Josh slowly made his way across his living room. He expected his best friend Jeff to show up anytime. The two planned on watching movies, and talking to their girlfriends throughout the night.
"Hurry up Jeeffff." Josh said to himself. His parents were out of town on a business trip, so he planned to have friends over the next day. Jeff was coming over to help plan it out too. The phone rang.
"Hello Joshay!" A voice said. Josh shook his head and started laughing.
"What do you want Aimee?" Josh laughed.
"Wanted to see how you were, my hunny bunny!" Aimee told, relaxing her voice.
"I'm perfect! Jeff is coming over to help me plan out tomorrow's party! It is going to be the bomb!" Josh told with a smile on his face.
"I hope so. But Josh? Make sure, tomorrow, we get to spend some time alone, OK?" Aimme told. Josh grinned.
Josh smiled and said, "Anything you want!"
"Alrighty, I guess I should let you go in case somebody is trying to call." Aimme said.
"But I have call wait..." Josh started, but was interrupted by the click. Josh shook his head and put the cordless back on it's stand. The phone rang again.
"Hello Josh!" A voice rasped.
"Aimee?" Josh asked.
"I do not have a girl voice!" A voice laughed.
"Oh, hey Jeff. Where ya at?" Josh asked.
"I'm a couple miles away, I'm on my car phone, I just wanted to let ya know I'm on my way." Jeff said.
"All right, I'll see ya once ya get here." Josh told.
"Ok, see ya!." Jeff said. Josh hung up the phone just in time to have it ring again.
Josh laughed and picked it up, "Hello?"
"Hello Joshay!" A voice rasped.
"Jeff?" Josh asked.
"Noope." The voice answered.
"Aimee?" Josh asked with a smile on his face hoping that's who it would be.
"Strike two! You're out!" The voice laughed.
"Don't I get three strikes?" Josh asked. He turned around just in time for a dagger to fly at him, slamming him in the heart.
"Oh, ball one, but he's out." The voice rasped as Josh dropped the phone dead.

"Oh my god!" Jeff said, as he made his way into the room. The phone rang and and Jeff picked it up.
"Hello?" He said, as his voice quivered.
"Jeff? Is Josh there?" Aimee asked. Jeff gave a nervous glance over to Josh's body.
"He's dead!" Jeff blurted out, as tears rolled down his face.
"He's WHAT!?" Aimee screamed. There was a click.
"Josh!" Jeff called, hoping he was alive. There was no answer. Jeff looked out the window to see Aimee pulling her car in the driveway. She crashed it into Jeff's car and quickly got out, not caring about the cars.
"Where is he!?" Aimee screamed from outside as she ran in the door. The phone rang.
"Hello?" Jeff asked.
"Hello Jeffy! Not a good choice to get Aimee here!" A voice rasped.
"Who are you!?" Jeff demanded.
"Oh come on! Dont ya know?" The voice snickered.
"You killed Josh!" Jeff screamed.
"You're quick! But not as quick as me!" The voice laughed. A plop was heard from behind Jeff. He looked over his shoulder to see Aimee gutted on the floor.
"Oh my god!" Jeff screamed as he ran out the front door. He didn't realize he was carrying the phone until it rang. He hoped it was the neighbors, hearing the commotion.
"Hello!?" Jeff asked, still running.
"Don't turn left!" The voice laughed. Jeff figured it was a trick, but as he took a sharp left, a masked figure leaped out from behind the bushes with a bloody dagger in his hand.
"Oh my god!" Jeff screamed as he turned right, and as he did, he felt a cool peice of metal slide into his back, stunning him. He slowly looked over his shoulder to see a steak knife buried in his back.

