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Plucking at the snow-white petals, she watched them fall one by one from her outstretched fingers down, down into the enveloping darkness of the night. Where their luminous color was extinguished and quelled.

Much like the feeble hope she'd harboured.

On the final sliver of milk-white petals, Lain paused. "He loves me not." Then, with more force than necessary, she angrily flicked it out the same way she'd tossed the rest. A moment later, the shorn stem followed.

Leaning once more on the smooth windowsill, the frustrated girl laid her head wearily against her palm.

How troublesome. She should have stayed home today after all. But then with a sigh, Lain allowed a stray thought to slip through. It had been a nice day though. Even if he'd been lying for the most part. Almost on reflex, Lain gazed up at the dark sea of sky over head, lacking the pale moon tonight. Had it been only a little while ago, she would've been despairing that her vulpine companion would not come. While he still figured into her woes, the reasons were far more complicated this lonesome night..

A sharp, dry crack pulled her out of her thoughtful mood, and she instantly sat upright. But when nothing made an abrupt appearance, she shook her head ruefully. "I shouldn't be so edgy.." But as if to prove her thoughts wrong, a flicker of movement caught her eye.

Undiscernable in the shroud of darkness, it arched lazily up into the air, landing softly in her surprised grasp. The small light on her deck cast a few small beams of illumination her way, lighting up the thrown item.

"A rose?" Lain fingered it's crimson petals, flawless in their dark beauty. Her eyes narrowed then, and she leaned a bit out the window.

"You can't expect to win someone over with a single flower, do you, Aizawa?"

She thought she saw movement, down in the wind-swept grass, but wasn't sure. However, the answering voice confirmed her suspicions. "And if I do?"

Shutting off the lamplight, Lain resumed her place at the window. For a few slow moments, she didn't reply, eyes scanning the night outside. As her eyes adjusted, they rested upon the lone figure sitting directly below her, back braced against the wall of the house. "You're a fool then."

"The world is full of fools though." He smiled, though she could not see. "In more ways than one."

"I'll avoid them then." With a deft jerk of her wrist, she flung the flower out the window as well. To a small welling of satisfaction, it struck his head on it's way to the ground.

But his cool smile remained. "And if a fool becomes dazzled by something? Enticed to the point they can't help but fall.." He tilted his head back, meeting her watchful eyes. "And then want to follow that person always?"