Only a short time later Kate found herself setting up her last friend in the last remaining guest room, and as she closed the door behind her, her heart began to pound again. Although it was partially due to her excitement, the frenetic beating of her heart could also have been caused by the sheer terror Kate felt. Up until now, Kate had been going over familiar territory: flirtation, honesty, confessions. What she was about to enter into would involve tapping into drives Kate had repressed for so long, had kept concealed from the person she loved most. That revelation terrified her.

She approached her door, ajar, and leaned in slightly to nudge it open. The lamp by her bed shone dully, granting Kate vision of a quiet body reclined on the far side of her bed, eyes softly closed. Her anxiety was calmed, and her heart swelled with affection for her formidable love now disarmingly napping. She silently closed the door behind her, and stealthily moved towards her bed. She lowered herself onto the other half of the bed, bringing her face to parallel Cameron's face resting against her pillow. Without thinking, she brought her hand up to touch his perfectly arching brow, almost childlike when lacking its usual condescending shape.

Cameron's eyes flickered open.

"Hi," Kate said softly, intimately, with a affectionate smile. She moved her hand away. "Tired?"

He shook his head. "Resting my eyes, that's all."


His eyes flitted around the bed. "It's a pretty comfortable bed."

She chortled nervously. "I'm glad you think so," She responded awkwardly. Her head rested against her pillow, her eyes perfectly aligned with his. It was silent, and not a completely comfortable silence. It felt like someone had pressed pause in the middle of a sequence of events that were expected to follow in a timely manner. Cameron's eyes, bright with appreciation, kept disappearing beneath his lids as he looked down and around nervously.

It occurred suddenly to Kate that Cameron seemed almost nervous, certainly hesitant. His humanity struck Kate deeply, and she brought her lips towards his gently. Upon contact, Cameron seemed to wake up from his hesitation and gently cupped the back of her head as he kissed her softly, gingerly, little more than grazing her lips, enjoying the simple sweetness of her lips. At that moment, nothing was more intimate then that hesitant contact; at that moment, Kate felt for the first time that her love was truly returned, and the fear she had had evaporated.

As they pulled apart slightly, a comfortable, flirty smile spread across Kate's face, and she grabbed the centre of sweater and pulled him onto her, an amused grin lighting his face right before they reconnected in an intense kiss. His hands pressed against the mattress on both sides of her, holding himself up as he kissed her. Her arms were wrapped around his neck in an effort to bring their bodies closer together, then her hands moved down his torso where they met the strip of skin exposed by his raised sweater. As Cameron's kisses moved between her lips and exploring her neck and collarbones, Kate's fingers pulled at the thin sweater, bringing it halfway up his torso, where he took over and, leaning to one side, nimbly brought it over his head and tossed in the general direction of Kate's floor. With an "Oh my God," whispered under her breath, Kate wrapped her hands around his bare torso and frantically pressed her lips into the crook between his neck and his shoulders. Feeling the need to further explore this novel area, she rolled them over so that she that she was straddling him.

"Hello!" Cameron joked out of surprise at Kate's forcefulness as she moved her hands over his flat chest.

She stopped, looked up at him with a expression of mild embarrassment, and laughed. "You have no idea how often I saw this," she moved her hands down his chest, "and had to pretend I wasn't affected," She proceeded to trace kisses down the middle of his chest.

He laughed out loud. "Seriously?"

She nodded her head and laughed again.

"Oh my god, I love you," he said amusedly. Each froze and looked at the other for a second, embarrassed at the heavy weight those words had held for them a few short hours ago. He simply brought her face up to his and kissed her in the intense way they did in old movies. His hands held her securely around her waist, Kate hyperaware of his hands touching the bare skin under her tank top. As his hands started to move up her back, she pulled away from Cameron, rested her weight on his torso, and yanked her tank top - complete with the built-in bra pulled closely to her skin - over her head, exposing herself. She reached back down and reconnected her lips with his, feeling his bare chest under hers filling her with excited anticipation. He held her firmly at her sides and rolled her onto her back again, bringing his chest in contact with hers. He explored her neck and shoulders with his mouth, and gingerly made his way down. Cameron felt her shudder slightly as his lips fell on skin that was more sensitive, less often exposed. He moved down her body, feeling her react under his touch. He felt his own body react, the numb aching in him thundering in his ears.