"I'm glad the closed school because of the murders." Jamie said, talking to her friend Merri. They both were crying.
"Did they catch the guy yet?" Merri asked.
"No, he's on the loose. I think that is part of the reason why the cancled the schools, in case he came with a gun." Jamies told. They watched as Jimmy and Mari walked up.
"Hey." Jimmy said with a sigh. Mari hugged him.
"Hey..." Merri said.
"So, I guess the party is off huh?" Mari said, trying to give a little bit of happiness into the mood. It did the exact opposite.
"I wish John and Brian would hurry up." Jamie complained. Just as she said that, they were walking up.
"I'm so sorry." Brian said kissing Merri.
"I know, it's not your fault you didn't hear them!" Merri said. Brian lived across the street from Josh, and he felt bad because he didn't even hear the commotion. Day, Seth, Marikate, Ian, and Tina made their way up to the others.
"That is so sad!" Tina sniffled. She too had been crying, but she stopped.
"I know..." Day cried.
"We just saw them that day at school too! Aimme and Jeff are in my Algebra class." Seth told.
"We all can't beleive it. But we have to! This happened at Davision too." Jimmy told. Davision was the neighboring school district.
"What you talkin bout?" Day asked.
"Last year, there was a huge killing spree, some crazy dude." Jimmy said shaking his head.
"Yeah, I remember that." John said. He didn't let Jamie go from his arms, instead just kept hugging her.
"I hope that was just like a one time thing, like a robbery. But that sounds bad, cuz it was them not us..." Marikate said.
"Yeah, I know what you mean." Ian said with a sigh.
"And the sucky thing is, there will be no party which means no make-out time!" Brian said, slowly pulling Merri close, kissing her.
"Brian...let go! You're hurting me!" Merri said trying to get out of his grasp. Brian mumbed something and let go of her.

"So, what do you guys wanna double date tonight?" John asked Brian.
"I don't know, it's up to Merri." Brian said looking to Merri, who was standing next to Brian. She felt strange around Brian after how he kept squeezing her so hard earlier.
"Uhm, not tonight OK?" Merri asked.
"Yeah! That's fine!" Brian said smiling. He moved closer to Merri.
"I gotta go! Bye!" Merri said, and she hurried off. Jamie gave John a look.
"Yeah, I better go too! Not tonight John, sorry." Jamie said smiling, kissing him on the cheek.
"Yeah, I better get home, too. See ya Brian. And no I won't kiss ya." John laughed as he hurried to catch back up with Jamie.
"Talk about weird." Jamie told John, once they were far enough away from Brian.
"I know...do you think Brian killed them?" John asked.
"That thought didn't even come to me...I don't know! He might have! I never thought he'd do something like that though..." Jamie said. She shook her head. She slowed down her walk.
"Yeah, I better not be thinkin that. I doubt he did something like that." John smiled as he kissed Jamie on the cheek. Jamie smiled.
"Me too. Because that killing was, in my opinion, rather boring. I like my way better, I put pizazz into my killin's!" Jamie said with a grin on her face.
"You did it!? You killed Josh and them!?" John whispered with a surprised look on his face.
"Kidding, John. I was kidding."

"Man, we'd be at the party right now too!" Jimmy said. He gave a weak smile as he kissed Mari. It was the next day, and everyone seemed to be taking the deaths a little better.
"Yeah, we'd probably be making out." Mari sighed.
"Let's make out anyway!" Jimmy grinned and started kissing her. They didn't even notice Day walked up on them.
"That's sick. This is a park! Kids come here!" Day laughed.
"Yeah, so?" Mari asked. She continued to kiss Jimmy.
"Well, it's just sick." Day said laughing. Mari and Jimmy quit makiing out and sat on the bench that was near them.
"So, you doin OK now?" Jimmy asked Day. Day smiled.
"Better." She answered.
"That's good." Jimmy answered.
Day smiled, "Yeah, I guess so."
"Well, ya done chattin? Cuz this is mine and Jimmy's make out time." Mari grinned, poking Day.
"Yeah, I'm done." Day got up to leave as John, Jamie, and Ian came.
"Might as well stay, there's no more make-out time for us." Jimmy pouted.
"Hey guys." Ian greeted.
"Hi." Mari smiled as she hugged the three.
"What you guys doing?" Jamie asked.
"They're having make out time." Day answered with a grin on her face.
"Well, why we're here, did Brian seem...weird yesterday to you guys? When he wouldn't let go of Merri?" John asked.
"Yeah, now that I thin...do you think he killed those three!?" Mari gaped.
"No, I was just wondering if he was acting weird. I mean think about it! Who could Brian actually kill?" Jamie grinned.
"Yeah, I guess you're right." Mari laughed.
"Never the less, you better watch your back when you're around him." Ian warned.

