A Tale of Life.
Prologue. This story came from my own feelings and from the thoughts and input of a few unknowing others. This work shows clearly how unaccepted people who are and were Gothic are treated in schools. Especially high schools, because
that is where the thoughts about religion mostly surface. This story chronicles a bit of the life of a fictional, yet still very real character.
His name is Colin Saird, and he is Gothic. If you don't like it, don't flame me. Just please read it. I think it gives a lot of insight into the minds of these people. If you feel even the least bit more tolerant, I know my work was not in vain. Even if you simply enjoy the story, or find it interesting, I will feel that much better, and in turn know that there are
people who understand and care in the world.

If I may just warn you, however, there are a few disturbing pieces of imagery here. If you have a weak stomach, and don't think you can handle a good deal of blood shed, then you might not want to read this. Same goes if you can't stand an overdose of tapioca pudding. So you know, I my self am on the verge of being Goth, and currently own the label in my own school.

Please read this story, take it to heart, and review it, telling me what
you think. The next chapter will be the beginning of the tale of Colin