As his lips came close to the beginning if her jeans, she gasped and whispered, "Cam." He looked up at her face, which was flushed and oddly serene. Her hands moved just under his chin, and he looked down to follow their descent. His heart rate increased as he watched her undo the button and pull down the fly, revealing light blue underwear. Cameron moved his hand down and proceeded to pull them along her outstretched legs and finally off. Kate planted her feet on the bed and sat up, partially to help Cameron and partially to alleviate the complete vulnerability she was feeling just lying there. Naked, she started to undo the belt on his pants, when he gently closed his hands over hers. She looked up.

He grinned, "I can do it."

Kate flushed and turned her head away in embarrassment, but Cameron only laughed, moved the hair away from the side of face, and kissed her softly before undoing his pants. Once unencumbered, he brought her face to his and kissed her as they moved backwards onto the bed. As he kissed her, Cameron' hand moved down the side of her body, pausing at her thigh. Kate repositioned her legs to have Cameron's fit easily between them, feeling his body heat send sensations up her body.

He pulled his lips away from hers slightly, meeting her eyes with his. She stared back, a smile emulating from her bright eyes and tugging delicately at the corners of her mouth. After she linked her arms around his neck, they brought their bodies together, Kate arching up to let Cameron inside her, inhaling as she felt the initial pressure. She tightened her grip on his shoulders as she felt the pressure deepen, and then recede, and then deepen again.

As they rocked back and forth, they developed a continuous rhythm that became faster and faster. Cameron could feel Kate's shallow breaths as he kissed the now-familiar places on her throat, the pressure of her legs on the sides of his. His own breathing was becoming laboured as he felt the familiar pleasure flowing from his centre into the extremities of his body, accompanied by a new sensation, a kind of euphoric tightening of his chest as he felt Kate's warm body react below his.

Kate could feel Cameron's breath on her neck, and the sensation combined with the weight of his body moving with her was overwhelming. She could barely breathe with all the emotions that had built up inside her now flooding her body and causing her heart to swell to the point of a near-bursting sensation. Cameron's bare hips pressed against hers, their two bodies fitting together like a perfect puzzle.

An hour later, Kate was kissing Cameron's neck as she straddled his hips. Her hands pressed against back balanced her, as well as his warm hands around her waist, guiding her hips. She moved her hips back and forth, up and down, satisfied when Cameron let out a moan and brought her body closer than his.

Their bodies moved together, gaining in speed and desperation, Kate's shallow breathing quickening as the pleasure surging through her body increased more and more. Just as she felt she could not keep up the frenetic, mindless movement of her body and the grasping for air she was experiencing, Cameron and her made a simultaneous movement, and she bucked and overflowed with pleasure in a way she had never done, feeling the incredibly from her toes to her fingertips.

Cameron watched as Kate's face changed to communicate the pleasure she was feeling. He kept his hands on her hips as she panted, and soon he felt himself about to reach the end, having had practice timing these things. The ecstasy shook him to his core, the intensity taking him by surprise. He brought Kate's lips to his, and they kissed breathily, both attempting to catch their breath.

Cameron felt Kate's body go limp with satisfaction, and she slid easily to end up lying centimeters from him on her front, her naked back shining in the dark room. Cameron lay on his back, and worked to steady his breathing.

As their breathlessness subsided, a silence fell over them that was not quite comfortable. Kate suddenly felt very far from Cameron, and Cameron suddenly felt the difference between sex and intimacy that he had always heard about. He wanted to reach out and hold her just for the sake of feeling her skin against his.