"Man, I never knew Josh, Jeff, and Aimee were this exciting." Marikate yawned.
"Why do you say that?" Ian asked.
"Cuz I'm bored." She answered.
"Yeah, so am I.' Seth said. Seth, Ian, Marikate, and Brian were sitting in Brian's house, just talking. It was boring.
"I don't like your house..." Ian said.
"Why?" Brian asked.
"Because I know three people were killed right across the street. That's why." Ian said with a shiver.
"Oh that." Brian smiled.
"How can you smile at a killing!?" Marikate screamed and stormed out of the house.
"What was up with that?" Seth asked. Brian shrugged.
"Well, Duh! It's obvious she's taking it's the hardest! Guys are unsensitiver egotistical jerks!" Ian huffed, and she stormed out of the house.
"Let me go get them..." Brian sighed as he ran off. Not long after, the phone rang.
"Hello?" Seth asked.
"Hello Sethay!" A voice rasped. Seth knew it was the killer.
"What do you want?!" Seth demanded.
"Your life!" The killer rasped.
"Yeah, well you're not gettin it!" Seth screamed as he slammed down the telephone.
"Yeah, well that's kinda late Seth." A masked figure told. Seth looked behind him in time to see a bowling ball smash into his head.

"Another killing!" Ian cried.
"I know...and why Seth!?" Dayana yelled, angry. They were at the mall just walking around. Jimmy and Mari tagged along too.
"Brian did it." Mari snarled. She had tears in her eyes. They had been asked several times what was the matter, and everytime they had to tell them they know who the person who died is.
"I know...I want to know why he did it." Jimmy said shaking his head. He gave a long sigh.
"I know exactly why." Day started, "Because he's sick!" They walked by The Gap.
"OH! Look at that party dress!" Ian grinned, seeing a white leather dress.
"That is pretty!" Mari smiled, "The red one is alot better! Only...it's blood red."
"Shush Mari! I'm shopping! Lemme have some fun!" Ian grinned as she pulled out a crisp 100. She skipped into the store and took the dress in her size.
"God help me." Jimmy moaned. Mari and Day looked around.
"Jimmy! Would this make me look good?" Mari asked holding up a blue miniskirt and top.
"OH YEAH!" Jimmy grinned.
"Well, I think I might as well get it!" Mari grinned. She looked at the price tag and he smile soon faded.
"How much?" Jimmy asked.
"75 bucks." Mari answered with a sigh.
"How much do you have?" Jimmy asked. Mari showed him a fifty.
"I liked this too." Mari sighed. Jimmy just grinned as he pulled out his wallet.
"Here's another 50. Get shoes too." Jimmy grinned. Mari leaped at him and kissed him.
"Thank you soooo much!" Mari grinned.
All three of the girls ended up buying a dress or skirt. Mari picked out her blue dress, Ian her white one, and Day picked up a long purple sparkly dress.
"Off to the shoe store!" Ian said happily.
"Yay." Jimmy moaned. They bought shoes to match their outfits.
"Wait a second..." Day started.
"What?" Mari asked.
"We don't have a party to wear these to!" She cried.
"Oh, that can be arranged!" Ian grinned.

