A/N OK, this used to be posted under the penname of DragonsFly, which is now ChocolateCoveredChaos (read her stuff, it rocks!), but now I have a penname of my own. Some of this may be different because I edited A LOT of it. Trust me this is way better than the first one! Enjoy!

It was a crisp Wednesday, October morning. The air was sharp against my face as I trudged up to the bus stop. My sister Molly was tagging along humming something under her breath. Today was the big day. The day I, Tim Williams would try out for our schools annual talent show. Three of the guys Mike, Cody, Ward and I are doing a skit from an old movie. I'd been looking forward to this day; the guys and I had been working very hard. Although last night I felt like I really didn't want tomorrow to come. Well it was Wednesday and I had to deal with it. Plus the guys were counting on me, it wouldn't be right to dump them when we had come so far. Soon I started to hear the rumbling of the bus coming around the corner and the smell of the exhaust fumes. It came to a lurch and the doors screeched open. I climbed up the steps and fell into my seat by Eli.

"Hey Tim," he said as the bus started pulling away. "So today's the big day". "Yeah" I said in a groan.

Eli looked at me. "What's wrong?" he said, "Vicky Canner still on your mind?" Eli said in a flirty tone. I looked at him. He had on that sassy smile.

"No," I groaned. "Just because-no she's not bothering me."

Ever since Vicky mashed that cupcake in my face at lunch when I asked her out last year in the 7th grade, the guys had be teasing me about it ever since. I still feel like a jerk knowing that Vicky would ever like me and on top of that even know of my presents. With the fact that I would never have a girl friend and be some lonely person for the rest of my life. I'll probably end up on the Bachelor. If I ever become good looking.

"Well, what then?" Eli said.

"It's the talent show," I said "I'm just nervous."

"Oh, don't beat yourself over the head about it. You're act rocks, I told you then you guys that when saw it last week."

The bus rumbled up to the school doors, the bus doors opened, and Eli and I stepped off.

As I was opening my locker, Mike greeted me with a big whack on the back. He was much shorter than I was. His head only came up to my shoulders. He had on a wide grin showing his teeth.

"Well isn't it just an exciting day!" he said in a sarcastic way.

"Oh yeah," I groaned. "Hey come on, tryouts aren't going to be that bad. Barns is an easy target for comedy. We are going to be the highlight of the show," Mike said dreamily looking up as if his name were in spotlights. I rolled my eyes as I took out all of my books and binders out of my backpack.

"God, you are way to optimistic. You're still coming over to my place after tryouts right?" I said closing my locker and walking into homeroom.

"Yeah, and optimistic is good!" said Mike proudly.

I ignored him and walked toward Cody with his head deep into a book. I pulled the book out of his hands and leaned over him. Cody was also smaller than me so from a distance it would probably look as if I were threatening him. "Mike is getting into the optimistic faze again, you better go calm him down," I said.

"Oh, again, man, this is getting sick," he said dubiously as he walked to the other side of the classroom. A watched him walk away for a few seconds before turning over to Ward. He also was buried deep into a big textbook.

"What are you reading?" I asked. "Oh just reviewing for the science exam," he said, not looking up.

"Ward, the exam isn't until next month!" I said confused.

"Yes, I know, but I am going to be the first person to get one-hundred percent on it. Now if you would excuse me I need to get through this chapter in two minutes and forty-eight seconds".

I looked up at the clock.

"Tim, he's ok now," said Cody gripping Mike by the back of his shirt. Mike's hair was wet and dripping slightly on his shirt.

"Good, I thought it was going to be bad this time."

"You guys," said Ward, putting the book down lastly, "My philosophy is that we all should meet at the box office after school right beside the auditorium."

"That works for me," said Mike still being clutched by Cody.

"Then it's decided," replied Ward picking up his textbook and became absorbed in it again.

"I think he's crazy personally," I whispered. Cody nodded finally letting go of Mike's shirt.

"I could care less about Science," said Mike.

After school, I sat in the hallway outside with Mike, Cody, and Ward. We were talking about the usual guy stuff. Like at lunch when Eli squirted spaghetti through his nose because he was allergic to spice in the sauce. We were waiting for when Ms. Hart or Mr. Barns would come out to call us in for the audition. That was when I saw her, standing with two other girls, but they were not as hot as she was. She had long blond hair (typical); she was tall but not too tall, about Mike's height, her eyes, hidden behind dark blue glasses frames. Her teeth were perfect. She was wearing black, long pants with black tight looking shoes. Her shirt was white with a cross on it. I stared at her for what seemed like forever.

"Mike Moyer" said Ms. Hart, "time for your audition, you all can go up on the stage".