She had curled up onto her side, bringing her blanket up over her body and resting her head on her two hands. With his left hand, Cameron gently took her left. He smiled broadly and implored her, "C'mere." he led her arm to fall across his torso, and Kate shifted to rest her head on his shoulder.

She looked up at him. "Hi."

His eyes sparkled and he kissed her head. "Hi." he reached behind her to support her shoulders And pulled at her blanket to cover their two bodies.

He moved his fingers lazily up and down Kate's arm, and whispered, "This is more like it." Kate tightened her grip slightly and burrowed her head more deeply into the crook of his neck.

It was in Kate's experience that people rarely actually fell asleep in one another's arms like that, but that night she drifted off despite herself. The body that had once been so foreign and intimidating to her was now the best pillow Kate had ever had.

Cameron could feel Kate breathing, and noticed when it became soft and steady. He whispered her name barely audibly, and the absence of ha response assured him she was sleeping. He was perfectly comfortable and even felt a little sleepy after such a long day, but was not quite ready to sleep yet. In truth, he was so overwhelmed by the novelty of his situation that he needed a second to catch his breath, figuratively speaking. As Kate lay there innocently, most likely dreaming about the simple joy of being with the one you love, Cameron was reeling from the implications of it all. In his arms was a woman who he realized had power over him. As he watched he realized that at that moment, he really truly could not conceive of anything bad happening to her. At that moment, he never wanted anyone else to be as close as he was to her, to make her smile the way he made her smile. At that moment, he realized that if she was gone tomorrow, it would matter. He felt a tightening in his stomach at the thought of this, and realized for the first time why love was so terrifying, who so many avoided it, and why so many expected him to.

But he didn't, because with vulnerability came trust, and he trusted Kate. And the only thing more important to him than that was her trust in him. He decided right that moment that he was going to be somebody worth trusting. He knew that he could screw up, throw it all away - no one would really blame him, not even Kate. Everyone would be expecting it. But he wasn't going to do that. He was going to stand by his word and be the person he knew he could be if he only let himself go. If he only let himself be happy, even just for a little while.

Kate's eyes snapped open and she sat up slightly. He was still there. Conscious, she could hear his soft breathing, could feel the warmth of his leg next to hers. So why did she keep panicking in her sleep?

She reached over and felt for her cell phone, squinting at the unlit numbers. 6:45. She mentally groaned, and lay back down, hoping to sleep uninterrupted for the last few hours before she was expected to wake up.

But she couldn't sleep, so she did what she had been doing between two-hour intervals all night. Her eyes barely open, she watched him. She loved watching him sleep, sleeping in her bed, surrounded by her things, as if he was really a permanent fixture in her life.

She followed the outline of his profile with her eyes, resisting the temptation to run her finger along his nose, straight with the slightest jump at the end. As she was focusing on the curve of his lips, he let out an indecipherable mumbling that made Kate jump. He only contorted his face sleepily and rested into the pillow, allowing Kate to steady her nerves and try to sleep.

Eventually, she worked herself into such a state of excitement that she tired herself out and finally drifted off.

Two hours later, she woke and sat up again. This time, he wasn't there. Her heart constricted as she scanned the room for a clue. His clothing was gone. She was beginning to feel sick.

At that moment, the door opened and Cameron strolled in, fully dressed. "Hey," he smiled. "Sleep well?" he was collecting a stray sock under the computer desk.

"Um, so you're off?" She got out.

He nodded. "Oh, yah, I have somewhere to be, so…"

Kate's face blanched. "Really?"

Cameron laughed genuinely. "No. not really, you silly girl."

"That's not funny."

"Oh c'mon, it's a little funny."

"No it's not, not at all."

"Okay, but if you could see your face…"

She just glared, and he came over and kissed her. "God knows, I'd rather still be naked with you," he grinned.