"So we're having a party?" Jamie grinned.
"Yep! At mah house!" Ian grinned.
"What about your parents?" Merri asked.
"Oh, they're on a buisness vacation! No parents! YIPPIE!" Ian said jumping up and down. Everyone just stared.
"Ok..." Jimmy said laughing.
"Is Brian gonna come?" Marikate asked.
"NO!" Ian screamed.
"Yeah, I like my life too, but..." John started. He looked to Merri who was crying. "Sorry Merri, are you OK?"
"No! You guys are expecting my boyfriend of murder! And I'm beginning to beleive you! Am I supposed to be OK!?" Merri screamed, as tears flowed down her cheeks.
"Sorry Merri! I mean, I don't want him to come! I don't want any more people to die!" John screamed at Merri. Merri was hurt.
"You don't even know for sure if he is the killer. It could be someone else. John, who knows, you could be the killer! And you're just trying to put the blame on someone else!" Merri yelled.
"Oh, protecting him? Who's to say you're not killing too!?" John screamed.
"STOP IT! BOTH OF YOU!" Jamie screamed.
"Why?! Her and her boyfriend are gonna kill us!" John screamed.
"Shut up John! I am not the killer and neither is Brian! Just because Seth was killed in his house and Josh only lives acros..." Merri shut up as the facts started to make sense. "Oh my god!"
"I'm sorry Merri..." John said hugging her. "I didn't mean to acuse you."
"Yeah, well, you did." Merri said, walking off.

"He said sorry Mari." Ian said, as they were walking home. Merri was Ian's next door neighbor.
"Yeah, I know. I know Brian isn't the killer, and I have to defend him." Merri said shaking her head.
"But all the facts do point right at him. You do understand that right?" Ian asked with a concerned look on her face.
Merri shook her head, "I know Brian has been acting weird lately. I think it's what is going on. I know in my heart that he did not kill Seth. Or the other three. Trust me. He didn't."
"I know, I don't think he did either." Ian said with a supporting smile on her face.
"Yeah, I wish the others would follow in your footsteps then." Merri said with a small smile.
"Yeah, I'll try to convince em' for ya. Will that cheer you up?" Ian asked.
"Yeah! Definitly." Merri said giving Ian a hug.
"Good, I'll convince them. After all, I am Ian." She said smuggly.
Merri laughed and replied, "Brian is going to feel bad though..."
"About what?" Ian asked.
"The party...he'll know something is up when he finds out we're having a party and he's not invited." Merri said shaking her head.
"I got an idea." Ian said with a grin.
"What's your idea? Wait...do I wanna know?" Merri said with a smile on her face.
"Yeah, what if we invite Brian for fun?" Ian said with a grin on her face.
"No..." Merri said shaking her head.
"Why not? You're no fun." Ian said with a frown on her face.
"I don't know..." Merri said.
"Oh no, you're not really thinking he's the killer now are you? I mean you just convinced me that he isn't!" Ian yelled. Merri sighed.
"I don't know...they all make sense..." Merri told.
"Who makes sense?" Ian asked.
"Not who! What! All the killings point right and Brian...and I do beleive that he is the killer."

"So there's a party?" Tina asked.
"Yep!" Jamie answered. Jamie, Tina, and Marikate sat in Burger King, eating a some fries and drinking milk shakes.
"What should I wear?" Marikate asked.
"Ian, Mari, and Day picked up dresses...so we better wear em too." Jamie told.
"Dresses? Yuck! I hate dresses!" Tina said making a face.
"Not me! I have a new one I can't wait to wear!" Marikate said with a grin on her face.
"Me too! Mine's a dark green...it is so pretty." Jamie said with a smile on her face.
"Mine is maroon...I hate the color, but I love it on the dress." Marikate grinned as she pictured herself having a ball at the party.
"That would go great with your eye color!" Jamie said.
"Yeah, that's why I picked it out! Duh!" Marikate said laughing.
"That doesn't surprise me. You have to be all perfect. Even your tan has to be just right to wear your clothes!" Tina said laughing.
"My tan is very important!" Marikate huffed, taking it offensive.
"Chill girl! She was kidding!" Jamie laughed.
"Yeah, I know." Marikate said grinning. Not long after a frown spread across her face.
"What?" Tina asked concerned.
"I just had a vision?" Marikate told, her tan was fading as she grew pale.
"Of what?" Jamie asked concerned.
"Your body, Jamie...you were sliced and diced open. Oh my god! All three of us!" Marikate screamed as loud as she could.

