in her lap. She gently strokes his face and tries to wake him but the man who is dead to the world does not hear her cries.

Tears roll down her cheeks and land on the young man's face. Nick undergoes a strange transformation as soon as the salty tears hit him. His regular ears disappear and two blue fox ears grow out of his head. His hair color changes as well. It becomes a dark navy color. Jennifer gasps when she opens her eyes to look at his affliction. With that Nick blinks a few times and sits up. He turns to look at Jennifer, who, is still crying.

"Jen. Don't cry." He says softly as he touches her cheek. This only causes her to break down even further. Nick loses his already short temper. "Stop Crying Now!" He snarls. Jennifer snaps out of it and shoots him a look of raw hatred.

"Sorry for caring!" She barks.

"Don't mock me. You don't care for anyone." With that he jumps to his feet and attacks the beast with the sword. Kyle and Julie are immediately by Jennifer's side and pulling her toward an exit of the park.

"Kasumi, get her out of here!" Kyle shouts. They find that cat-like women were guarding the exit they chose. The gray females have strange gold eyes that seem to stare right into Jennifer's soul. Jennifer looks to Kyle to see what he will do but finds that he has transformed as well. His hair is now an emerald green that matches his eyes. On top of his head is a pair of cougar-like ears. Jennifer turns to Julie who, just like the men, has taken on her own makeover. Her dirty blonde hair has changed to a dark lilac; sitting on her head is a pair of bobcat ears.

"Return to me my love." Julie says to Kyle. He winks and blocks the shrieking monsters way toward the girls. Julie pulls Jennifer to another exit but once again their passage is blocked.

This time it is by a tall figure dressed all in black. The eyes glow red under the cloak sending an irrepressible shiver down Jennifer's back. Julie pushes Jennifer away.

"Hide!" She screams as she turns to the dark being. Jennifer sprints towards the fountain. She can see Nick and the giant monster locked hand in hand trying to overpower one another. Jennifer watches in awe.

"What are you doing Kumo? Are you not a demon like me? Why do you fight your instincts? Why do you fight your brothers and sisters? Why not join us? You could be a God!"

"I am no God! I am a Guardian!" Nick retorts and throws the beast over him. The evil demon notices Jennifer out of the corner of his eye. He immediately darts from the smashed concrete and dives at her. Jennifer gasps but before the ice cold blade can hit her slender figure Nick dives and catches her in the side. Nick receives the blow but is quickly on his feet once again. Jennifer sits on the concrete, staring up at the guardian. He casts a look at her that sends her heart into her throat.

Without another word Nick throws himself at the animal and catches the sword in his hand. Blood flows freely from his hand and his shoulder. He turns to sword around and jabs it into the beast's throat. Nick climbs over the animal and walks shakily over to the girl. She jumps to her feet and stares at her savior.

"Can't you. Stay. out of trouble. for ten. . seconds?" With that he falls into her arms and passes out. Jennifer sighs. She can feel tears coming forth but she bites them back and starts to carry Nick back to her house.

They arrive at her house and Jennifer notices that the door is unlocked. She shrugs, shuts and locks the door, and tries to pull her friend up the flight of stairs. She notices that she left her necklace on her nightstand. She pulls the blue stoned choker over her head and wanders to her parent's room to tell them of her evening.

Nick is awakened by her high-pitched scream. He realizes that he was taken back to her house and he swears. Down stairs he can hear a loud banging as something tries to enter the house.

============================================================================ =========~*~*~*~

Kirei: How sad. I know that not much of the truth was revealed but I can promise that chapter two will make a lot more sense.

Tanomi: It does! I worked really hard on it.

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