"Then I don't see the problem."

"The problem is, I assumed that it would be slightly awkward if your friends brought you birthday breakfast in bed and found me here, in my own birthday suit."

"Oh God, that would actually be horrendous."

"So, good choice?"

"How much time do we have?"

"Like 4 minutes."

"Oh my god, get out of here!" she insisted, pushing him.

"That was my plan!" He retorted, as he made his way toward the door.

"Wait, Cam - Question: how many times have you had to sneak out of a women's bedroom early in the morning to avoid being caught?"

"Wait, you think I've actually spent the whole night with someone before you?" he said in mock seriousness.

"Oh just get out of here!" she responded.

"Can do. By the way, I'm sure it would be less offensive then my own, but I still don't think your fiends would appreciate your birthday suit."

Cameron left, and Kate jumped out of bed and threw some clothes on. In a matter of minutes, her friends were "surprising" her, and Kate was all shock and smiles, with a small guilt in the back of her mind for wanting to exchange them for more time with Cameron.

On a positive note, The potentially awkward morning-after conversation had been fortuitously passed over by the urgency of hiding post-coital evidence. They seemed to be smoothly transitioning between their former relationship - whatever that actually was - to this more conventional one, and Kate was ecstatic to see it.

Finally, the girls decided it was time to take off, and Cameron ever-so-indifferently ushered them out of his house. He found Kate just where he left her - in bed.

"Finally," she said.

Cameron sat at the foot of her bed. "Now, that's not a very nice way to talk about your friends," he joked, Kate knowing perfectly well his feelings towards some of her friends.

"Hey, no, I love my friends, it's just…" Kate let the idea trail to it's inevitable conclusion, and sat up to bring herself closer to Cameron. "You know, I need to take advantage of the little time I have to be here with you." As she spoke, her face moved closer to his, and just as her lips were about to find his, he pulled away.

"Wait, what? What do you mean?"

"Well, I was planning to move today, I mean I could tomorrow but that is absolutely the last day that I could..."

"Could move where?"

"My dorm room?"

"Wait, you're not still moving into rez."

"I…" Kate paused for a second, confused. "Yah, of course I am. What else would I do?"

"Well, live here of course! I mean, now that things are okay - more than okay - between us, why wouldn't you?"

"But Cam, we were planning this before anything bad even happened between us, I mean I always planned on living in a dorm…"

"Ok, but why bother when you could live here another year?"

"Cam, I can't keep living here."

"Why not? We had an awesome time this last year, it would only be better."

"Oh Cam, that's so sweet, and so wrong."

"Ok, thanks, I'm wrong because I want to maximize my time with my - wait for it -…girlfriend, ooh ooh, listen to that!"

"Oh Cam, it's not like that! I would love to see you the way I did last year, but I value us actually not killing each other more, get it?"

"Buh- "

"Listen to me, it's very sweet what you're suggesting , but you don't understand…if we lived together, we would be living together."


"No, living together. Like, we're dating and "living together". do you understand?"

"Wait, but - Ohhhh. Oh shit, you're right."

"I mean, we're already in a pretty big commitment, so if we're dating, we need two separate and distinct living spaces, else this actually would not work."

"Yah…I dunno, it just, kinda sucks, you know?"
"I know it feels like 'when will we see each other if we don't live together?' - evidence of our dysfunctional relationship, but anyway - the thing is, I'm assuming that we'll be specifically planning time together, and let me make it clear, I planning on spending a lot of days and nights here, it's just I need a place to go when I hate you, and you ditto for me. Does that make sense?"

"Yes, and frankly I'm a little disgusted with myself for having suggested it…we would have been like some married couple, I didn't see that - see, this is why I like you so much!"

"Because of my keen skills of logic?"
"Well, because no matter how stupidly romantic an idea is, you'll actually stop and think about it, not just jump on the romantic idealism of it all."

"Um, thanks, that makes me sound so…fun."