"Yeah! Then she saw me sliced and diced!" Jamie cried into John's shoulder. They sat on a park bench.
"I won't let anyone slice and dice you." John smiled, kissing Jamie on the cheek.
"Yeah, you better not!" Jamie said, poking him in the rib.
"Will you let em slice and dice me?" John asked.
"That's a toughy. It matters." Jamie said. John looked hurt. "Kidding! You're taking everything so serious lately!"
"Yeah, well, I just am cautious is all. I mean, I said this yesterday, I like my life." John said with a smile. Jamie smiled.
"Yeah, I like your bod...life too." Jamie said grinning.
"So, why did you want to see me anyways?" John asked.
"Oh! Duh! I forgot! Ian is having a party in two days! She wanted me to make sure that you know that you're invited!" Jamie said grinning.
"Is there going to be make out time?" John asked hopefully.
"Yep...alotta make out time!" Jamie said with a huge smile on her face.
"There better be at least an hour of make out time..." John said.
"HAH! More like all night long! All the couples babay!" Jamie grinned.
"Is Brian gonna be there?" John asked.
"No! I made sure he doesn't come!" Jamie said with a smile on her face. "So don't mention anything around him, so he doesn't get mad and decide to chop us up."
"Yeah, I won't. I'm not even talking to him." John said as a chill went up his back.
"Good. Don't talk to him...you don't want to get him angry..." Jamie said shaking her head.
"Oh, if he comes after me, he's got a major problem on his hands. I'm telling you Jamie, if I see him go after anyone, he is going to die." John growled.

"Hi Brian!" Ian greeted, as she made her way into his house.
"Hey Ian. You mean you'll still come here knowing everyone thinks I killed Seth, Josh, Aimee, and Jeff? Woah, you're a brave one." Brian sighed.
"I know you didn't kill them." Ian smiled.
"Thanks...at least one person beleives me." Brian said hugging Ian.
"Yeah, one person. That's basically all you got. Everyone else knows...thinks you did it." Ian said shaking her head.
"Well, I know you aren't here just to tell me that. Why are you here?" Brian asked.
"Oh! Heh! I'm having a party and you're the surprise guest!" Ian grinned.
"Party? And I'm invited?" Brian grinned.
"Yep!" Ian smiled.
"Thank you Ian! You have no idea what this means to me. I mean being invited to a party after I'm suspected of killing them!" Brian laughed.
"Oh, you can't be a suspect if the cops haven't talked to you! The others are just whacked due to the killings." Ian said, as a smile spread across her face.
"So, when is that party?" Brian asked.
"Two days, get there around seven." Ian told.
"Ok! I'll definitly be there. Thanks again, Ian." Brian smiled.
"Any time Brian, any time." Ian told, giving Brian a hug. Ian walked off the porch, with a grin on her face, knowing how scared everyone would be in two days.

Mari sat in her house, watching the movie Urban Legends. She sighed and layed down on her couch, having a bit of a headache. Her telephone rang.
"Hello?" Mari asked.
"Hello Mari! Guess who!" A voice rasped.
"BRIAN! DON'T CALL ME!" Mari screamed as she hung up the phone. She knew the voice from anywhere. The phone rang again. She picked it up.
"Bad choice Mari. Don't hang up on me." The voice rasped again.
"What you gonna do Brian? Kill me?" Mari snickered.
"Yes, that's exactly what I'm going to do!" The voice rasped. Mari's window broke as a masked figure leaped through the window.
"Hi Brian!" Mari said as she took out a knife from behind her back. "Surprise!" She laughed and stabbed the figure in the gut multiple times. "Bwehehehehehe!" Mari madly giggled as she continued stabbing him.
"Ugh!" They screamed as they staggered back out the window, the way they came.
"Don't mess with me!" Mari said laughing as she calmly sat back down, to finish watching the rest of her movie.

