I was the world's greatest feminist.
Single parent, never married, executive.
I was living it up in high heals and lip gloss.
Power to the sex! No discrimination.
I had it made.

Then she ruined everything.

The day she got out she ran riot.
She said 'I've waited this long, why not?'.
I found myself hiding her dirty laundry,
Opening cupboards to find infinite skeletons!
Venus shot to kill.

I find myself in love.

I want to lie beneath you every day.
I want your arms to hold me forever and ever.
I want to spend my life on being just yours.
I want to let you look after me always...
You're all that matters!

Be still my beating heart!

Of course Athene and Aphrodite quarrel.
Wisdom and passion don't sit together well.
I can't be the power exec and the lover.
I don't have it in me to check list valentines.
I never asked for it!

Venus needs to be reformed.