"You are fun - fun with a good head on her shoulders!"

"Ok, now you just sound like my father, stop it."

Cameron laughed.

"So, okay, you're moving with me tomorrow?"

Cameron groaned. "It's one thing to let you leave, but I have to physically move you out of here?"

"Consider it your first boyfriendly duty."

"Right…I'm regretting this already."

Kate punched him, and Cameron fake-reluctantly agreed to help. She hugged him like a five-year-old child, and then finally got the kiss she had wanted from the beginning.

That day flew by easily for Kate and Cameron, who had plenty of pointless, fantastic things to do that day. When they were finally able to drag themselves out of bed for good, they had food on the couch while absentmindedly flipping channels and talking about whatever came up. They had the talk about how their summers had been in depth, each slowly admitting how pathetic they had been. After that, Kate dragged Cameron to buy school supplies that he considered himself to cool for. "I have a few old notebooks and some pens, I'll be fine!"

That evening, Cameron took Kate out to one of his father's favourite restaurants for a real date. When Cameron had first mentioned it, Kate had been taken by surprise.

"Dinner? Like, the two of us in a darkened restaurant with romantic music playing in the background and those small tea light candles on the tables?"

"Um, probably - oh, and apparently on certain nights they have a violinist who goes around a plays for tables, which would be kinda cool, though I hate solo violin."

"So like a date?"

"You seem incredibly thrown by this. I mean, we are dating, right?"

"I know, but aren't we kinda moving backwards?"

"Um, Kate, it's been a day, I don't think we're moving in any specific direction nor do I intend to steer us in a particular direction tonight. I just thought, we could go out and celebrate, you know, us…and I thought today would probably end up being our anniversary, so we should cement it."

"You thought about what day our anniversary falls on?" Kate said emotionally.

"Well you know, it's important for the pool me and the guys are starting…you know, one day can be the difference between six months and seven months, we have to have our facts straight."

"Well in that case, how would you like the person who guessed only one day to win?"

"Oh, c'mon, you wouldn't want to give Sarah that satisfaction," Cameron retorted.

Kate shook her head, but couldn't hide her smile. "Well, I have to get dressed."

"Really? I like you in that."

Kate just put on a mock-amused face and hurried up the stairs to change out of her tank top and flannel pyjama bottoms.

Whether or not Kate and Cameron would have wanted another carefree day, the next day was long and hectic, not to mention slightly awkward.

Cameron spent the night in Kate's room again, to the preference of both of them. Cameron knew his room had memories for Kate of the girls she saw coming and going, and a clear distinction between then and now was enjoyed by both of them. Kate had arranged with Henry beforehand to move her things out to her residence using a van he borrowed from a client, and it all had to happen that day.

Unfortunately, eight o'clock rolled around and neither was awake like they had planned to be. They awoke to the sound of knocking, and Henry's voice.


Kate sat up in bed, staring wildly and Cameron. "Uh, yah, I'm up, thanks." she said hurriedly so he would not feel the need to come in.

"Great, I hate to rush you, but we really should start packing things by nine o'clock, ok? So be ready."

"Ok, great thanks." Kate assured him hurriedly, her face red from her nerves and embarrassment. Cameron lay beside her, silently laughing at Kate's fear. She dropped her head back onto the bed, exhaling slowly, when Henry spoke through the door again.
"That goes for you too, Cameron."

Cameron expression went from amusement to shock and he clapped his hand over his mouth as he stared wide-eyed at Kate, his eyes asking her what to do. She looked nearly as shocked, shook her head helplessly at him. He slowly removed his hand, and let out, "O…Ok." A second they could hear Henry's footsteps receding, and Cameron blurted, "Oh My God."

"Oh my god!" Kate couldn't help laughing at the incredible awkwardness of the situation, and how much calmer his father seemed to be than them.

"Oh my god how did he know. Did he care? It didn't sound like cared!"