"We're heeere!" Jimmy said as him and Mari walked in to Ian's house. It was two days after the incident Mari had. She was afraid of telling anyone, so she decided not to.
"You're the late ones!" Tina tsked.
"Yeah, well, Jimmy's hair had to be perfect!" Mari said rolling her eyes.
"WELF!" Jimmy huffed.
Mari kissed him on the cheek, "I know you're hair has to be perfect, but hun, you're already perfect in my eyes."
"You're the sun of my milky way." Jimmy said laughing.
"Sun of milky way?" John asked raising his eyebrow.
"Shush! It was cute!" Jamie grinned.
"Ok guys! Now that those two are here...I gotta surprise guest!" Ian said from the balcony.
"Who!?" Mari grinned.
"Yeah who!?" Merri asked, already knowing that it was Brian.
"And here he is!" Ian yelled as Brian slowly made his appearance.
"AHH!" Marikate screamed. The room fell quiet after seeing Brian.
"What? I'm not the killer." Brian complained.
"Yeah, sure Brian, I'm gonna go party in a different room...come on guys." Mari said rolling her eyes. They made their way down to Ian's basement, for she had an indoor pool.
"Poop! I forgot my bathing suit!" Jimmy complained. Everyone did.
"Lets swim in our dressies!" Mari giggled and jumped in.
"You're crazy!" Jamie said. "I'm not going in!" Jamie said laughing, but as soon as she said that John pushed her in.
"Well, I'm outtie!" Marikate giggled as she ran upstairs. Everyone followed behind, and Jamie made her way out of the pool.
"Get in." Mari smiled. Jimmy slipped his way into the pool.
"It's warm." Jimmy said, swimming his way over to Mari.
"Yeah." Mari smiled, kissing Jimmy.
"I love you." Jimmy smiled as he kissed Mari back. Their kisses were interupted by a deadly scream.

"Oh my god! She's dead!" Tina screamed. Jimmy and Mari made their way into the kitchen.
"JAMIE!" John screamed. He picked her palm up, feeling for a pulse. "She's dead..."
"Oh my god!" Marikate screamed as she made her way from out of the garage.
"Marikate! Like your vision!" Tina gaped.
"Yeah...that means that we're next!" Marikate said he eyes wide. She looked down at Jamie. She was sliced in peices. There was a letter slashed into Jamie's stomach.
"What letter is that?" Tina squinted.
"It looks to me like a "B" or an eight..." Jimmy said. His mouth dropped open. "It's Brian!"
"Oh my god! He killed Jamie!" Ian screamed as she walked in. Her screams echoed through out the mansion. Day and Brian ran to see what was the matter.
"JAMIE!" Brian gaped as he leaped at her dead body.
"Don't touch her murderer!" John snarled at him.
"Dude, I didn't kill Jamie! I want to know who did!" Brian said, as tears rolled down his face.
"You're a good faker you know that?" John snarled.
"He's telling the truth!" Merri cried.
"Merri! You're boyfriend is a killer! He killed Jamie!" Ian growled. "I don't know how I trusted you!" Ian stormed off, away from Jamie's body. The others slowly made their way away from the body. They could run away from Jamie's death, but they couldn't run from their own.

"I beleive him..." Tina told Marikate. She sighed.
"How can you!? He killed Jamie! That's exactly how I saw in my whacked vision! I wish I would have saw the B so I could warn her..." Marikate cried.
"Dude, when did you become psychic?" Tina asked.
"I don't know. Maybe it was the french fries." Marikate shrugged. She began giggling wildly, as did Tina. Their worries seemed to slip their mind as a masked figure walked in.
"Marikate! Look! It's the killer!" Tina giggled wildly.
"Yeah! Hehehehe! Come get us killer!" Marikate laughed. The masked figure shook their head no.
"Aww come on! You scared!?" Tina asked. Growls came from under the mask. They shook their head no again.
"Aww, don't you want some fresh bloodie?" Tina giggled.
"Yeah! I mean just one killing tonight wouldn't be fun!" Marikate said jumping at the killer. She gave them a big bear hug.
"Hey! I think she likes you killer dude!" Tina giggled. The killer slowly took out a large steak knife and slashed Marikate across the chest.
"Bye cruel world!" Marikate bidded as she fell onto the floor unconsious due to major blood loss already. She died soon after.
"I'm next aren't I!?" Tina giggled. The killer shook their head a slow yes, as they pulled the knife out of Marikate, and threw it strait into at a beer can that Tina and Marikate had been drinking. The beer can sliced in half, and one half flew across the room into Tina's neck.

