You know how you can meet someone and in that one instant fall completely and totally in love? Well, I guess love is too strong a word, but that one person is an obsession, the unknown, the potential. That one glimpse. That's usually all you get.

Three months ago I had a dream in which I met my soul mate. We were in San Francisco, he was Chicano and about my height, we both realized that it was a dream but couldn't tell each other where we really lived. We promised to meet again. Two months later I was on a business trip in San Francisco. I'd all but forgotten about the dream, even though I had written in down, when I saw him. He was waiting for a bus outside of a Starbucks. Then he got on the bus. And that was that.

-On the off chance that he's reading this. Then: Green fog, monster, v. fast trolley car, father, dolls, old house, elevator. That dream.