Kate was still laughing. "I don't think so…oh my, he is funny."

"This is awful, and awkward."

"I dunno, he seems to be pretty hands-off, maybe he just wants us to let him know he knew, but that he didn't…object?"

"Oh my god." Cameron buried his face in his pillow.

"Oh C'mon, do you really care?"

"Well, I dunno, I don't want him to think-"

"I don't think he does, I think he approves...maybe, sort of."

"Oh God."

"Aw, hun, it's gonna be ok."

"you're right. I mean, it's one parent down, right?"

"I suppose, but I can't say I'm in any rush to tell mine."

"Well, if you're lucky, maybe they'll be really smart like mine and just figure it out, and you get to avoid the awkward explaining and instead get the awkward I-know bomb dropped on you."

"Hehe. That was kind of a bomb, huh."

"And now we get to spend the whole day with him," Cameron groaned.

"You could prove you're worthy of me!"

"He's my father, shouldn't it be the other way around?"


Cameron sighed. "You're right. Great. Awkward and a job interview. This'll be a great day."

Kate just kissed him on the cheek, and headed for the bathroom. "Remember, nine o'clock."

Kate placed one final box down in the corner of her tiny dorm room, and took a good long look at her surroundings. It was small, to be sure, only slightly larger than the Wilders' vestibule. Cameron looked genuinely shocked when he first surveyed the space, declaring that he couldn't possibly let her live there.

"This has got to be a human rights violation."

"Thanks for the info, amnesty international, but I don't think this would count as inhuman treatment. Besides, look at all these people, it's an experience that's gonna be awesome, and when I feel the walls closing in, I'll just come over."

And now that almost everything was moved in, it looked even smaller. But she planned on adorning the walls with posters and prints, and she had a great duvet for her bed, and her laptop wouldn't take up much room, so all in all she thought it would turn out very comfortable and homey, no matter how much it offended Cameron's delicate sensibilities.

Cameron and Henry moved into the room, carrying the last few things, a desk lamp, a few assorted pots and pans, pictures of people she was planning to set around the room.

Cameron sighed pathetically. "please tell me that's it. I swear it's like Ikea out there, bodies everywhere, always standing exactly in your way."

"Yes, whiny pants, we're done." Kate was slightly miffed by Cameron's bad mood, but suspected it was owed in part to her leaving the Wilder House, no matter how rational a decision it was. It was no longer the two of them in their own little world, and they would have to make the effort to see each other. Kate suspected that that scared Cameron. It excited Kate.

Henry spoke up. "I have to say, it is a cozy little place, in a way. The view out the window is quite nice, and with a few personal things set out around here, it should eventually feel quite comfortable. Now, if you'll excuse me, your father wanted me to check the administrative details to make sure everything is in order. I'll be back in a bit."

"Perfect, I need a nap before I make my way down those stairs." Cameron said.

"You know there's an elevator, right?" Kate asked, as she sorted through her boxes.

"Um, hello, we're on the third floor, the people already in the elevator glare at you if you make an attempt to join them when you're so close to the ground floor."


Cameron nodded vigorously.

"Well, I'll keep that in mind." Kate started to put her things away, when she hear Cameron tossing and turning on her bed unhappily.

"Not used to a bed that small?" she joked.

"Mhm" Cameron responded. "Hell, I'm not even used to no canopy…and um, where are the antique wood carvings? I don't think this a down-filled pillow…"

"Haha, cute."

Cameron smiled. "Not as cute as your tiny little bed. What is this, a quarter of the one at home?"

"Oh yah, I'm lucky I can fit the whole width of my shoulders, as long as I sleep perfectly straight…"

Cameron took on a new expression. "Now let's see…come over here."

Kate waved him away. "Cam, don't even think about it."

"No no, you dirty girl!" he corrected her. " I just want to see how we fit on this…bedlette, if you will."