"Oh my god." Day shivered as she turned around from going into the garage.
"What?" Jimmy asked Day. She just shook her head and continued to walk away from the garage.
"What's the matter?" Mari asked Jimmy, as if he knew the answer.
"I have no idea..." Jimmy said as he slowly walked up to the garage door, opening it. There was the three bodies, laying in a letter "B" position.
"Oh my god..." Mari shivered.
"Who is that one for the strait part of the "B"? Their body is sliced so much you can't even tell." Jimmy said.
Mari squinted, "It's Jamie, somebody must have moved her into the garage..."
"That's sick. Just plain out sick. I'm leaving." Jimmy said turning around, to leave the garage.
"Wait, Jimmy!" Mari called back.
"Yeah?" He asked.
"We need to catch this person. For Jamie, Tina, Marikate, Seth, Josh, Jeff, and Aimee. We need to Jimmy." Mari said.
"Yeah, you're right...so, first one to Brian can kill em?" Jimmy asked nervosly.
"Yeah, and I hope to god it's me." Mari said as a sly smile spread across he face.

Mari slowly made he way through the house. She was on a killing spree. Or at least she was looking for Brian.
"Hi Mari!" Brian called out. Mari whirled around and quickly backed up to a wall.
"Hi Killer." Mari snarled.
"Tsk tsk." Brian laughed.
"What?" She asked.
"I find it all, well, rather humorous. I mean, I'm not the killer. Someone else here is. And all of you are going to die! And now, this is getting funny!" Brian said laughing.
"You're sick." Mari growled.
"No, you have an imagination. A very bad one too if you think I would kill somebody. One of my friends! People I've known for all of my life. Sorry Mari, I didn't kill them. Whose to say you didn't kill them! Oh! I can't wait to see when I tell everyone I saw you kill Tina!" Brian growled.
"You're evil, you know that?" Mari hissed.
"How do you figure? Your little guesses that point to me? You need help Mari. Major help." Brian said. He took a step closer.
"Don't come any closer!" Mari snarled as she pulled out the same kitchen knife that she had used two nights before. "Remember this Brian?" She snickered and made stabbing motions with the knife.
"Yo...you killed them!?" Brian gasped.
"NO YOU IDIOT! It's what I stabbed you with two nights ago!" Mari laughed.
"You did not stab me! You're just a girly!" Brian laughed.
"Oh, lift up your shirt, so I can see the stab marks and prove that you killed them." Mari snarled.
"You want me to strip for you? No thank you." Brian said rolling his eyes.
"Yeah, I really want you to strip. That's just why I said so I can see the stab marks isn't it? Well, I guess you did kill them." Mari laughed.
"Actually Mari, I didn't kill them." Brian told, slowly lifting up his shirt to show to stab marks what so ever. That meant someone else was killing them off one by one...

"Guy's listen! Brian isn't the killer!" Mari told, Jimmy, Day, Ian, and John.
"Then who is?!" John asked.
"Merri...think how strange she's been acting, and how she protected Brian as if she knew he didn't do it. She knew because she did it!" Ian said, surprised.
"Exactly!" Mari said.
"But why?" Jimmy asked. "And How did you find out Brian didn't kill!?" Jimmy asked.
"Merri killed cuz she's a psycho. And I found out Brian wasn't the killer...long story, and there isn't enough time to tell it all tonight if we want to catch the real killer!" Mari grinned.
"Alright, but what are we going to do once we see Merri? Just like that. Poof, kill her?" Day asked, worried about the plan.
"Yeah." Mari laughed, "It sounds really sudden, but trust me, I know she's the killer. She is the only person who can be the killer."
"I said that, too! But nooo! John shut up!" John mumbled.
"Yeah, well maybe we should listen to you more often." Day said grinning.
"Then once we get outta here, go buy me season tickets to the Green Bay Packers...or else people will die!" John grinned.
"Not funny." Mari said with a sturn look on her face.
Brian walked up from the basement, "What you guys talking about?"
"How Merri is the killer, and we must kill her before she kills any more of us." Mari told. Just as she did, her body fell through the ceiling, landing on the ground, limp, cold, and dead.

