Sorry, my writing styles plummeted since I haven't written in ages. I'm trying to get it back to what it was but it's hard.

Sorry for the shortness.


The class was distracted when I entered, staring out the rain slashed window at the lightning now flashing across the sky. Ike, the enemy, was there in his seat, gazing at the pretty lights like the child he was.

Easing the door shut so as not to distract him, I slipped into a seat on the other side of the room.

There was a look of guilt on his face, something that I hadn't expected. I'd expected a look of triumph or gloating. As I looked closer, I saw his hair was a mess, his shirt creased, and there were bags beneath his eyes. Had he lost sleep over me?

Good!, a defiant voice thought.

And then, as though sensing my gaze, he turned and stared directly into my eyes.

There was no teacher: he could've come straight over to attempt an apology. But he didn't. He just watched me for a moment, then turned away, and slumped down n his seat.

My resolve wavered.

That could've been me so easily. If I'd been in his position, I wouldn't have given it half a thought. I knew what went through his head better than any other girl in the world, knew the vast, insatiable urge, the one that had kept me awake for hours each night not more than a month ago.

I realised with surprise, that I hadn't noticed a girl once in the last few days.

Atleast I'm not a gay, pervert, the defiant voice snapped.

Are you kidding? You watched Ghost in the Shell 20 times! Channel 5 was your favourite channel. You were the biggest pervert of them all.

Sighing, I sank my head in my hands, wishing for registration and this entire year to be over.


Ike's head moved through the crowd, and I followed it, pushing, stabbing, and charging my way though to him. In the last moments, I'd remembered the great friendship we'd once had and I didn't want to throw that away.


He turned to me and I hung my head in embarrassment, my face glowing. The guys moved off, flashing back smiles.

"I'm sorry for what I did. I didn't mean to hit you so hard."

I saw confusion pass over his bruised face, replaced quickly by relief. He shook his head.

"You shouldn't be apologizing. It was all my fault. It won't happen again."

Too right it won't.

"I was hoping we could be friends again?"

He grinned. I found myself joining him.

"I'll never, ever mention sex ever again- er, your nipples are showing."

I struggled to cover myself from the bustling crowd passing us, but then realized he was laughing at me.

"That's not funny."

"Sorry. Hey, one thing that might cheer you up: we have PE." He gave a fake, wistful sigh. "The only time I'd be willing to trade places with you."


"I saw you talking to Ike. I thought you said were over him."

Sarah stood there, accusation in her eyes, pulling a sports bra over her chest with no trace of self-consciousness. Lucky her, I thought, my face burning as I changed into the school-supplied kit.

"We made up," I said. "We're just friends now."

"Friends? How long were you going out?"

"We weren't going out. Just not being friends for a bit."

She shook her head. "You make no sense at all," she laughed.

"I try," I said on cue.

As the words left my lips, I tried to bite them off, knowing we'd said the exact same lines when we were going out. She turned away, paused, and I returned to getting changed in my personal hell, before she could search my eyes again, something that would surely give me away.

PE was netball. For anybody who doesn't know, its basketball with the fun taken out.