"And your name is?"


"But this form says Melanie is your first name."

"Yes, but I'd prefer to be called Lain."


Glancing nervously around, a slight girl made her way quietly through the school halls. Her wispy, long reddish hair trailed slightly over her face. On reflex, she reached up and pushed the glasses resting on her nose up a bit further. All around the new girl, other students made their way through the crowd, paying her no heed.

'But that's the way I want it.'

Lain kept her face down, heading resolutely towards the front door. It was lunch time, but she felt to shy to dine in the cafeteria. Instead, she'd sit in the courtyard and start on some of her homework.

Finally reaching her destination, the red-haired girl sat contentedly down on a stone bench, setting down her bag. Raising her face, Lain once again sighed sadly. Well, she'd made it through her first few classes. A couple more, and she could retreat home.

Brooding on that thought, Lain sighed again. Home. Lately, it hadn't been as comforting as it should be. Father had left, and her mother constantly quarreled with her new husband. It left them both mean-spirited and agitated, so she'd have to avoid causing any trouble once she got home. But then the yelling would start all over again, and Lain wondered how she'd ever get any homework done.

Quiet laughter and the soft sound of talking made her snap out of her thoughts. Looking forward, Lain immedietly lowered her head again. It was just Aizawa and his friends.

Despite the fact she was new, even Lain knew who Aizawa Connors was. The school heart throb, swooned over by all the girls and idolized by all the boys. Perfect in looks, and rumors said he wasn't too bad brainwise either.

Hand reaching automatically towards a book, Lain's eyes instead peeked at the reknowned boy. Tall, dark and handsome didn't cut it when describing Aizawa the sophomore. He was tall, dark, and gorgeous in the most god-like way possible. Chiding herself for having such thoughts, Lain lowered her gaze back to her reading. But she couldn't help but just watch shyly as he related some new joke to his group of friends, green eyes conveying all the emotions he vented at that moment. And occasionally, in that cocky aren't-I-so-great demeanor, he'd reach up and flick back a strand of black hair in a way that just melted every girls heart within a two mile radius.

'But how would someone like me ever be even in the same league as someone like him?' Her eyes read over the text again, shutting out the noise and screches echoing through the courtyard.

"Excuse me? Is this seat taken?"

Looking politely up, Lain felt her cheeks flame upon meeting the speakers gaze.

It was the legend himself, Aizawa. This time, his intense green-eyes were focused on her, no one else.

"N-No, not at all.." She shifted quickly back to her book, blushing fiercely.

With a knowing smirk, he sat down, lounging nonchalantly with his arms behind his head. "So, what's your name, babe?"

Attempting and almost succeeding to sound just as nonchalant, Lain glanced up timidly. "Lain. It's Lain."

"Nice to meet ya, babe." He reached out a hand, as if to greet her formally.

In her embarrassment, she didn't notice the strange glint in his eye, nor the expectful gazes of her friends.

"Hey!" Leaping up, Lain grabbed vainly at her glasses in Aizawa's grasp. "Give those back!" All around them, other students had stopped to watch with interest.

"C'mon, babe. You can do better than that." He stood easily above the shorter girl, waving the light object around. "What do you think, guys?" He called over his shoulder, winking at his friends. "Should I give them back?"

"Nah." A blond-haired girl replied. "She's too ugly. She'd atleast look at a little better without them." Sticking her tongue out in emphasis, she turned as the bell chimed over all the noise. "C'mon, Aizawa! Let's go before we end up sitting up front, again!"

With a shrug, he dropped the glasses into Lain's hands. Winking, he waved a cheeky farewell. "Later, babe."