"Alright, that idea is gone!" Mari said, with a startled expression on he face.
"Tsk tsk. You guys are so stupid." Ian said laughing.
"Why is that?" Jimmy asked.
"Because Merri isn't the killer! Neither is Brian! I know who is!" Ian said laughing.
"Who?" Day asked.
"Here, I'll show yas!" Ian said, taking a knife from her back pocket, and thrusting it strait into the neck veins of Day. She twisted the knife around a little bit and gleefully pulled it out as Day dropped to the ground, dying due to the blood loss.
"YOU!?" Mari screamed. Ian nodded and slowly pulled her shirt up a little, showing the stab wounds she received.
"It was fun blaming Brian! So innocent!" Ian snorted.
"Ian! I hate you! You turned my friends against me!" Brian screamed, leaping at Ian. The others just watched in horror, to scared to move a muscle. Brian pulled at her hair, ripping alot of it out.
"Bye Bye Brian! See you on the other side!" Ian said, madly laughing. She stabbed Brian in the neck several times, and then in the stomach a few more.
"Why Ian!?" Jimmy asked.
"Because it's fun to kill. And Jimmy, you should know since you asked me to kill Josh!" Ian said laughing.
"I did not!" Jimmy said stunned.
"Is that why you gave me the knife to kill them with!?" Ian accused.
"You lie." Jimmy growled.
"Yeah, so?" Ian giggled.
"Liars burn." Mari said, leaping at Ian. She punched her in the nose, and a bone breaking sound was heard.
"OWW!" Ian screamed in agony.
"You will go through what you put my friends through!" Mari screamed. The others stood around Ian, deciding to let Mari finish the job.
"Yeah, well their deaths were sudden! Cept Mari...who I buried in the ground until the ceiling gave way." Ian said giggling. With that Ian gave her a hard blow to the jaw, knocking several teeth out of her mouth.
"Yeah, well first I beat the crap outta you, then you die!" Mari snarled as she continued hitting Ian in the face. Soon after Ian was knocked unconsious.
"What to do with her?" John grinned.
"Let's hang her by her feet in the basement." Jimmy grinned.
"Why?" Mari asked.
"I need to practice my baseball swing. And you could practice your arm Mari. John? You need help with everything you play." Jimmy said laughing.

"This is fun!" Mari giggled, as Jimmy and John hung Ian by her feet.
"Yeah...let's wait until she wakes up though, and then we can start beating the living day lights out of her." Jimmy said grinning. John grabbed a bucket of water, and splashed it against Ian.
"AHH!" Ian screamed as she woke up to be upside down. "I'm a pinitita!" Ian screamed.
"Yep. And an ugly one." John said taking a baseball bit, and hitting her hard in the stomach.
"OUCH!" Ian cried as she spewed up blood.
"Yuck!" Mari said. She grabbed a base ball, aimed it at her stomach and threw it.
"OUGH!" Ian coughed. Jimmy picked up the ball.
"72 miles per hour. Good job Mari!" Jimmy said laughing.
"Yeah I know I'm good." Mari said taking a bow, "And now it is your turn Jimmy!"
"Yeah, go Jimmy!" John told.
"Alright..." Jimmy said picking up a bat.
"No, please! No Jimmy!" Ian begged.
"Lights out in Londen!" Jimmy said, taking a low swing right at Ian's head. The bat broke in two, as did Ian's head and body.

"I can't beleive it's been twenty years." Mari smiled, kissing Jimmy.
"Thirty years since what?" Their teenage son asked.
"Oh, just some things that happened with us, a few killings." Jimmy said shaking his head.
"COOL!" Their son grinned.
Mari give him a sturn look, "If you say killings are cool, I'll get John to hang you upside down and beat you to death with a baseball bat!"
Their son shook their head and started up to his room. When he was halfway up the stairs he said, "I don't even want to know."