Kate hesitated. Cameron moved over to the edge, leaving space for her. Kate rolled her eyes, but gingerly moved into the space beside him, turning inward to get more room and resting her head on his closed shoulder.

The stayed like that for a few seconds, Kate snuggled up, although there were a few inches between her and the edge of the bed.

"Well, it's a little absurd, but kind of nice," Cameron finally said.

Kate laughed. "It's fine."

"Actually, it's kinda nice, with no room for personal space, you can't help but get close." he bent down towards her face, and touched his lips to her forehead. Kate turned her eyes up to his, meeting them steadily and openly. As the watched each other, it was if they both had the same thoughts causing slight changes in the gaze.

Kate took a breath, and spoke. "So, we're really gonna do this, huh?"

Cameron broke his gaze and flitted his eyes around the room briefly before responding earnestly, "Um…I think it's already been done."

Kate looked down. "Well, maybe, but not really, I mean nothing's like definite yet…" She knew she was rambling, being stupid, but she just couldn't seem to help herself.

Cameron eyed her strangely. "Kate, are you breaking up with me?" he teased.

Kate shot him a look.

Cameron chuckled, and smiled at her. "Hey, I just spent the last four hours of my life helping you move your shit away from me, I can't see how this could be anymore officialized than that."

Kate smiled back. "Yes, thank you for that," she said sincerely.

"And don't think I miss the tragic irony of how we lived down the hall from each other for a year and started sleeping together the day before you officially leave," he stated seriously.

Oh baby, why doesn't anything in your life ever work out! I'll have you know, I wouldn't have had it any other way. Sleeping with my boarder's son while I'm still officially boarding there is not cool, it's like…sordid."

"It's not sordid!"

"Honey, you're not really the authority on what is and isn't sordid," Kate chided.

"Oh nice, low blow. But hey, maybe that makes me exactly the authority! Besides, it wouldn't be sordid if, you know, we actually liked each other, right?"

Kate eyes lit up at his comment. "Yah, you might be right. And I definitely like you," she declared, smiling euphorically.

Cameron smiled back serenely. "Perfect. Because I definitely like you."

"Wow, it's impressive how it only took us a year to be able to say that aloud," Kate joked.

"Well, I've always said how ridiculously emotionally open we are." Kate snorted unintentionally. "But, But!" he said, attempting to quiet Kate. "Despite any setbacks we may have had - here we are, finally. And God knows, it's been a long time coming."

"God yes. An exhaustingly long time," Kate commented.

"And I suppose that's my fault?" Cameron asked lightly.

"Uh…no. It's no one's fault, it's the way it had to be. It wouldn't have been any other way."

"That is definitely true," said Cameron, reflectively. "Weird. How things work out."

"Yah, I know. But -" Kate took on a serious tone. "I just, the thing is, I could've kept waiting a lot longer for you -" Kate swallowed down the lump in her throat - "Though I would pretend I wasn't, clearly."

Cameron moved to get up. "Well, since I know that now -" Kate hit him back down. He laughed and snuggled up closer to her, as if to prove how much he was kidding. "The truth is, you say that you could've waited for me? Well I couldn't. Wait for you, I mean. It was time. It is time."

"Yah, it is, isn't it?" Kate smiled at Cameron, then rested her head beside his. Cameron could feel Kate's smile though it was no longer just for him, and let himself relax. Feeling Kate's body so close to his was the most relaxing feeling he had felt in a long time; it was if he had no choice but to unclench with her so near.

Kate looked up at the ceiling, looking at nothing, feeling the moment. Tangled with Cameron, on her quarter bed, on the first day of a new stage of life that she would be entering with this lovely boy by her side. She felt herself supremely lucky, yet at the same time things felt like they were the way they were supposed to be.

The two of them stayed there, knowing his father would come back at any second, knowing they had a million things still left to do, knowing that life kept going, but feeling that at that moment, there was no where else for them to be, and nothing else for them to do.

They were good.

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